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  1. ok due to the Bug at executing Vanquish and Coverted, my Lich requiem mods has been scrambled and her resist elementals also changed.....still, what the bloody hell?
  2. so the sequence for my Lich was FASS > VOME > KHRA but my Lich got bugged that i stuck at the decision between Vanquish and Convert....Alt+F4 and try again...now my FASS is counted as Wrong Requiem Mod??? so is my Lich immortal now??? what the heck happened??
  3. i would prefer DE make self damage only work on Base damage and not modded damage that we mods those explosive weapon. so technically that will negate 90% of all the certain damage that will straight up killing you instead of what we have is negate 90% of total damage (which kinda useless)
  4. try to save endless missions to spawn everyone's Liches in 1 go while Quick and easy mission focus on Thrall farming and yes, Lich spawn randomly for players...even the one who just joined.
  5. problem with railjack compare to Demo, seem alot of works that need to be done for such dynamic gameplay which i knew DE can't do that properly with all the schedules and promises they have made but it isn't the excuse to release such poor state as it is now. they could just delay it til mid 2020 where everything is in place.
  6. can i trade ur chakkhur for the karak / ogris or stubba? would be nice
  7. correction it work as intended, RNG just screwed me over alot. if only i can have a thing to trade back for that "specific" weapon.
  8. Back-to-back Duplicates - Your Kuva Lich will no longer have the same weapon twice in a row. While you may get a duplicated weapon down the road, your Kuva Lich will have a guaranteed different weapon than its immediate predecessor. except i keep getting this Seer > random > seer > random > Seer this is the 3rd time i'm getting SEER for crying out loud, i just want to get that CHAKKHURR but Lich thinking it better to give this guy Stubba / Karak and Seer.
  9. will it changed how you aim and firing?
  10. *look through broken contents and bugs* right.....i don't believe you.
  11. it kinda stupid how a level 2 ship that can kill you extremely quick and taken damage harder than your high level Railjack....like come on, that is level 2 not level 200
  12. Lanka would be a perfect candidate for reskin as well as using the same beam like Batticor since it bloody used the same model as Snipetron and it getting too old for that...rather they rework on old weapon than making new one every now and then.
  13. and cherry on top...those parts that u obtain are still randomized...which is a new one for me because how can DE mess this crap up??
  14. still not gonna give extra MURMUR for other people who help you taking down the Lich? come on.
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