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  1. Genetic Codes are tradable and as far as I know if you use both of them you will get that breed. Some prints go for cheap so give them a shot in trade
  2. while it seems fair for player the sales of forma from the market will likely fall and that means DE would lose money. I know a lot of players who forma a slot and then reforma that slot to another polarity laters on so if sales of forma fall then I think DE wont add it as forma is on of the most common bought item in the shop. And if the person formad their weapons/frame with one polarity and then wants to change to another its their own fault and de can profit from that
  3. I fee like it should be capped like 2 instant revives per temamate/pet and then its her passive sheh as now when she runs out for a player/companion. It wont be a big deal I mean peopel would say vazarin does this, so what, oberon can heal, so can wisp and plent of other frames, this would be just another way to use the same feature and its well fitting for her to have it
  4. No, forma are good as it is and leveling weapons is easy even without a booster, you got hydron and eso to level weapons so its not that hard, you are asking to get 3 polarities and level the weapon once then why would people use regular forma?
  5. They are all great, got more of those?
  6. BUFFED UP BALLS, I been waiting for those for so long now
  7. FInally an explanations so people dont make 100 threads about this being p2w
  8. 2h and 8min my time, when midnigth strikes im demanding my dethcube prime
  9. Im sure some poeple were upset about garuda's sigil being bundle only and thne they added it to profit taker, I was expecting baruuks decor to be in exploiter. Oh well there is always the 3rd orb mother/father that may drop this at a very low rate
  10. Vapos drop ship is only jupiter they came with the remaster and other vapos units I guess they drop from the vapos dropship, only some rooms can have teh dropship come so look for more open rooms where a dropship may come in
  11. I once saw a person say he is good for knocking enemies off map edges which kills them instantly but thats too situational. I too want to know the answer, just a simple one I dont expect a 20 page article on how to play him, just a simple one that gives enough info
  12. wow that was fast, I was expecting mid november for it to be out because of the new categories which may take longer to fit in. Doesnt it usually take like 2 months after deadling for them to be added in game?
  13. So hottt....I ment the weather
  14. Ahh, The Great Clipping Issues will never leave warframe. A lot of stuff just looks strange and some of the models intersect one another, a good examplke is Nezha deluxe's arm goes thru his knee pads. Stuff they make is okay but the dont plan about model behavious so I have not been using Nezha because of that even thos is great. There are some syandanas that look weird with Khora going from on should to the other and thru the model, syandanas that are bulky usually behave like that
  15. Vauban rework footage like wtf de actually cares about vauban? Sine when?
  16. Okay but how would inviting you work? Set it to invite only and find then call you and invite you? What mission can I do this in?
  17. Banned for being brutaly honest and realistic
  18. The textures, the art its all well done. I would buy that if I was an opticor user
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