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  1. Any word whether this has been sorted yet? On console so fix might not have dropped for us yet if there is one.
  2. I've been trying to log in for the past hour and can't get past "Connecting..." which stays at 0%. Restarted. Hard reset, removed from power for 60 seconds, restarted router blah blah blah, nothing works. Got boosters running down n Railjack to catch up seeing as I keep losing some but not all avionics rewards after missions. This is a mess guys please let us know what's going on. Also PLEASE can you fix stealth bugs that you told us you aware of a few devstreams back. They've been around for months now and should have been fixed for Ivara Prime
  3. Any fixes planned for the ranged stealth bugs that have been around since excilus slots for weapons dropped? Many posts on forums about it and was hoping it'd be sorted by the time Ivara Prime dropped, but still not working so...?
  4. Totally agree! I actually posted one in XB1 mission bugs last night, breaking down all of the things I had tried, to see if I could narrow down the actual thing causing the bug and inviting other players to add their testing or experiences as well.
  5. So it looks like the stealth kill bug has still not been sorted despite Ivara's prime access being launched. I think it may have crept in along with excilus slots for primary and secondary weapons (could be coincidence though). Basically, it is no longer possible to get stealth kills with any ranged weapon without sleeping the enemy first. I have tried: *Natural and mod silenced weapons *with and without multishot mods *crept up to enemies until finisher message appears and then head shot killed at point blank range *with and without companions *going to very low level nodes like earth and headshotting with unmodded natural silenced weapons (daikyu, Spira prime) Also noticed *while in Ivara's prowl enemies do not appear as alerted but do turn to watch me as I walk past *companions attack whenever they want while I'm in prowl which they only used to do once I'd attacked a target previously @[DE]Rebecca and @[DE]Steve did mention a few devstreams ago they were aware of the problem but no solutions yet by the looks of things. Please could you guys post any other testing you may have done here so we can put as much info forward as possible for the devs to try and pinpoint what the issue is and troubleshoot it.
  6. Logged in this morning to find Empyrean has already dropped 😁
  7. Anyone know if the stealth bugs have been fixed yet?
  8. They'll announce when it goes live, usually on all platforms and usually around 11am pst if I'm not mistaken. Normally my evening when it drops. Just keep an eye on forums or Twitter.
  9. Ivara is by far my most used but my one fervent hope is that they fix the stealth bugs BEFORE her prime access drops. @[DE]Steve and @[DE]Rebecca mentioned devs were aware of the issues in devstream a while back but not sure if it's much of a priority because as mentioned here Ivara is a tad niche. I'm normally exhausted by the time I get to play and for mee there is nothing more relaxing than dropping into prowl and executing my enemies from the shadows. Rolling around is no problem for me because I'm in no hurry to get round the map but would really be nice to be able to get stealth kills with a ranged weapon again and if I snipe some guy, not to lose my bonus.
  10. I'm completely with you on this and totally get what you're saying. I think one of the reasons why it may be hard for DE to diagnose is because there are so many moving parts to how stealth works and as you say there have been a lot of changes lately. Hopefully it's just buggy and they'll pinpoint soon although being on console means quite a wait for me. Thanks for the response by the way, haven't much time to catch Dev stream and that sort of thing lately so I appreciate the info 👍
  11. This! If this was a change I didn't see it in the notes, Ivara is my most used and I only noticed the change since 26 hit on console. I actually thought it was a bug because I could stealth snipe to my hearts content prior to Old Blood but now no ranged works including bows and thrown weapons which are naturally silent. If this was intentional does anybody know where they mentioned it or posted cos I'd like to take a look at the details from DEs lips?
  12. If you have Ivara her stealth finishers still work, all other stealth seems to be bugged though. Another alternative might be Equinox although I haven't tried it
  13. Just an FYI looks like any ranged stealth is busted right now regardless of whether stealth is coming from mods or naturally stealthed weapons. May be related because Redeemer is essentially a "ranged melee" . Have you tried same with Sarpa?
  14. This! If it was just weapons with mods that silenced them I'd say it had something to do with the new Excilus slots, but naturally silent weapons like bows and thrown weapons don't work either so it looks likes its all ranged weapons.
  15. This! Can confirm silence mods don't break stealth but also don't award stealth kills. Tested on cernos prime, same issue, looks like it's both primary and secondary weapons, only melee works.
  16. Anyone notice that hush and other silence mods not giving stealth kills anymore. They don't break stealth but only way I get stealth kills now is with melee weapon. Is this a bug or a change? Also can't get stealth kills with my cernos prime, haven't tested other bows yet
  17. Glad to hear they sorted for you. Did the same this morning so hopefully it'll be up and running by my Friday evening (my pm is their am).
  18. I never got booster/forma mail, just core. Thought it was just me.
  19. Has anyone else not received this. Got core attachment in one mail but not this and they're not in my inventory either, no booster running so...?
  20. Got inbox message with legendary core but nothing about forma or affinity booster, common issue or just me?
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