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  1. After a hard day of training, Master Wukong can now meditate. Ocassionally twisting his mustache that befits a true master of the martial arts.
  2. Cant wait. Nice drop but where is Stalker noggle?
  3. Not 50k kuva, you would only need 20k or 30k to reach rank 40. Those 3 are seperate option and not steps. I will edit the post and make it more clear
  4. Well you can freely invest forma to improve said weapons but they should not lock mastery behind it and force us to use forma, I understand your love for the weapons and while I may not share the same love for them the only problem I have is the investment of forma in them as forma is ment to be a resource used to improve weapons that the players pick on their own will, while in the current state the system forces the player to use 5 forma for the mastery progression regradless if the player putting the forma in the weapons is a fan of it or not
  5. Its not about me its about the majority of players and players to come to find this system enjoyable and not a pain. I would like if they would refund the forma but we got no refund for the arcanes when the changed. We know that DE have made some changes that people were unhappy about and got no refund, the game is bound to change so we cant really blame them with whatever the choose to do
  6. I saw peopel say that kuva weapons can be leveled to rank 40 when invested 5 forma in them, 5 forma per weapon is a hell of a lot like what have the people at DE been thinking and how did it pass thru qualaty assurance testing, we need 65 forma, 65! Thats a crazy ammount of forma and really not worth it but since they give mastery we are forced to do them to get them completed on out profiles. Okay so you may say this is a free to play game and you are right, but 65 forma for a free to play user take 65 day and 65 forma blueprint from relics, tehre is also a chance of forma form sortie but thats not reliable. So I suggest we to be bale to upgrade our kuva weapons with..well KUVA. Kuva is much more easy to farm and much more logical than forma. Im going to go a bit offtopic and mention the Paracesis which the first weapon to have rank 40 and that weapon to be up to rank 40 was acceptable as its a unique quest weapon and has a place in the lore I mean its an important weapon(or so it seems like it is) and has a great promise of power and uses forma to unlock its fullest power. While kuva weapons are kuva spiced weapons, so adding more kuva to them would make them more powerful, I feel like that is logical. So instead of 5 forma we pay 30k kuvai ntotal. When level 30 is reached we spice the weapon with 10k kuva and level it to rank 35, then when we reach rank 35 spice it with another 20k kuva to reach its limit. Now some may say that this is bad as they dont like kuva farming and would need 390k kuva which is a lot of runs, yes it is a lot of kuva but kuva can be farmed more than forma. Or if 30k is too much kuva lower it to 20 in total, 10k per first 'limit break' and 10k for the second one. I just think kuva weapons dont deserve 5 forma and forma is expensive and one would just waste forma for those weapons 200mastery points per forma which isnt really worth it. If that doesnt sound good then to reach level 40 on kuva weapons would need only 2 forma where a single forma gives 5 more ranks, TL;DR Instead of 5 forma per weapon to level 40 my suggestion is one ofr these 3 options: 1)30k kuva 2)20k kuva 3)2 forma
  7. I was really expecting something different form the Kuva Lich fight. I didnt think we would have to grind those enemies for the right mod combination and the nwhen we have it just get them to spawn and we kill them then and there, I was thinking once we have the correct we triangulate a node where their lair is and then we go there and have a bossfight where they use the enviroment against us and weapons come from the tileset and attack us basically tehy throw all they got at us, something like Khela has where we go in her arena and there are phases and get bombed. I also want to say that we should be able to reroll the lich we get or at least their weapon so we dont get mulitples we clearly dont need, I can imgine people not being motivated to do kuva lich if the new lich has a weapon they got from a previous one.
  8. Vauban needs more base armor from 100 to 150 or 200 is good because if it isnt for adaptation and his bastille buff he is dead in seconds in higher level mission. Putting armor mods on him is not worth it as he doesnt benefit much from them. He has little armor yet he his bulky looking and more armor would fit him well
  9. The process of finding out the mod combination is too slow I have to kill hundreds of enemies to find out the mod combination it not difficult just outright annoying
  10. Lazarow

    Frost Rework

    Id like him to be bteer other than globe and defend and press 4 to freeze and shatter, his 2 and 1 I dont even use when playing him and even if I try using his 2 by the time it reaches enemies someone else has killed it, his 1 is 'fine' for a 1st ability but I dont use it much
  11. Lats time I tried using controller on pc you gotta hold R1 was it and then on of the 4 action buttons to use an ability, and since you gotta hold 2 to charge and then trying to move it isnt easy and that why I dont use controller I honestly dont know how your console people play
  12. Gauss looks great as it is I wanna see someone make him better tho
  13. FInally an explanations so people dont make 100 threads about this being p2w
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