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  1. welp after 3 times with friends to do 1 hour with no life support...i believe 3 times fail is enough test because it always at 55 minutes mark that Oxygen pack won't drop from the enemies and we can't kill them fast enough to desecrate their body. maybe 1hour of hulling down in a corner is not really a good challenge if you ask me...there is no challenge in that, unless DE change 60 min to 40 or 45 minutes then i can agree on.
  2. alright, thanks for the reply guys
  3. just curious about 30 tiers will get changed when "Series 2" hit? because 10 weeks of doing challenge and what god know DE will put bull-crap mission like this to throw us off the rail again? we might not able to get to tier 30 for that sweet armor that might or might not be removed til next wave appear
  4. first weeks was good....this week with 60 minutes Survival...not counting using nekros + speed nova meta and random host migration that might or might not occur for everyone. sure survive 60 minutes is ok but without using Life support for once??? Oxygen drop fast after 7 minutes and enemies spawn slightly reduce...how do we supposed to finish that? seriously DE, give it 20 minutes it already long enough as it is.
  5. now that u guys are aiming to fix onslaught of enemies scale / spawn rate / efficency drain but im more worry about host migration that tend to screw us all over if the host left
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