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  1. I been running Khora as her 2 hold the lich in place and I like that makes things easier, but Im getting bored of running with just her but I want to CC the lich. So what abilities CC the lich other than khora's 2

    Additional quaestion: What causes the thrall to be enraged more, thrall kills or taking territory?

  2. I really like bows, but they are unpractical compared to guns and only good in spy missions. The problem is that they dont have anything special like arcanes or special mods that are good and worth a slot. My suggestion is to give bows special arcanes like kitguns and zaws have.

    Arcane 1: When a headshot is landed launch 3/4/5/6 arrows coming from the target that form a circle with 3 punch thru with 3m radius and expand to 6m over 2 seconds. Explanantion: This works similar to Azimas disk throw that shoots nails but this makes the arrows launch from the target and spin around as if they are attached to the target with strings, like a windmill but the radius expands.

    or just make it like Pax Seeker and find heads

    Arcane 2: When an enemy is killed +10%/20%/30%/40% chance that arrow the continue its path and get +2 punch thru at +20/30/40/50 more flight speed

    Arcane 3: Killing 3 enemies in 10 seconds gives the bow +50%/80%/110%/150% multishot for 5 seconds, 8 second cooldown after buff end

    Why I think bows are not good:

    Bows even tho are good on paper with nice critical chance and innate punch thru they are still flawed when compared to guns like Ignis or Rubico and lots of other guns. I founds bows usable in missions mostly solo reason being that noone is rushing you or can steal your kills, a good example is that whoever wants to play a bow has to aim and shoot while a person who uses catchmoon or arca plasmor just press and *poof* the target is dust. Im not saying bows are unusable in team play but they are much difficult to use and I feel deserve special perks to compensate for their current lacking in effective killing. Arcane 1 does provide some extra damage with those arrows, Arcane 2 can be helpful in some situations like hallways or hoards, Arcane 3 is a buff if one can score kills in the time frame giving extra dps and is essentially a free mod if a player can kill good enough.

    Another thing I would like to say is that why does Paris Prime have an exilus - polarity, like why does it even have a polarity, the only mods I can fit are ammo mutation and holster speed, zoom is useless, hush us useless as the weapon is silenced already, the weapon does have any recoil. So why does it have a - polarity, it best be blank as only mods on there that could be usefull are ammo mutation and the projectile flight speed mod and using a forma so I can use the exilus then making the exilus and then formaring the exilus to be blank or V polarity is not at all worth it. There are very few exilus mods for weapons and yet giving them polarities is just unneeded as we are limited to only a few mods unless we are willing to spend more forma.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Soullessxv said:

    You guys should make a new expansion for this game.  It could open up a whole new solar system with like 10-15 new planets with new mission types and new mods.  If done right, I would come back and drop 100$ for the expansion.

    If they were to drop a DLC and lock content behind it then it would be the same issue I have with destiny and why I stopped playing it, which has content locked behind DLC where the good stuff are

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Chroia said:

    I know that pure shields are the worst survivability stat atm, but hopefully DE will overhaul Damage 2.0 and the various scaling-s, and that will hopefully let it compete, eventually.

    So, for completeness sake, for future-proofing, and for frames like Mag, Hildryn and Harrow: Why doesn't Umbral Redirection exist?

    Because Umbra does no use shield, Umbral mod were ment to be for Umbra Excalibur but other can use them too, since excalibur is the only umbra as of now and doesnt need shield mods there is no Umbral redirection. Maybe it will exist if Mag umbra becomes a thing but for the time being there is no reason for it

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Iron4695 said:

    I am pretty sure the initial intentions was to make it a challenge, not really something to fly through. So that's why I think it is a good idea. I know people would fail, but that's a challenge to me.

    You can always run Lua spy on regular mission, we do not need them in sorties as they are too much work and a lot would skip the whole sortie because of them, I know I will. You can enjoy Lua spy difficulty as they are right now and I imagine lua spy in sortie wouldnt be much difficult as they are on normal and the only change is the preassure to not fail any vault. I will say again, if you liek challening stuff like Lua spy then do those but do not think that everyone would nejoy them, yes tehy are difficult but they are not worth it especially when most of the rewards are anasa anyways, all that work for an anasa is not worth it even if its just lua spy alone in the sortie its not worth it for me

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  6. I done 5 liches and on my 6th, 6th is another dup being ogris, I got a second drakgoon on my 3rd and Im not feeling like doing any more till they lower the RNG/make it easier for those murmurs to be gotten so I know the combo faster. The weapon bonus should be a flat out number lets say 50% or random and let us upgrade it with teh forma and then further add to it using the same weapon which should cap at some point. SO right now Im waiting on more hotfixes with balances

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  7. Its like this because defense requires you to kill everything from that wave while in others you dont have to kill them, you just have to do the objective. Example survival, while you do kill enemies there you dont have to kill all of them, just kill the ones you see or which you want. INteception you can crowd control them instead of killing. And thats that. I did Eris Defense a few times and i twas okay, then I remember doing Lua defense and it was horrible, once the lowest level is reached the level is large and takes so much time for enemies to get to you and most likely you would need to seek them. And then there is always the possibility that the enemy glitches in a wall or something and you cant reach them. So Id say that survival is best I usually run infestation survival with Nekros solo

  8. 4 minutes ago, DukeCatfishJr said:

    Why would a statue that costs 50 vitus essence give such pathetic amount of endo? Seriously, even an Orta that is given during an arbitration in rather large quantities give 2700 endo each!

    Sambuca barely feels like it's worth any effort towards getting it. maybe 7k endo would feel more reasonable?

    I was wondering the same thing and decided its only cosmetic, as decoration I mean a player to get 50 vitus would likely get around 20k endo in statues+raw endo from rotation. Its a bit overpriced but as a collectors item its fine I would never trade it in to Maroo

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  9. It aint DE if it doesnt take forver to get those ephemeras. Hell I remember running exploiter for 3 days and about 70runs likely more and got only a shocking step. I will try getting magentic ephemera I liek that the most of maybe toxic as its a better stat but will see I really dont care about the weps so I guess Ill go with magnetic. Im on lich 4 and no epehemera

  10. Noone knows really, but I feel like DE want some hyped people to spend plat on Gauss helmet and Grendel helmet and then add it to the ones who can wait for it. It will come at some point and now that Grendel is out I feel Gauss alt helmet should bei na few weeks and Grendel helmet benext season

  11. 12 minutes ago, Xenox_Ilz-ot said:

    This was on Neptune:

    I was doing a mobile def to kill some thralls, lvl 80 Stalker spawns, great start

    I kill some enemies before activating the console, Lich spawns, double nice

    I ignore the Lich & activate the console, just to hear purple Lotus say: "That's not good, it's the Sentients", the timer freeze & an Oculyst spawns who then proceeds to spawn two other Sentients

    So was that always there? I guess yes since purple Lotus is just Ordis trying to remake her transmissions, so I don't think DE would've added more lines for her

    I never seen any sentients on Neptune, Uranus yes but not on Neptune, screenshots would been nice

  12. 4 minutes ago, Dante said:

    Or if you find a weapon damage bonus for the "duplicate" better than the one on your weapon, you could merge them.


    1 minute ago, Miser_able said:

    You can either merge them if the new one is better than the old, recruit them to build your army, or wait till they add contract trading and give the contract to someone else. 

    What does merging do? Does it just change the bonus or does it buff everything

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