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  1. true...but the problem right now is game balancing. Enemy armor need a better scaling than what we have now, they are really bullet sponge and warframe power is meh to anything beyond level 50 (except for few warframe who can kill high level enemies)
  2. as much these are sound nice but the game already build thus far and can't revert to all these suggestion easily. Even if DE wanting to improve one of these...it take them months or years. the core game is already fast-pace tho, we can't slow down at this point. MH series on other hand has its core since very beginning..on World part however...was developed by different team (fresh maybe)...gameplay might feel different but core still there..you still hunting monster so what im implying is...you can't change the core gameplay that has been set since the beginning. Sure melee 3.0 is (probably?) coming that might change melee as we know it but true to be told here....we still press E quickly as possible as before
  3. i don't see how that is a win. you only faster by few %
  4. you sure you doing the right test? MR9 is Melee only
  5. yes but enemies can detected you through non-sense reasons then u starting to questioned....why stealth is so broken. i mean don't get me wrong you can give it a few test and see for yourself. would you believe enemies can detect you if you air-melee away from them but not running behind them?
  6. no, he is actually the last one, he magically detected my feet that i crouching behind the pillar. talk about keen vision. what ya meant? i see. but it still difficult to pass without making any mistake.
  7. Aura forma is meh and i barely use it because Aura is not much of a deal to be begin with. as for Eidolon lense...the different between the normal lense and Eidolon one is 2,25% and regular one is 1,25%. it not much of a different tbh. so i don't think it P2W this is PvE...what you gonna win at?
  8. well "use your warframe stealth abilities" locked my loki abilities seem fair when enemies can detect you extreme easily
  9. ok so a friend of my said that doing MR 9 test is too difficult to pass due to the Enemies able to detect you at extreme range (kinda like Eidolon map detection range). so i tested it out myself and here is the result. 1. Enemies detection range _ as i have said they have extremely high sensitive detection, one of the test i tried to hide behind the pillar and he somehow detected me and fail one try. what?? how? _ 2nd time is that when i tried to stealth kill a grineer and the grineer on the walkway from far away able to detect me killing the grineer and fail another try. _ at stage 2 of the stealth test, you spawn in....in front of the enemies...result in instant fail (why???) 2. Stealth kill range _ ok this is not a major problem but...you are forced to somehow stay extremely near behind enemies back to able to perform the stealth kill, 1 out of 20 stealth kill, you will bump into enemies and alert them, what do you know? fail. 3. bug(?) _ sometime when you stealth kill enemies, they still detected you even if they died?? (prove me wrong on this one or im that lucky to get this bug) 4. Meta weapon _ only Glaive / Redeemer able to help you with this one, it is possible to use other weapons to pass the test but it near impossible to. 5. Execution time is not your friend _ whatever you do...don't take any weapon that take too much time on execution, it will result in enemies that are approaching to your area or on patrol and got you in their "Extreme" line of sight, resulting in you failing the mission. 6. corpses _ yeah....idk chief, leaving the corpses there for enemies to be on full alert is not the best but....it almost impossible to deal with this as the test area is quite open resulting in enemies on full alert. final Verdict: MR9 test is too difficult, it needs a fix and so does the stealth mechanic or remove this test and replace by something better. it is possible to pass this test with Glaive and redeemer but not everyone at MR9 would craft those or already sold them for weapon slots. please allow this mission to be possible for all melee and not restricted to ranged melee only (even if u got ranged melee you still have a hard time trying to pass it). i tested 10 times and only twice that i passed. if you think that is fair then perhaps give the test a re-try (im at MR 26 and re-take this test to make sure if my friend MR9 is joking and i somehow questioned myself how did i passed this test at 1st try back then?) p/s: you can just summon Arch-gun and kill everything to pass this test if you shoot them fast enough. except my friend don't have arch gun unlocked yet. sound stupid i know but it worked. fine DE, if u dont fix stealth...i will fix it...with bullets
  10. that is uncall for, mate. the game literally put me at the end of the mission which i just get out and get back in.
  11. yeah if you can fix me joining at the end of the mission that has been completed and wasting my time for loading in the Orb Vallis that would be great, DE. so the thing is: i select a mission for profit-taker between phase 1 to phase 3 in hope to get into the mission to get the repeller system (which is hard to get btw). go into the Orb vallis door and wait til it open. Sometime the waiting can be 20s to 40s depending on how lag the host is but what annoying me is that 60% of the time the door open, the mission already finished and i got no reward and i have to go back into fortuna and repeat the process. Maybe not allowed me to join when mission is half finished?
  12. yeah, i feel like being ripped by DE for buying this syandana. i mean cant it just open when you sprint or in mid air instead of taking damage? Enemies can literally 1 shot you if they are high level.
  13. can we fix projectile weapon and most importantly...the Buzlok and the the horrible spread of it?? it render the thing to useless.
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