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  1. you can use this https://semlar.com/zawcalc as preview to what the stats could be with different parts, as for the price I dont know I havent been active in trading
  2. I say its great, as long as you build your zaw to be crit or balance crit/status if tahts even possible with that strike, but the riven is good, range can differ on weapon type I recommend a polearm or something tahts long to get the most of it
  3. I feel chat bubbles would be just spamming me since I talk to noone
  4. Lazarow

    Frost Rework

    Id like him to be bteer other than globe and defend and press 4 to freeze and shatter, his 2 and 1 I dont even use when playing him and even if I try using his 2 by the time it reaches enemies someone else has killed it, his 1 is 'fine' for a 1st ability but I dont use it much
  5. oh you poor sweet child, the lotus comforts 😉
  6. and some sorties like radiation defense and lephantis assassination with armor increase
  7. I really hope trinity get some kind of offensive capability with her link and maybe bless giving some status immunity and her passive being insta revives+what it is also her 1 being better
  8. You can always go for the rest 100+ weapons the game offers. I mean its clear that meta weapons exist and for good reason they are meta, and these are not meta. Even if they do fix these weapons the other 100 or so would be still weak who dont fall in the meta category so it wont fix much
  9. Here is a concept I made some time ago which is what you are suggesting i think(more or less)
  10. Id love this to be in the game
  11. It would require a lot of time for this to be implemented and it doesnt seem like its worth it, so I dont see them doing it
  12. Lats time I tried using controller on pc you gotta hold R1 was it and then on of the 4 action buttons to use an ability, and since you gotta hold 2 to charge and then trying to move it isnt easy and that why I dont use controller I honestly dont know how your console people play
  13. If I see a bounty leecher i just rerun it with other people, yeah its sad to leave the legit doing bounty people but its a choice. I dont rely on report in game mechanic at all for this and I cant be bothered to report them to support knowing they may not even do anything, sometimes if I see a leecher I try talking to them but if they dont care or dont reply I block/ignore them
  14. Do capture speedruns? Think it increases per mission done
  15. Gauss looks great as it is I wanna see someone make him better tho
  16. I have had a tyl regor glyph for months now like around when his noggle came out which was around may or june i think and still hasnt updated andIm sure that glyph is old old
  17. I kinda want a save option on forums so I can save this topic for later reading. Ik ik i can download the file but what if it gets updated and I dont notice then thats awkward, oh well notpad works
  18. while it seems fair for player the sales of forma from the market will likely fall and that means DE would lose money. I know a lot of players who forma a slot and then reforma that slot to another polarity laters on so if sales of forma fall then I think DE wont add it as forma is on of the most common bought item in the shop. And if the person formad their weapons/frame with one polarity and then wants to change to another its their own fault and de can profit from that
  19. BUFFED UP BALLS, I been waiting for those for so long now
  20. FInally an explanations so people dont make 100 threads about this being p2w
  21. 2h and 8min my time, when midnigth strikes im demanding my dethcube prime
  22. Im sure some poeple were upset about garuda's sigil being bundle only and thne they added it to profit taker, I was expecting baruuks decor to be in exploiter. Oh well there is always the 3rd orb mother/father that may drop this at a very low rate
  23. wow that was fast, I was expecting mid november for it to be out because of the new categories which may take longer to fit in. Doesnt it usually take like 2 months after deadling for them to be added in game?
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