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  1. when i see those infinite combo that able to link to exalted weapon...i already know DE would not allowed and will nerf it. already foreseen this but still it was a nice additional fun while it last.
  2. 50-50 bet that the Mode at first week will be unfair or unbalance with lesser reward then slowly band-aid fix and adding more suitable rewards before it even playable to Console.
  3. u dont have to worry about not completing all NW tasks because we know this NW seasons is gonna be long, we only 2/5 crime scenes
  4. i dont see it much of a problem but i wish we can Parazons bosses from a far so i can say "GET OVER HERE!!!"
  5. then make umbra frame for every primed warframe...problem solved...lore breaking yes but hey...everyone get a sweet scarf
  6. the grind is brutal for a warframe that is under-performing.
  7. tho i have to agree with you for those who didn't obtain Railjack yet but still those are reasonable amount for those who already have Railjack. i think Protea farming or Master Rank need to be tied to the completion of Railjack quest and obtain your own Railjack.
  8. it weird when they said "the switch over there!" me: where? there are no god damn switches...only Coin!
  9. finally finished farming her...my expectation for her is low but boy am i disappointed 1st ability: idk what is this abilities is used for...CC is not that good, damage is not even great and spamming it really make your eye hurt due to how much particle effect on screen is. but i guess it just 1st ability so it not supposed to be great 2nd ability: ok who in DE has the right mind to make this Artillery? it has ammo, low duration, require a build up damage and doesn't even scale. completely useless with any enemies beyond level 30 3rd ability: i thought adding duration on this would allowed it to spawn more items but nope...it only spawn 3 times and sitting there for the rest of the duration 4th ability: we get to the elephant in the room...rewind time when u got shot that supposed to kill you, won't refresh your full health despite you put the Anchor down when u are full HP but rewind in mid-damage will refresh all of your health. suggested changes: 1st Ability: Sharpnel Vortex: allow it to suck enemies in while damage them, damage can be either unchanged or buff it up a little (20% would be great) Shield Satellites: it ok where it is, no further changes 2nd Ability: Blaze Artillery: remove the spam of many turrets and make it into 1 turret with 1000 Alloy armored Health (HP can scale based on Level) and no Duration, allow it to have 360 Degree firing Arc. With this, you can spawn in the turret for Anchoring the choke points or maybe a Distraction for your enemies, allow the turret's damage scaled based on level of the enemies. if DE think doing this will make her turret powerful...i think they forgot about Celestial Twin of Wukong who literally a mobile Turret with Kuva Bramma that can nuke entire room within his Line of Sight then DE really make a fool out of themselves. 3rd Ability: simple fix....allowed it to spawn items based on Duration not based on how many time it can spawn items (mostly just 3-4 items forcing you to spam it like crazy). 4th Ability: allow to have full Health or based Health of first time you set the Anchor of time when you shot dead while using it. and yeah after testing between her abilities Vs Spectre....Spectre can do much more damage and literally kill everything while she struggle to spam her 1st and 2nd abilities and consumed almost all of her energy in order to kill "almost" all the enemies in the room. Maybe just use Vauban instead. that's my suggestion for her buff or Changes
  10. when Secondary Gaze can do better in term of damage / cc and range
  11. u can clearly see new weapons are wielded by new unit of corpus of the remastered map. i see some of them using laser pistol that i never seen before and the flamethrower bullpup
  12. ah ok then. maybe i should back off further because i did back off but still seeing them stuck there so i thought it a bug.
  13. Ok so....i often get these idiots spawn near Extraction point and won't come out, making me hopelessly skip the coin. Can DE fix this? Making Extraction point a "no run zone" for these guys?
  14. bramma has been a "Go to" weapon suggested by everyone and it getting too much attention....glad this nerf is a thing althought it abit too much nerf, but then again...it still a powerful bow as far as this nerf goes.
  15. tbh...we dont need better graphic for warframe...we need better core gameplay. graphically speaking for warframe....it looks good as it is now and has too much partical effect already, upgrading the graphic just further hindering the game as not much players will able to run it.
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