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  1. Squirrel Girl would disagree. But that's not a fair matchup. Squirrel Girl can beat anyone.
  2. Even when you did, it could take days of farming to get a single delta beacon. Then you could end up with poor luck and not get the parts you need. It only got worse when all the nodes became corpus controlled.
  3. Fun to play, not fun to play with. He really sets the pace for a game with his CC, stuns, and ulty. But that pace is way WAY too slow, it's annoying. Also, it's a *@##$ to acquire him. Not only is it a massive grind, but the boss requires some reasonably high dmg weapons and is prone to bugging out. For a while there was only one or two missions you could even get beacons from. And to top it all off, you can't trade his parts. Considering most other frames can do the same thing he does, better, and are easier to acquire. I can see why people would think he's unliked because most peo
  4. Will probably require a free sent/kubrow slot or it will just sit in a foundry-like purgatory. Where you will either need a spare slot or delete your current kubrow to actually use the new one(and see what it looks like.) Then level it to 30 before you can roll the dice on breeding it again. Hope you like grinding so you can grind a grind, you wouldn't be playing WF if you didn't.
  5. HAHAHAHA! Good one. Seriously, I don't think DE knows how to make difficult enemy's without simply increasing their level. Or they screwed up big time and WF doesn't accommodation such AI.
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