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  1. Banned cause you provided no proof in this reply about the theft
  2. There are 3 types of Volt users, one who anted Gauss spritn animation on speed and ones who want the goofy sprinting one. DE sided with the Gauss runner animation, it unlikely to change, The thrid group doesnt care btw
  3. While I am on the same page where neweer frames have more metallics and looks very good and older look like those dolls that are thrown away and someone said it looked fine but it was missing a lot of details. Easy solution and I think many would just say 'buy tennogen' which is expensive for some people and is not really a solution, we need new helmets and skins for older warframes that look kinda bad(ones you mnetioned above) but remastering them would make people who like the current skins cause an outrage, so another batch of immortal skins and immortal helmets(new stuff) would be better. My biggest complain is how trinity and mag have helmets that are too big for them and ugly(to me they look like TVs)
  4. Hunting eidlons during day doesnt support the lore of them since they only come at nigth. But I too dont like the timegate. Maybe have regular eidoilon shards to summon it or force it out even during the day
  5. I know he is fast like Volt fast but he is harder to control than volt when using his 1st ability and I cant see myself using his speed anywhere as most maps are small and cramped and have crates and stuff to bump into, in openworld I would just use archwing so I dont see myself using him there too. His second ability makes him somewhat a tank but we have armored frames for that His 3rd ability I only like the press 3 to freeze enemies and that about it I see no reason to use his 4th when his 1 and 4 can be replaces by volts 2 easily. Am I Missing something or he seems boring. Im not saying 'Gauss is traaaaaaash' but I just have no idea what to use him for so providing how you play Gauss would be good. As of now I rather use Volt instead Pros: -Mastery -Speed Volting without AOE ally effect which someone get annoyed by -Good if you are always on the move -Condition Overload Melee bonus statuses Cons: -Difficult to manage the battery in some cases -Not practical in use speed in regular missions as most maps are small and its difficult to direction the running -Too much ability synergy(Passive Improves shield recharge/delay. First ability add to the meter. Second ability drain meter and even more when taking damage. Third ability can add and drain the meter. Fourth ability extend meter but drains it as well while giving buffs to reload, attack speed, fire rate) -Volt appears more managable and has Gauss' 1+4(to some point) in his 2 if built well, but Gauss can go faster and get better bonuses at a more effort cost
  6. You should have like shown it with default colors I dont see whats wrong or its difficult to see, also this should be in feedback as it is not the fault of the creator as they only add the model, any changes made to it later on would be DEs fault
  7. Lazarow

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but your name is first that written I wish for a lotus gun that shoots bananas and watermelons that explode on impact
  8. I hope the accessories are not as expensive when it comes out
  9. Strun-something to make it usefull, right now strun is low tier shotgun, or make it reload wayy faster thatit does now its too damn slow
  10. Dragon Nikana is not an upgrade from Nikana it is another weapons. In this sutiation the person asks for a better Sarpa variant while we have Redeemer prime Sarpa is the only gunblade left that has no imporved variant, if Sarpa would to be improved right now then the whole category would have better variants than default ones and adding more gunblades would be pointless as the ones we have before would be better than the new one
  11. Prisma, Wraith, vandal and Prime are the same as the weapons get buffed so it will not matter, the only differance is that prisma is baro(most weapons can get this) wraith is grineer and vandal is corpus while prime is tenno weapons, as long as the weapon gets a new buffed version it is the same sitation so they need more gunblades before sarpa can get buffed
  12. Unlikely soon. they first would have to add more gunblades so the whole category wont have all prime variants
  13. I like the sigils, the enemy is fine too
  14. Please more with the Chroma volt and saryn I really love those
  15. Im slightly disappointed that it doesnt come with a reskin, if it has a reskin I would totally buy its. Its great dont get me wrong but I just want a reskin to seal the deal for me
  16. Its a box big enough to contain all the content that are not hardcore grinds
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