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  1. Now we also need a specific nezha sticker pack
  2. you can use this https://semlar.com/zawcalc as preview to what the stats could be with different parts, as for the price I dont know I havent been active in trading
  3. I say its great, as long as you build your zaw to be crit or balance crit/status if tahts even possible with that strike, but the riven is good, range can differ on weapon type I recommend a polearm or something tahts long to get the most of it
  4. LMAO. It would be fun but would likely die quickly like frame fighter, because no rewards
  5. I feel chat bubbles would be just spamming me since I talk to noone
  6. I've seen it be said a few times but here is hope DE will see this one and add it
  7. WIth this we would be even more over powered which is the opposite step to end game content
  8. Lazarow

    Frost Rework

    Id like him to be bteer other than globe and defend and press 4 to freeze and shatter, his 2 and 1 I dont even use when playing him and even if I try using his 2 by the time it reaches enemies someone else has killed it, his 1 is 'fine' for a 1st ability but I dont use it much
  9. Sort it out with support
  10. oh you poor sweet child, the lotus comforts 😉
  11. and some sorties like radiation defense and lephantis assassination with armor increase
  12. I really hope trinity get some kind of offensive capability with her link and maybe bless giving some status immunity and her passive being insta revives+what it is also her 1 being better
  13. Id really like forst to be better outside of globe defense and press 4 to freeeze and shatter enemies. Im a real fan of sub zero and I like the element of ice but frost is not good enough as I said its only his 3 and 4 that make his kit so making somethign better for his 2 would be good as for his 1 its not bad for a 1 but I feel like there could be something else done to that like while charging a shield of ice is formed and when enemies shoot bullets latch to the ice and when the ability is released he could shatter the ice and some of the bullets go thowards where the player i looking it, of cource that will change his ability somewhat and make it defensive. And on top of the shield when it shatters he throws his current snow ball at an enemy
  14. You can always go for the rest 100+ weapons the game offers. I mean its clear that meta weapons exist and for good reason they are meta, and these are not meta. Even if they do fix these weapons the other 100 or so would be still weak who dont fall in the meta category so it wont fix much
  15. it doesnt force anyone, they can still do their own thing, its just better with a squad. I was originaly goign to suggest 1 pick per person but that was too much.
  16. I think it would be nice to improve interception to be faster by just a little bit. The idea is that if the team is in control of 2 points then the mission is 10% faster, if 3 points are controlled then that add 5% more making it 15% faster and if all points are under tenno control then that would make it 20% faster or 25% faster I feel 25% is still fair and not too fast. Another thing that could be added is when all towers are under tenno control tank enemies(similar to disruptions demolyst) rush to the consoles to reclaim the tower(one enemy per tower) they would not be as tanky as demolyst but wont be that difficult too. These tanky enemies will spawn right after all towers are under tenno control and every 25% of rotation progress after that. The enemeis wont be affected by warframe abilities to make them more difficult. The goal of this is to bring more players to interception and interception as of now is kind of boring and takes too long to get to rotation C where most of the good stuff are. While interception is not difficult it boring and adding these 'interception demolysts' to give difficulty while also being given the chance to do the mission faster as more effort is put into it
  17. I would like to suggest a little bit easier way to getting what people want, and that is on every rotation if the squad is full (4/4 players) there are 2 rewards we can pick from instead of 1, this will kind of get players to seek out farming squads in recruit chat. With this I feel like its fair and it wont hurt solo players much.
  18. did you do all of this weeks challenges? BEcause you need to do all of this weeks challenges (not including dailies) to get the previous week challenges
  19. I still think Universal Medallion is going to be like the Synthetic Eidolon shard, which as of now is just so damn useless and waste of space in the drop table
  20. Here is a concept I made some time ago which is what you are suggesting i think(more or less)
  21. Why is your warframe headless? Oh wait its just atlas Here explains how to get in the rooms Also this is the wrong subforum to post this. This goes in players helping players section, but things like this happen often so dont worry much just keep in mind next time
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