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  1. I think I understand what they want to say: When formaing a weapon instead of leveling the frame have the frame be as powerful as a level 30 warframe but the formad mod slot is locked until the slot is leveled to level 30 and that with each forma it reduces the xp needed to reach level 30 on the mod slot. Okay so I dont like having the frame be level 30 as it can do sortie while its not in its fullest form and it will allow players to speed level in ESO which is currentlynot a thing and for good reason and warframes at their fullest should be bale to do high difficulty content. I do like that less xp/affinity need after formaing the item lets say 10% for first and 5% for other forma capping at 20% if I misunderstood something let me know
  2. Hold up. when was this nerf, last nerf I know was even before his prime when eidolons first came
  3. Im up for more free boosters, but the only one that matters is resource booster. Im sure those ''Log in>sorties>log out" players have plenty of credits and have most items mastered, the resource drop chance could be good for that hema but it only targets small group of players
  4. Id love this to be in the game
  5. Its only for females as far as I know when you have the helmet equiped
  6. NO. he wields a single blade, not dual blades. Giving him 2 blades doesnt make it better than 1
  7. I agree 100% about store being available between nightwaves and we can use our creds from the last season
  8. what page were you looking at? link please
  9. Or they can change the camera possitioning to be where the warframe is in the middle and you have equal visibility on both sides, this would require the camera to be pushed back a bit and we would be able to see more. Now I am aware of the option to switch sides but that is just not good for me as I have to be pressing it multiple times in a match and it has a delay of a second so chances are by the timne i switch to a more comfortable view my teammate owuld already melted that enemy.
  10. It would require a lot of time for this to be implemented and it doesnt seem like its worth it, so I dont see them doing it
  11. I dont like raids, I like missions with instructions and waypoints thank you. Only did one raid, no instructions from game, some person told us noobs what to do, after that never did one again it just wasnt worth it
  12. Epehemeras ment to be achievements but instead locked behind rng as bait for fashion framers. We didnt get an explanation for why they did that, and they did say they will make them feel as achievements when they really dont
  13. It was a gift and you will keep it okay?!
  14. But how is vex armor going to be charged then if you dont take damage, also you can swap wukongs passive for wisps as she is invisible while in air and a second while on ground, so that may work with just wisp
  15. Nezha needs a few additions ot him, like this as you usggested I want to suggest a UI value for companions when the halo is cats on them using the sugment so I can know when my companion has one without having to look at them constantly or rely on the sound effect as I cast it on most allies
  16. I guess it couldnt hurt giving rumblers infinite duration like wuclone. Especially since most would play mesa/saryn/equinox/some other dps frame anyways
  17. Passive:Wukong 1.Wisps 1 2.Invisibility/Octavias 3 with spam notes/Triniy bless 3.Vex Armor/Octavias 4 4.Mesas 4 Going for duration and strenght mostly Health about 300, shield can be 100 or even 50 or none but more health armor 200-300.
  18. Looks good but why do you need the weapon displayed while modding it?
  19. Its only acceptable to play above as many hours as your forum post count, lower than that is not acceptable
  20. I really like teh story as thast he first thing I see, so I got into the lore stuff, but then I ran out of quests and the story of the game wasnt done. Over the time of months I desired story but main story quests take too long. So right now Im in warfrfame because of collector stuff like I collect everything there is mastery and mod when I feel like it and I wantto finish my collection some day but its expensive because some mods take so much time or cost so much. but I am very exsited for new war as lore is still main thing that interests me
  21. Im still surprised khora and atlas dont have exalteds
  22. Oh for the love of... I JUST IMAGINED IT, TY
  23. I would say a simple stay option would be good enough and they have a range which they can move lets say 15meters in radius when the stay is active, this would work similarly to specters but they wont be frozen in one spot. Having them not teleport would mean a rumbler/wuclone potentialy being hundreds of meters behind and that would be bad,
  24. Creds for this season dont transfer to intermission, the person is asking to force kuva in rotation so they can spend their creds on kuva as they need nothing else
  25. Lats time I tried using controller on pc you gotta hold R1 was it and then on of the 4 action buttons to use an ability, and since you gotta hold 2 to charge and then trying to move it isnt easy and that why I dont use controller I honestly dont know how your console people play
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