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  1. Hmm, I wasn't aware of this problem. Mine is getting at proper line-up from Slingshot, when I load up to penetrate a CS. But come to think of it, yeah, I do not see a lot of CS boarders - besides a few whom find it hilarious to slow everything down by hijacking one of them... I have even considered starting to use IG voicechat just so I can request the pilot for the target. And still searching for that perfect weapon to use, as the Grineer troopers are so GD tanky. A weapon that I also find enjoyable to use...
  2. Rarely see anyone calling Kuva Lich hard. Tedious, buggy, badly implemented, a backwards step when it comes to UI design, disconnected from the rest of WF, annoyingly grindy and a far cry from what DE spoke so highly of when teasers started. All of that and more, but not hard.
  3. Hopefully not. Where ever PvP flourish, it brings destruction to PvE.
  4. So far the tenno seems to be the lesser evil among multiple alternatives.
  5. As long as DE has made repairs so insanely resource expensive, people will continue to push forward with undergeared RJs and choosing to go with their AW. Also, we have a general lack of useful communication and tactical overview for PUGs. Maybe the coming Command intrinsics will help in this case, but I don't expect people to start using IG voicechat and using text is too slow for combat-communication.
  6. And there are those like me. Sure, pilot, go do your thing, it's your ship, I'll pilot if you ask, but otherwise I'll stay away. For all the others, well, depends on where I'm currently at. I don't really trust anyone to do a specific task in a PUG. I have still to experience a PUG communicating about tactics. 😉 As for AW and shooting fighters. More often than not (so far), my AW does better than what is equipped on the RJ.
  7. One would have thought they had learned that lesson by now. The harder they twist that RNG knob, the harder people will look for shortcuts.
  8. To avoid the empty spot, if you need to swap around or add something to the wheel, go into the Railjack and use the Arsenal inside it. It's a "lovely" bug.
  9. I really need to vent when it comes to the Forge, Refinement and Railjack in general... How on earth is it possible to be so... incompetent(?)... to require the need to go to the Forge and push that Refine button to even get the collected resources? It is bad enough to have a cargo limit, but at least that would make sense, if it was just what was available during a mission for in-mission crafting. Getting 0 resources when the mission ends makes no freaking sense, when it's all been collected but just not refined... DE has not made RJ to be solo-friendly, yet it seems like 0 hours were spend even attempting to make RJ easily accessible for PUGs and the UI is atrocious. A Railjack mission with a bug count that is not double-digit is a rare and welcome surprise. I still think the basis of Railjack is fun and I really do want to love it, but all these bugs, progression walls, resource requirements, weird and abstract design choices; it keeps sowing discontent with the current state of WF, at least for me personally...
  10. I wonder if many may miss the importance of levelling the grid and not just the mods. Makes a huge difference.
  11. So, how do you feel about: The Omni tool is added to the gearwheel wherever there's an empty spot, yet it does not exist in inventory, so we can't change the placement without emptying the wheel to clear a spot where you want it. Have you found a way to exit RJ without pulling everyone to the Drydock? (Sometimes I highly doubt DE even attempt to mimic solo queuing) What is your preferred choice of armament?
  12. This. The interface for the Railjack isn't really very good. Too much hidden information, waste of screenspace and a general lack of information in the interface (especially viewing the "mods" really sucks, with different houses, qualities, level/rank etc.). But yeah, viewing wreckage, there are 3 buttons. A big one or repairs (sending you to a new screen with resources required), a button for scrapping (into dirac) and the last one, which is the (platinum store-bought) repairdrone.
  13. That is....... "Impressive". Came here with the exact same problem. And since DE in their wisdom made sure we can't even have empty slots... *sigh*
  14. You want me to "kill" my lvl 3 lich? Tell DE to stop the stupidity of _killing_ me for doing it with a combination I know is sure to be a failed attempt. It beyond incompetent game design.
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