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  1. Id definietly kill that son of a lich
  2. Its not planned to happen sorry
  3. I dont like how I have to kill a lot of enemies where every enemy for the murmur is about 3-4% of progressing for a single murmur, having to keep running missions for those is a pain I somehow got myself to do the kuva lich for the achievement and have a new one but waiting on changes for better murmur percentage increase or something taht would make teh grind more fun and less of an annoyance. I as many other want to switch the kuva lich or at least their weapon so we dont get uesless duplicates. It disapponintg that the 'difficult' aka annoying part is collecting murmurs and killing them is easier to do at least for me
  4. I feel like this is unintended, there is no reason to give us an upgraded version of the quartakk or any other kuva weapon and have lower/higher dispossition it seem unlogical, they give as a better weapon but nerf the riven to which the non-kuva variant may preform better than the kuva-variant with the same riven
  5. I was really expecting something different form the Kuva Lich fight. I didnt think we would have to grind those enemies for the right mod combination and the nwhen we have it just get them to spawn and we kill them then and there, I was thinking once we have the correct we triangulate a node where their lair is and then we go there and have a bossfight where they use the enviroment against us and weapons come from the tileset and attack us basically tehy throw all they got at us, something like Khela has where we go in her arena and there are phases and get bombed. I also want to say that we should be able to reroll the lich we get or at least their weapon so we dont get mulitples we clearly dont need, I can imgine people not being motivated to do kuva lich if the new lich has a weapon they got from a previous one.
  6. Lazarow

    Atlas Feedback

    Prologue:(You can skip this if you want) When Atlas Prime dropped I wasnt at all excited for him and was more excited for Dethcube and not at all for Tekko, but for mastery I d collected his parts and today I got him done and it was time to level him. While I was doing so I saw how he has similarities to Wukong with spawning AI controlled allies units to having a melee theme to having armor buffs with abilities. Landslide: This ability is fun...for an hour even if that. I found myself using this the most but its not as good as it could be. The flaw of this ability it that it takes the current equiped melee stats(or so I have heard as such), while I have a good enough melee almost always on its still not its own weapon as it should be. My suggestion is that Atlas' new first ability be exalted fists(Hildryn also has an exalted as her 1st ability). The ability would work like this: Tapping the button to activate the ability will act as it is right now, while holding it for a second would activate the exalted weapon. While the exalted fists are active the ability can be tapped to preform a Landslide and to deactivate the ability hold it for a second. Tectonics: This I could not find a use for, I tried using this in mobile defense and failed, the wall is too small and turning into a boulder almost does nothing to enemies, its slow(yes as it should be) and doesnt do much damage. MY suggested for this ability is to make the wall curved similar to volt's shields and up to 3 can be summoned, the size would increase as well by 30-50 percent of what they are now, the walls can be rolled in boulders by holding the cast button for that ability for a second. With this change the ability would feel more defensive while still being behaving the way it does now. Petrify: I think this ability is good but it can also give energy orbs from petrified enemies(at a small chance ofcourse) maybe some other small boosts like sprint speed when picking up rubble. I honestly dont know Im sure someone else can suggest something better for this Rumblers: Rumblers only use melee and there are 2 of them by default, they move somewhat slow and help out a little. The best way to use them is in defensive missions where a small zone is to be guarded like mobile defense and interception, I dont think they would be very good for defense as they dont seem to do much damage. I will mention Wukong here again and say that his clone is better than this. For last Ill try explaining why I think Wukong is better to be used than Atlas and other points: -Wukong's clone does more damage than both Rumblers and the single rumbler, main reason is that the clone can use guns while rumblers cant. -Ladnslide is fun but not good if melee weapons are being leveled as it draws stats from the melee weapon currently equiped. Wukong has an exalted staff which can be modded as you wish and is not dependant of the current melee weapons equiped -Their 3rd abilities works almost the same which give armor -Atlas Tectonics ability is mostly useless I could not see it defend anything as it is now, its cast is slow and I can only see it be used while reviving an ally but even then going in operator void mode is faster and safer.
