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  1. Admit it. You guys are just waiting until I'm back from my Honeymoon 😛
  2. So when is our upcoming story (The old/new war) coming out? We were promised it last tennocon and no information yet.
  3. Unfortunately I didn't complete the nightwave series one. So no Umbra forma for me 😞 I do agree though, very boring. That's probably why I didn't do much.
  4. I've noticed mine update at midnight EST every day. (Since it's the daily)
  5. Three days before my Wedding. Good plan haha. And no, not Warframe Themed 😞
  6. So what happens when we go 9 quadrillion and one credit? Hmmmmmm……………...
  7. I'm more curious as to when you're gonna do some updates to the switch one and get it caught up to at least ps4 status
  8. Socom fireteam bravo 2. PSP You could "glitch" through walls in the game by crawling sideways towards them. This would make matches horrible to play as you could not kill enemies in the wall. This would be an exploit if you intentionally did this. Do I think it is cool they banned everyone on warframe that did this? No. Should have sent a warning first. (Luckily i didn't do it).
  9. DE has previously been burned by specific dates for releases of major content. (IE The War Within). Because of this, they have made it a point to NEVER state a specific date. Only a "rough" estimate time period. This time, they said the first week of November. That could be either next week or the week after.
  10. The silence of the devs is making me excited. Silent dev=busy dev. Busy dev=release soon (TM)
  11. I know this is going to sound weird, but why not implement where the NPCS (non-mission/etc. critical ones) in cetus/fortuna/etc. would walk around? Make them more life-like.
  12. So wait a second, we have crouching ducks and poop hunting in Fortuna…….. Anyone else getting the feeling of hunting ducks now? (If you don't get it, ducks take a dump ever two steps)
  13. What they do is use your email to make sure you are logging in. If you do this once, it attempts to remember your IP address. If it does so successfully, You won't have to do the email again. If it doesn't save your IP or your IP changes for some crazy reason, then you'll have to do the email thing ALL over again.
  14. can we get an option where I can select that I do NOT want to be the host? (Bad ISP) Will we see more quests in the future? What about repayable quests? I would like to replay all of the quests from start to finish. This is going to sound greedy but instead of releasing on another platform (Which no one asked for at all) could we see more content? It seems it's taking a lot of the resources away from content. As for ideas on content, Missions. Lots and lots of missions. That's the major thing missing in the game.
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