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  1. Personally I've pretty much given up on everything Deimos. Drop chances are atrocious. Matchmaking inconsistent to say the least. Software bugs are as numerous as, well, the infested on Deimos... I'll run a mission from time to time, but there's plenty of stuff to do in WF for anyone with less than 20 hours every week for just WF.
  2. I had the same issue. And even better, there was absolutely nothing to repair in the RJ. Was hell to complete the mission with an unreadable UI. At least this time around my mech didn't bug out and refused to show any UI while using the mech... Also happens quite often, although not as often as just the map missing while in a mech. *sigh*
  3. Just how this got through testing... *sigh* Reload is NOT an option in RJ key bindings, which should have been obvious and expecting everyone to have a keyboard and use the default WASD setup, I thought we had moved past that these days. Sincerely an ESDF player (hence banking is on W and R). ;)
  4. Let's start out with Leyzar. Nice, positive and very newbie friendly, highly recommend for your first steamer. He is also on Twitch of course. https://youtube.com/user/LeyzarGamingViews
  5. The UI in general could use some (a lot of) improvements. Though I do not doubt it is a pretty hard thing to do. Just look at the sheer amount of game mechanics and systems that interact, as you easily run into problems, if/when you have multiple ways to change the same thing.
  6. At least DE has started to make everything as content islands, so once "completed" we rarely have to go back... 🙄😏
  7. And on that note I simply can't fathom why any dev would choose such a bad design. At least make the vendor last for a few days to enable players to spend their resources. That goes for NW as well.
  8. And remember to avoid the rent-a-mess trash mechs littering on the floor. If you are not observant, you'll probably swap into those a few times and they are utterly worthless - especially compared to you own mech.
  9. Yet there is still room for a lot of improvement. The liches are just one more price of content that you have to choose to focus on exclusively. Imho it makes the whole concept feel very disconnected from the all other missions.
  10. So so many bugs ranging from fun to annoying to right out game stopping.
  11. Can't disagree. The way the vaults work atm is a S#&$show. Only matchmaking for the 3 iso vaults, lots of bugs and then a few more, and there's the whole way rewards are structured. DE would prefer us to play some 12+ hours a day, grinding away till we burn out on WF.
  12. More useful than Rivens while being less obnoxious than Liches. 😉
  13. But for some godforsaken stupid reason, we can't do the Arcana vaults by starting from within Necralisk and get a matchmaker for a random group with likeminded tenno...
  14. And just ike every year DE release a buggy mess of an event and then goes on vacation... 😋
  15. Rivens... I'm so glad they can be wholly and totally ignored unlike other badly designed aspects of WF.
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