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  1. 1. The quest was VERY short. Especially for the time we waited for it. I've been playing this game for a LONG time. And I absolutely love the quests. A grinder is good but quests are 100% better. 2. It didn't really introduce anything really "New". What got me hooked again after years of not playing was the quests and the introduction of "new" stuff. IE: the second dream. 3. This felt like a precursor not a full fledged quest. Kinda like how you did it for the war within. I hope you guys are working on something very VERY big because I'm starting to loose interest agai
  2. So to NOT die, I recommend Inaros. Try to farm for armor, health, and, if you can get your hands on it, use the mod adaptation. you won't be killing enemies with your powers but you will DEFINITELY be tanky. However, if you want to use a good weapon, it's best to look into status effects and enemy types. IE: What are corpus weak against. Critical chance USED to be the meta of the game but it's no longer. I 100% agree with @Omega-ZX that you should farm endo and max mods. Killing bosses is a good way to learn the mechanics of the game (especially easier ones).
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