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  1. Nyx- Nyx is the best warframe ever(under mindcontrol)
  2. They kidna feel umbral idk it may be me
  3. I like how one person a while ago said "No matter what DE decide to do with MR30 it will be disappointing" and I have to say that is so true.
  4. to track the usage of primary kitgun and secondary kitgun usage on profile individually, you can see one kitgun head is in secondaries and one in primaries
  5. I asked teh same question some time back and it turns out no, you only get one mastery per kitgun head, doesnt matter if its primary or secondary
  6. I just found Nezha Prex card in the Levarian, I didnt see it but I kept spamming X till I got it. The exact location is here. The location is on top of the wall where the dagger is displayed, somewhere along where the right red line ends Proof that I do own it
  7. I was wondering because Im hyped to get to MR30 but same time I want to make sure its 100% earnable for non-founders because I know when Deimos v2 stuff would be easier on there to get so I was saving for that but if I can get to MR30 now then I would want to grind all those painful things
  8. I would have sent another ticket at the 1 month mark. anyways they replied to me in like a week or two, depends on the topic and difficulty on the matter I guess
  9. The event is so small, I dont see it as a real event. Its a good thing still but not a real event
  10. Yes I have to agree with this, he should get something else for it, while I dont know 100% sure what yet it is pointless for this augment to take space for an augment so specific, first of all you have to aim at the ally to have an effect and the chances of that happening when space ninjas are all about bulletjumping everywhere is very low
  11. I can and gunners wouldnt be able to see anything
  12. Thats nice and all but any news on Nezha Prime?
  13. It just a visual bug, nothing to go lose your head about
  14. Problem is I was going to build a Catchmoon primary but since they nerfed it I dropped it and never build a primary one, I only have secondaries
  15. I came back from a few weeks of a break waiting for next PA when I was wondering how much mastery I need for mastery 30, I quickly noticed that all kitguns were marked as not done when sorted by progress as they were gray. I was going to make a support ticket but then I also realised the unmastered kitguns showed in Primary Weapons tab as unmastered and then I went to Secondary Weapons tab and saw them mastered there which got me confused. If I were to master primary kitguns would I get mastery again?
  16. Murmur grinding is bad game design, needs to be reworked, Liches are just bad not challange just a grind. Lic hweapons need to be changed to not need to eat 5 forma per weapon as its stupid, Pareacesis was fine but lich weapons having that is bad
  17. We should get Lotus frame and make her do cringe Fortnite dances for our own personal degenerate amusement
  18. Levarian doesnt drop noggles, only prex cards. Next one is Garuda but last we saw that was in may, so they likely can tbe bothered to work on lore for the frames
  19. The pont of Steel Path is to show you can use your frames to defeat strong bulletsponges opponents. If Steel Path frames had +100 armor that makes it pointless as youd be getting a buff as well as your enemies. So no, this is not a good idea because frames are already powerful anyways
  20. The goal is what you make it. No endgame.
  21. I know its a meme attempt but slam range or slam damage
  22. One does not simply fix the riven system. I feel DE know that the system would be unbalanced whatever they did to it. And no matter how much they tried fixing people would still find a reason to complain, so leaving it as it is knowing its not perfect while its been functional for years is best option than changing it and then have pitchforks at their doorsteps
  23. That Garuda Prex card still not out yet, its been months since they showed it, it was shown on home devstream 3 in may
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