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  1. Megan, next time you guys do Movember you may wanna look at how the mustaches look on the frames. Some of the frames have it clipping or floating in front of the head. I've never heard of a floating beard. (and I have one haha)
  2. Could do maybe a beekeeper frame instead? With like a wire mesh on their face?
  3. So I like the idea, but looks to close to Titania for me.
  4. I approve of this message. I like the experimental content but don't forget the story. The New War was introduced a LONG time ago and it's not even close to finished. New Frames=ok. more story = great! more "plains" = meh more archwing = uh... no...... more PVP = this is inherently a PVE game..... No thanks.....
  5. No mention of the arcanes or the warframe fixes. Very interesting. I was wanting my Xaku changes haha.
  6. This would be a support based issue. (It's MFA or 2fa btw). Anyone here can't help you. Most of the time, if I remember, they send a email as a form of MFA with Warframe. I'd check your email provider and confirm there's no delay. And check your internet/connectino on the device you're using.
  7. I'd love to see you guys implement something like Ray Tracing. It makes the games gorgeous that I've played.
  8. Yeah I don't celebrate no shave November. Because I don't shave ever :p Got to love the beard.
  9. Alright, so it's been said once. But it needs said again. There are way to many resources now. And with them being locked to certain locations it's very annoying. Not how many I have or people have. But the actual number of different types of resources. With each new open world there are more resources to gather. This is fine as it makes it so you have more to do in game. However, because of this it also makes it harder to keep track of all of what you need and it makes you grind something you don't really like. (Personally I don't like Deimos) It also makes it more ann
  10. Would be cool if you could re-organize all the warframes powers. IE: I put the 1st ability on the second, fourth on first, etc.
  11. Alright, so my wife was playing and she's a pretty new person (MR 6). Barely knows a bullet jump. But she was playing this the other day and I wanted to say, hearing "Snake" die was hilarious to me. "Snake??? Snake???!!!!!" ah brings me back to the good old memories.
  12. So just a thought, one of the most built items in the foundry for me is Large Energy pads. (Also know in game as pizzas) It would be nice if we could be multiples of an item at the same time in the foundry. IE: multiple x10 being completed at once. This way we can build 10, 20, 30, etc. Without having to wait for the time. This would be good on forma, potatoes, etc.
  13. So couple things. 1st ability not so great. Doesn't really help with damage at all. Should ADD to damage your doing. It's been noticed it actually is detremental. (I've take a STRONG weapon, shot an enemy and got a TON less damage). 2nd Ability, this is alright, the pull from guns needs a little extra range and duration but it works. Would be great if the first ability buffed this. 3rd Ability, I've only used one of the abilities from this. And that's just armor stripping. 4th Ability, Fun visual effects. I don't see it doing a ton of damage
  14. Nah, you do damage to almost any enemy no matter the level. It may be very insignificant compared to someone that's MR30 or higher because of the mods they have but it's still there. Mainly modding the weapon is what makes it powerful. Has nothing to do with level of weapon. Warframes it's a bit different because they do have abilities unlock and health/sheilds increase while you level up. Of course it's not that big though. That's why Mastery Rank is nice for people like me at a higher MR. I definitely recommend pushing escape (if you're on PC) and see if you have a
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