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  1. After your latest quick fix I now can't use my xbox one controller anymore as non of the buttons work now so it means I can't play until this is fixed.
  2. @[DE]Rebecca *BUG REPORT* Since this update i've found that the void survival mission now has a random large black box that spawns in some of the dead end rooms that does nothing. I've seen this multiple times now, it may also spawn in other void missions so i thought i would bring it up as this wasn't happening before this update and it's clearly a mistake.
  3. The Arbitration alert has some issues with veteren players due to it not being what we all wanted and that after playing it a few times it ends up becoming a bit stale and easy. These are things that while playing have been constantly said in the chat by other veteren players. (Please not that this not my own opion since i enjoy it for leveling and find it fine for mixing things up a bit but I just thought it was worth talking about since its come up alot in chat while talking to other players)
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