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  1. So, with this nerf (I refuse to call it a 'fix') to looting frames, you ruin synergy in what is supposed to be a game about teamwork. I recently did a lot of grind for syndicates for Pilfer mod, and now I am going to get whined at by every nekros player, because they are the only one that can multi-loot when a body ends up in pieces. Pilfer will prevent that with this nerf, so thanks for that. Also, it's quite stupid since Hydroid pilfer happens at the moment of death, and Nekros is used on an already dead body. These are seperate events. I really do think an extra loot chance should happen Alive for Ivara, on kill for Hydroid/Khora, and consume the body for Nekros/Chesa. Each of these events should not be able to be doubled up on (so each enemy could only possibly give 3 extra loot chances, Nekros would conflict with Chesa, Hydroid would conflict with Khora, and Ivara would conflict with any future ability that stole from the living). However, I can't see any reason why Nekros or Chesa shouldn't be able to consume a body for loot that has been killed by either pilfer mod. Targeted farming (as is usually the case when you are seeking a farming squad) is already way too much of a chore. Let us get it over with so we can enjoy the rest of the game.
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