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  1. if warframe can learnt from Destiny then i can understand but GI and WF are 2 different game...sure there might some ideas here but not sure if it suit WF itself
  2. i maybe blind but.....i dont see the differences
  3. i would rather to see they go back and polish Railjack / older open worlds rather than new half-baked open world just for the sake of it Deimos is still lacking content as DE claimed...then what next? Kuva lich linked to Railjack mission like what they were introduced 2 years ago? or Void open world that they introduced a year ago? i love warframe but boy i started to feel like im doing chores than playing.
  4. ok sure...they nerf all the good abilities that DE think it would be OP...but give us the exact number of how those said Abilities is reduced compare to the original. give us what we are dealing with here instead of "this ability is nerf due to [reasons]"
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