  7. Vauban needs more base armor from 100 to 150 or 200 is good because if it isnt for adaptation and his bastille buff he is dead in seconds in higher level mission. Putting armor mods on him is not worth it as he doesnt benefit much from them. He has little armor yet he his bulky looking and more armor would fit him well
  8. The process of finding out the mod combination is too slow I have to kill hundreds of enemies to find out the mod combination it not difficult just outright annoying
  9. I really have no reason to use anything thats short ranged, fists and daggers have laughable range and ineffective as of current state and we dont know how the Old Blood melee would be. I wouldnt mind this idea but seem kind of pointless to me
  10. They can simply just add the way of extaction like interception or defense have on every rotation, this way it would not mess up the spawns for the one who stay and the ones who want to leave wont have to run to extraction and wait a whole minute where they can be swarmed with enemies
  11. While I cannot see anything from that image I can say clipping is a issue in a lot of models and weapons so this is not exactly anything new or special, best thing to do is dont mind it. Its likely not getting a fix
  12. I really dont like the sigil system as a way to earn standing, the reason being that I have to check all my warframes and their 3 loadouts to see if a sigil is present and from what syndicate then I have to change it and that process takes time, and there is no good reason for sigils to be the way to ally yourself to a syndicate because one could simply go to relays and interact with the leader and 'sign' themselfs up for it, or this can be done via the console in the orbiter for easier access. One can say its symbolic but I want to prove them wrong with a black colored minimum opacity sigil and minimum hight and width which is barely visible. This would save a lot of time for players and would make it easier with switching sides and players wont have to check every A B and C cosmetic loadout for sigils. I had a happening once where I was looking between A and B loadout and picked B which I havent used in a while, later I saw I had even less standing for my current syndicate because I forgot to check that loadouts sigil.
  13. Damn you must really love redeemer to burn that much kuva.
  14. If they are on loot radar then they would not be hidden. I just gofrom room to room, I usually do orokin sabotage but some corpus maps I Imagine would be good for this too. What I do is go to every door starting from the beginning tile I check all rooms that are not to the objective and go room to room like that. I cant deny that there are hidden rooms that caches could be in so keep in mind for those a google search could help more or less. I preffer orokin tileset because its clean and things are visable
  15. Also a voilin and that violin 'stick' as a sword and shield, Id like that
  16. I like the ability ideas but prime redesign, like why? It may not be the best but there are lots of other skins that are good(yeah mostly tennogen) but if redisings were to be done which I doubt ever would it would be on older frames default skins. As for other frames that need chages Id say trinity, making her 1 not be capped(I read it was capped somewhere to like 200-300 healing) her 3 could use a buff to rediracte more damage to linked enemies, her 4 can use a chance for status immunity but thats not really needed, her passive can give insta revives lets say 1 per ally including pets and setinels(works like one of vazarins node)+the passive she has now or teammates get an auto revive when about ot be downed(including or exclusing her) and get 50% of their health back works once per team ember and doesnt work on pets/sentinels
  17. so how is it acceptable for it on primary/secondaries? I mean some bows have a projectile moving slower than bullets so it would mean what its currently planned to be added does increase dps with flight speed for bows and weapons like staticor charged shot too
  18. I feel like you are wrong. Because railjack will have loot and likely it will be only obrinable there like mods or weapons unlike conclave which gives skins so there is no real reason to go in conclave. But if they put some real nice mods/weapons in railjack I see people wanting that for collection or mastery
  19. I might have missed it but will melee get exilus specifically glaives since they have projectile flight speed and bounce mods which arent dps related. Id really like to use glaives but I also dont like spending a mod slot that could be for damage mods. Thanks
  20. Damage done by wukongs clone should add to damage persentage in missions for the wukongs player the clone belongs to. I recently started playing wukong and I preffer going in with melee and let him snipe stuff and most of the time the clone gets most kill. Now the problem here is that if my team sees 5% or less they would think Im slacking or not even trying when I have been killing via my ability which is the clone. But even if that is a stupid reason to be added its still an ability and not a standalone specter so it should contribute to the players damage done percentage
  21. Hes a good meme frame, hes good at that(somewhat)
  22. Booster are MUST keep so they are not p2w, anasa needs to be nerfed aka lower drop chance, catalyst and reactor should be per built, remove forma its easy to get via relics or make it a forma bundle and rarer
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