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  1. Im not into that. But I guess I Dont have to be. but without that vid which I did not watch I dont see how its volt. Oh well it dont matter much but people who like that can enjoy it I guess. BTW I am not saying its bad I am just saying I Dont see how its connected to warframe's volt
  2. Go on front page of Warframe.com and on to bottom you should see Support, then sumbit a ticket from there
  3. I like the skin but whats the helmet ment to be I dont understand how its volt
  4. Vauban rework footage like wtf de actually cares about vauban? Sine when?
  5. While I am not having much issue with melee as I dont play much anyways too. I can say that the lack of melee updates are close to not being updated at all. Last big melee change was months ago when they went to what it is now. It is slow, very slow. The thing is melee is a big part of warframe combat and just form seeing a f ew feedback topics I can say taht the community is not satisfied with eeh system and they need to put that a priority till its done, otherwise we have a system thats like a half fried french fry and then forzen, so melee development is currently forzen.
  6. do you kow what year that would be when your dream took place, so we can know when to expect iot in game. id really liek a mini dojo on my orbiter, it can even fit the whole raikljack room ez
  7. Its possible. I mean look at how little we are given to use right now. The green circle marks the liset/landing craft
  8. No you are not the only, and I am sure you arent the first. DE gave ephemeras a flaw at the start with them being rng based and not effort based, the concept of them was to award those who had done a lot in the game an act as achievements but the idea was for some reason scraped and they became rare drops dependant on RNG. My gues is they figures that epehemeras would get players more enganged in the game with having them be rare so players could spend days, weeks even months and not get them, and they just want us to stay in the game as much as possible. Anyways I made this suggestion back when they first appeared as a better way to get them but it has been dead and I have ran out of hope for it
  9. You're too quick to judge people's judgment Its also an Aura mod not arcane
  10. I use nekros for survival to get life support modules, I am bad at survival at keeping the life support up somehow even on normal nodes I use nekros. Summon a specter or a few and build him as a tank, I use augment for his 3 and 4 and adaptation with some other stuff which I dont know right now as Im not looking at it right now
  11. arbitration are an endo and sculpture farm I dont know what you are expecting
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