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  1. Do capture speedruns? Think it increases per mission done
  2. Gauss looks great as it is I wanna see someone make him better tho
  3. As someone who doesnt know or care about Jojo I can say keep you Jojo stuff outside of warframe
  4. I feel like thiswould make content even easier while players been asking for more difficult content
  5. Why is mastery rank 0 a big deal, Im sure that players will master their starter frame and weapon by the time they think of going on plains and by the time they figure out what weapons are good they would be a few mastery ranks up
  6. I have had a tyl regor glyph for months now like around when his noggle came out which was around may or june i think and still hasnt updated andIm sure that glyph is old old
  7. from what I know only the pink notes let you go invisible so if you want always invis spam that channel and mute it and improvise with the remaining 2 channels. I cant test if its bug because Im on pc
  8. I kinda want a save option on forums so I can save this topic for later reading. Ik ik i can download the file but what if it gets updated and I dont notice then thats awkward, oh well notpad works
  9. Genetic Codes are tradable and as far as I know if you use both of them you will get that breed. Some prints go for cheap so give them a shot in trade
  10. I think its better to just have what we have now but some mods get reduced/increased rarities, too many colors is too much of a mess if you ask me
  11. while it seems fair for player the sales of forma from the market will likely fall and that means DE would lose money. I know a lot of players who forma a slot and then reforma that slot to another polarity laters on so if sales of forma fall then I think DE wont add it as forma is on of the most common bought item in the shop. And if the person formad their weapons/frame with one polarity and then wants to change to another its their own fault and de can profit from that
  12. what do those umbral cortexes do?
  13. I fee like it should be capped like 2 instant revives per temamate/pet and then its her passive sheh as now when she runs out for a player/companion. It wont be a big deal I mean peopel would say vazarin does this, so what, oberon can heal, so can wisp and plent of other frames, this would be just another way to use the same feature and its well fitting for her to have it
  14. No, forma are good as it is and leveling weapons is easy even without a booster, you got hydron and eso to level weapons so its not that hard, you are asking to get 3 polarities and level the weapon once then why would people use regular forma?
  15. They are all great, got more of those?
  16. BUFFED UP BALLS, I been waiting for those for so long now
  17. Lazarow


    The shawzin controls are better now than before but I cannot see the arrow pointing down as the string is white and so is the arrow so it blends and looks like there is nothing there can we have colorable arrows/strings so we can costumize them as we can best see them
  18. here is what textures do and what colors do. Textures define the material like metallic or leather, while the color just colors it. So what you are asking for is change of textures and no it doesnt seem to happen at least not anytime soon, some people want this but its a lot of work for DE
  19. Look I really like the idea of having vault being in bounties for easy farming but now I cant farm atlas prime as easy. And vault relics are both orb vallis and plain of eidolon. So my suggestion is simple, while plain of eidolon has prime vault relics, orb vallis has prime access relics and when they refresh(make them refresh the same time if not the same time already) then plains of eidolon has prime access relics and orb vallis has prime vault relics. Bounties are the go-to for relic farming for mostly everyone and when new primes come out while vault is opened we have to go in other places waiting for those C roation for axis and its very frustaring when we dont get what we want after 20 minutes spent for a single relic, while in bounties we can get multiples(yes sometimes none at all) in a single bounty. BTW I saw somewhere that profit taker has the new atlas relics but last time i did those bounties they werent really rewarding, like 1 reward for a full bounty dont sure tho it was months ago
  20. seen a few of these but didnt happen, well I think mesa immortal has prime toggle but I am not sure I just heard that, but yeah it would be nice for all to have this option
  21. They wont see it if its in general discussion go in feedback and weapons, and I am not sure if its a serious thing or a troll because all caps does not seems like a good way to give feedback on anything and I dont see what the problem is. I think its a troll
  22. ok that sounds like hell, I mean we have the tridolon groups demanding 100+ captures and that is just too much, Ill edit my original post and add this thing you wrote here. Glad I was not there then, what on earth was I thinking even brining this up lmao
  23. So I noticed that lately some primes have darker default colors and feel kinda umbral, I noticed this in chroma and now in atlas they use almost the same colors which are all dark themed and usually primes are more lighter themed with having white to symbo;lize the pureness of the orokin. I feel that these primes have umbral ties somewhat or feel like that, yes its all because of the coloring, or mayebe there is mroe to it in the lore we dont get. The dakrer themed primes could also symbolize more imperialistic in a way so they may be in a higher rank in the orokin era? Or it maybe just doesnt mean anything and Im overthinking this
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