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  1. BloodAppraiser

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    Titania still hasn't got any means to replenish razorflies aside from exiting and reentering razorwing mode. 😭😭😭 Pls DE, pretty pls? 😢
  2. BloodAppraiser

    The sad state of Phage

    Aiming actually focuses the beams so … yeah.
  3. BloodAppraiser

    Limbo: on ubiquity and redundancy

    Limbo is love. Limbo is life. 🙃
  4. BloodAppraiser

    Remake Dread bow, its prettybad longterm weapon.

    Woah there! Let us crunch the numbers first before we jump to conclusions mate. Don't worry! I'm a math geek so I'm confident to keep this simple. So the base stats : crit chance: 50% status chance: 20% damage: 130 > impact: 6.5 > puncture: 6.5 > slash: 117 Now assuming that we slap on Point Strike and 2 60/60 elemental mods. The current stats will be : crit chance: 125% status chance: 44% damage: 286 > impact: 6.5 > puncture: 6.5 > slash: 117 > [elemental type]: 156 So the odds of proccing slash per arrow will be : Equation: (slash * 4) / (IPS_damage * 4 + elemental_damage) * status_chance (117 * 4) / (130 * 4 + 156) * 44% = 30.46% On the other hand, Hunter Munitions will have a 30% chance to proc a slash proc whenever the weapon crits and due to the fact that a single Point Strike would bring Dread's crit chance over 100%, meaning that Hunter Munitions will always grant 30% chance to proc slash damage per arrow. It's all clear now. Hunter Munitions alone or 2 60/60 elemental mods have almost equivalent chances of proccing slash per arrow. But Hunter Munitions only takes up one mod slot while 2 60/60 elemental mods are required to meet the same potential. P.S: I forgot to add the slash proccing potential per arrow of the base status chance to Hunter Munitions. The odds of proccing slash at base status chance wil be : (117 * 4) / (130 * 4) * 20% = 18% So the combined pontential of proccing slash per arrow with Hunter Munitions and Dread's base status chance will be : 18% * 30% + (1 - 18%) * 30% + 18% * (1 - 30%) = 42.6% That's 12% higher than the 30.46% when utilizing 2 60/60 elemental mods. Well, I think it's quite clear now that Hunter Munitions is way more viable than 60/60 elemental mods on Dread. 🙃
  5. BloodAppraiser

    garuda requiring 4 tier gems

    Well yeah, plat trading solves a lot of things and I do believe people won't die because of waiting, but I think the main problem is the frustration. We've all waited 126 days or so for Fortuna, people were already starved and then DE asks them to wait for another couple of weeks before they can experience one of the juiciest content of the update. Imagine that you've starved for a week and then somebody puts a whole table of food in front of you and asks you to wait for another 12 hours before you can eat unless you pay them cash. I don't think anyone would like that kind of feeling, would they? 🙃
  6. BloodAppraiser

    garuda requiring 4 tier gems

    Based on what you said I'm guessing that you are MR20+ ? Well, think about players that have lower MR and the much larger time gate between them and Garuda. For example, a MR10 player would require at least 13+3 days to obtain Garuda. That's one more week away from now and on top of that you can't spare any standing on other contents that require standing (kit guns, moas…etc). So…yeah, it might not suck for you but it sucks for some other players (actually it's a lot of "some other players"). 🙁
  7. BloodAppraiser

    garuda requiring 4 tier gems

    I got 16 main BPs and still no system BP 🤣🤣🤣
  8. BloodAppraiser

    garuda requiring 4 tier gems

    As a MR14 player, it'll take about at least 10 days to reach tier 4 with Solaris United and that is to say no moa pets and no kit-guns. So to obtain garuda would take about 13 to 14 days in total and that's considering that I choose the blueprints for the required gems as the free offerings upon leveling up with SU. Time gating is fine to some extent but this is a bit over the line. 😕
  9. BloodAppraiser


    Oh well, at least it worked for me. Too bad for you. Hope you find a alternative. 😕
  10. BloodAppraiser


    Invisibility actually turns off the flashlight so if you're really into the veiw in the caves then maybe bring a ivara? Though it'll be much better if there was a option to toggle the flashlight. Anyways, upvote for you. 😀
  11. BloodAppraiser

    Remove weapon switch delay completely

    Well, with the upcoming melee 3.0, quick melee provides permanent melee swap and dual wielding becoming a universal thing, It feels like the "instant secondary swap" is already going to be a thing. For the folks who still don't understand what I'm sayin here, melee 3.0 will make quick melee bring out your melee weapon permanently without requiring you to press F or whatever keys you need to press to switch into melee mode. In addition, melee 3.0 is making dual wielding available for all melee weapons (maybe not all but at least it won't be a glaive exclusive feature anymore). So combining these two changes, when you quick melee you get your melee weapon out and because you can dual wield so you get your secondary out. To my understanding, isn't this exactly "instant secondary swap" ?
  12. BloodAppraiser

    PC - Fortuna This Week, But Not Tonight! (Nov 7)

    So Garuda can equip her claws instead of a normal melee ? Well that's something new !
  13. BloodAppraiser

    Coming Soon: Devstream #116!

    Is there any news on Nyx's rework ? Or maybe even Titania's ? By the way the Nezha rework is awesome ! Thank you DE !
  14. BloodAppraiser

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    When will Titania be reworked again?And for the upcoming of Vlad, can DE please give Nyx some love and give her a rework as well?