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  1. So hottt....I ment the weather
  2. Vauban rework footage like wtf de actually cares about vauban? Sine when?
  3. Okay but how would inviting you work? Set it to invite only and find then call you and invite you? What mission can I do this in?
  4. Banned for being brutaly honest and realistic
  5. The textures, the art its all well done. I would buy that if I was an opticor user
  6. Why not just change earth to have Cetus cycle lenght? I mean it would be easier to get plants no need to wait hours for day/night and cetus and earth will have the came cycle which would give logic to the planets cycle, as of now might as well put the Plains of Eidolon whereever in the system as it does not seem to be connected to earth with the cycle, not only that but the vegetation too, earth is usually filled with dnese forests like all outdoor nodes are dense forests while plains..is just way different
  7. Can I get a cookie now, I made it so far
  8. Banned cause you provided no proof in this reply about the theft
  9. Lazarow

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but your name is first that written I wish for a lotus gun that shoots bananas and watermelons that explode on impact
  10. I hope the accessories are not as expensive when it comes out
  11. I like the sigils, the enemy is fine too
  12. Im slightly disappointed that it doesnt come with a reskin, if it has a reskin I would totally buy its. Its great dont get me wrong but I just want a reskin to seal the deal for me
  13. And if they are two single handed we can dual wield them and have Akcatchmoon I do like secondary weapons and I see myself only using them most of the mission, that and the melee weapon I mean secondaries have higher mod stats so they are better and catchmoon easily replaces all shotguns
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