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  1. I Dont like Exclusive on PC, look at EGS and u know why(period) but i understand on the bussiness side for DE to make this deal so im kinda ok with this ?, still kinda feel weird when Warframe now have something PC exclusive except for Excal Prime
  2. Nyx rework: Sound very interesting on paper. Mind control have very good idea that the target absord the damaged in order to buff it ouput damage ( but this will drop off as we know enemy Hp scale way bigger/faster than enemy Damage ). Psybolt feel excelent, the remove armor is a huge buff if any Nyx main want to do high lv content vs armor enemy. Absord is very good too, the damage type output 100% help the skill to scale/interact much better vs mutliple enemies types. Overall pretty positive but still need gameplay to see how good/flexible she feel in combat. Titania rework: Okish on paper, mind gonna need to do a little more. Tribute all 3 buffs is good except Thorn, and here is why. The reflect damage is so tiny that it gonna be enough to kill lv 40-50< without them having armor, vs high lv enemies with or without armor this is just useless and a wasted of time to get this buff, look at Mesa shatter shield, people using it for the damage reduction + the reflect STATUS EFFECT which can be very handy in many secenerio. My idea: Make it have a 50% chance to reflect damage type back to the enemies and can be scale with power str or make it an small AOE denial like Nehza 3 which good to keep melee enemies at bay or any cc/mid lv control is good, the damage is whatever for example, enemy deal 100 damage got reflect for 50 but they have armor so it reduce to <50 and we all know <50 dont kill anything in Warframe and when enemies start doing 100/per shot mean we die very fast. Latern, Razorwing sound good but need to see in combat.
  3. Let be honest we all see this incomming for forever. I respect DE with this "balance" disposition because it seem rather fair and nothing got buff/nerf out of existant. I'm sad on how many angry 12 years old give DE so much shjt for this. The remove of Sentinal rivens seem "interesting", it raise a question "what is the purpose of Sentinal weapon?" to kill or to deal elemental cc or just there for low-lv content ? and Sentinal riven remove soon™ = how those this affect the mods that Sentinal have to "kill" to trigger effect ?. This change will rock the riven eco system but this also make the game feel fresh and more balancing. PS: Dont u there touch my Sobek riven i roll so hard for 100% sc 😡
  4. Does picking riven extend how much maximum riven slot i can have? if so i will always riven slot because it the only thing that cant be get by any "farming" method....
  5. Can i just said this is one of the best rework so far ? And can we have Pablo do all the rework pls ( i mean no offense but he do REALLY REALLY good job ). That aside this is exactly what Nehza need for not to be called a discount Rhino and now Rhino feel like an old frame ( poor Rhino ).
  6. The change is great, scaling is somewhat okish ... i mean 300 endo for 900+ is ... small, but i still dont like the idea that when we reach the milestone we will have to PICK 1 out of 3 of whatever u guys give us ... why can we choose one from the get go before the next milestone and work for it ( by login ... ), in that way people can pick what they want to get.
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