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  1. Thats way too hidden it should bei n arsenal, just a thing to toggle on or off and would vary per weapon
  2. Lazarow

    Darvo Selling Twitch

    Id rather not spend more money on twitch, I use my trial and they charged me a dollar when I used it last time for that, even when it was mentioned free. I cant write how stupid this is being tied to twitch, BLOODY TWITCH. Not only is it no free its a really special orokin themed addition that I am sure a lot want, it would made more sense it to be tier to prime access and liset prime owners should get it free(Im not a liset prime owner). I feel like it pathetic how DE just threw that into just twitch prime, a syndana being there is fine there are a lot of those but this is very unique and they better make something just as good for free to play players so they dont have players be outraged. They would have made more money if it costed plat in shop Im sure a lot would give a fair 150 plat on PC for that decoration
  3. I dont think any Tactical Laert has been rerun, maybe the newer ones but I have not seen many of those and there are plenty of them to be rerun. The reason why I gave up on codex completion is because of event tied scans or some really rare eximus so I dropped it
  4. 2505% damage done on that guy nvm its accuracy
  5. Wait since when? And whats the cap
  6. Ohh that syandana looks perfect for using on wisp it compliments her linens and also gives us a view oh her assets
  7. There is a way easier way to do this by using zenurik void mode to pull them to the operator and grouping them like that then throwing the canister and makes things faster. Im not sure what the point of the nekros is Id taken something with more mobility if we are talking about fastest/most effective ways to do this. Spin to win inst really needed as the enemies arent that difficult to kill but thats may be your own playstyle. While I do see your achievement in reaching this goal what did you achieve with this video, the loadout isnt anything special.
  8. I shamelessly hope his jiggle physics belly is just a test for future jiggle physics jigglies
  9. Dual Zoren, I used these even before melee 3.0 but trheir range killed it for me, now I use them mostly as crit I have a range riven and cc and its at 75% i think and range is at 7 or 8 lmao its so good, they can tstaus but they sure are nice
  10. So from what I gathered Nyx is good for: -Fashion -Armor Striping Heavies with her 2 -Tanking with 4+augment -Interception,Mobile Defense, ect by destracting enemies -Mastery -Razorback -A Raid -Crowd Control Nyx shouldnt be used for: -Defense I might have missed a few things. From what I am seeing she is not worth using unless there is a really tanky enemy at very high levels like a long survival run and alos need to prvode a 'smoke screen' where enemies are confused with her chaos. An even with this data I still dont find her useful or able to play her. Honestly one of the reason I was asking about Nyx was because a lot of new tennogen skins are being made for her which makes me think she is popular, but even with her good fashion her abilities what matter and other warframes with similar abilities like equinox are preferable, Nidus is a good replacement for nyx and he need less effort also does a lot of damage he CC with his 2 and tank with his 3(+4 if needed) and dps with his 1 but Nyx does have more range(I think) and would beb etter where only CC is needed but that is almost never the case. Nyx may need a rework, or she is just waiting for DE to make her useful again in some new content. I do think Nyx needs to have Assimilate on Absorb by default and a new augment be made. Chaos could also use a new augment where nemies do more damage to their own faction or get some kind of debuff.The augment for her 2 I really canmt see where it would be useful maybe in rare cases but casting chaos would be better to confuse them rather than the augment. The augment for her 1 is very good but the ability isnt good maybe a fix would be give the mind controled unit more buffs like speed also I feel like the ability on default should telelport the unit to nyx when under mind control when far from nyx(if it doesnt do that already, havent tried). I can kind of see a fix for Absorb, where it shoots projectiles that seek enemies like Pax Seeker does but not their heads and gives debuffs of lower speed and fire rate, but I dont know how damage destribution would go and how many bolts its just an idea(and this isnt in feedback so Im throwing ideas)
  11. I just nominated Warframe for Labor of Love, I went to the sotre page and had the option Im not sure how you are doing it
  12. Strun has warith variant which is okay..Im more worries about Dual Zoren they have been out since forever and Im still waiting on those
  13. They also called Ephemeras to be trophies for veterans as a way to display skill its just BS to get the veterans attention.
  14. I really like how Nyx looks and her theme but she is lacking in any offense. Her 1 is lacking that the enemy only seems to deal more damage, no speed boost or teleport to her if far away Her 2 strips armor, but that really not enough as there are only a few bolts that come out Her 3 is very good, but for crowd control and can be useful to destract enemies and do some damage Her 4 is almost useless without the augment, like the augment should be the original ability and the augment be she has temporary armor depending how much was consumed and with a cap on it I saw GrindHardSquad video on her and the way they use Nyx is by being in her 4 with the augment and be a tank, thats bad since we got rhino and he can move free we also got a lot of armor based frames so using her like that is stupid(imo). There is no good reason to use her 1 as the AI is not even good so they would be scratching the enemies at most. Her 3 as I said above is to disorient and is fine, useful in defensive mission like MD and interception. Her 4 can be good with her 2 but its slow and using corrosive would be more viable and every 1k stored it increases the drain where at high levels energy would go in a snap. And in team play there is always that killing it with a weapon is much faster than using Absorb and that most enemies die before one could aim at one and cast. Its just that Nyx isnt in pace as the game where people bulletjump to get around faster and can one shot lvl 100+ enemies. And over all where do CC warframes even fit in this game when DPS is all you need, like whats the reason these frames exist now, why takes a nyx or vauban over a saryn/equinox/any tank
  15. If I add anything to warframe I'd add.... EDIT: Id also consider adding more movement animation so I can have wisp booty shake on nezha saryn and other female frames. Maybe more attachements and rotation to them and possitioning, also possitioning for weapons like guns when on the back. I would like to see more events during the weekend not something like booster events thats meh unless its resource. Id biring back operations from the past and tactical alerts to add to the fun so players who missed out can play them and have somethig to do besides grind grind poke-the-lich grind grind kuvaaa.
  16. Yeah the armor at 100 right now is stupid, like he looks bulky but he has no armor. Sure he gets armor with basstile but how would that work in high level missions or when you dont have neergy, it would be the same as trin without her bless but even more limiting due to low range
  17. Thanks for letting us know, time to forma those kuva weapons
  18. Still no stalker noggle drop...Ill pass this one
  19. I would really like if we could fuse the non prime wit hthe prime when we get it, similar to how kuva weapons can be fused so lets say I have 2 forma on ivara and ivara prime comes out and I fuse my ivara with the prime version and get 2 forma polarities free without having to level her because I already leveled those forma.
  20. At first it was okay they talk and threaten the tenno but after 5 liches all I can hear them say is Adversary, adversary, adversary, im annoyed by those few lines keep playing over and over its annoying
  21. After a hard day of training, Master Wukong can now meditate. Ocassionally twisting his mustache that befits a true master of the martial arts.
  22. Cant wait. Nice drop but where is Stalker noggle?
  23. Not 50k kuva, you would only need 20k or 30k to reach rank 40. Those 3 are seperate option and not steps. I will edit the post and make it more clear
  24. Well you can freely invest forma to improve said weapons but they should not lock mastery behind it and force us to use forma, I understand your love for the weapons and while I may not share the same love for them the only problem I have is the investment of forma in them as forma is ment to be a resource used to improve weapons that the players pick on their own will, while in the current state the system forces the player to use 5 forma for the mastery progression regradless if the player putting the forma in the weapons is a fan of it or not
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