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  1. On some instances it's the result of recompressing, so I sadly don't see them repackaging everything until they eventually want to do another enhancement... Others (some of the dirt on the last PBR'd batch) could have been fixed already if my understanding of the issue is correct, I don't get why it's not been done yet. Sadly I've halted playing because I find the overall texture work has suffered too much in the last couple years, with the recompression being pretty much the final nail in the coffin for me. I've personally given up on thinking they'll ever fix the textures since the
  2. Sorry for the confusion! I forgot Eclipse was a Helminth ability XD A very similar bug has been happening for quite some time now, which is why I thought you had been using Mirage before. Looks like DE will need to change how Eclipse textures apply to Warframes!
  3. Did you have Mirage Prime equipped before switching? Did you switch in Cetus, too?
  4. As title says, I've noticed for a few days now (unsure if Railjack's big update or a posterior hotfix) that the V-sync option seems to be slightly bugged. In my case my monitor is 60 Hz, but instead of the game targetting 59-60 FPS for some reason it's targeting 62 FPS (it kind of jumps around), which at the same time feels very lag-ish. As a result frametimes are jumping from the expected 16.67 ms to something slightly bigger (17 or so) and it's creating a not very smooth performance. If I deactivate Vsync and use the framerate cap it works properly and the game behaves much better (but
  5. I am unsure if they fixed it, but there was a bug a while ago where Nidus' terrain from his 4th ability wasn't applying the proper colors (not even in default), leaving them as white always.
  6. Not only did Liger make an amazing design, but you guys translated it in game incredibly well. Took a quick look in the arsenal and I want to highlight specially the material and maps work: That's exactly the kind of amazing high quality texture work I was expecting with the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game. Hope you guys can bring up all current assets (including Octavia Prime access) to this quality and fix the issues the recompression left behind. Keep it up! 😄
  7. A new Dev Workshop and, again, one that shows much promise. I'm really, REALLY excited to see these changes go live and try out many of them. Very happy to streamline and unify systems that didn't make much sense to be separate to begin wiuth (Avionics and Mods, Dirac and Endo), very happy to see more mission types finally, very happy to see you guys try to improve the piloting and gunner experience... Still a lot left to be done as some comments in the thread clearly denote, but this isn't a small change and it's a welcome one here. Regarding deleting Gian Point, I think Draco and simila
  8. Oh my my! Better save the date then. Thanks for the heads up as always Rebb :)
  9. They can release Gara with 2 weapons and add the third through Baro relics if they really want to Prime all 3.
  10. I'd love to say I'm excited but honestly, seeing the texture results (mainly the overcompression everywhere) I'm very cautious. Any news regarding on how are you guys going to follow that up? PS: Happy new year y'all!
  11. Looks like copy pasting to the Forums broke the format 😅 Other than that, thanks for all the work! See you guys in 2021 😄
  12. As I've been rechecking Hydroid (thanks Hydroid Prime trailer), I decided to check out Tidal Impunity. I've noticed however that the augment only works properly if you don't recast until the buff disappears -- attempting to refresh it by recasting Tidal Wave will instead make it not work. It's very easy to check out as Tidal Impunity grants knockdown immunity, but recasting will make you stagger. Here's a video to highlight the issue, which I hope it helps. I must also note that according to the wiki this has been going on for at least since January. I hope it can be fixed
  13. What thread title says. When I talk about Dynamic Pricing, I mean what many of you guys might have seen in other games or even our own Prime Access packages: If you buy an item throughout the market, make the bundle decrease in price. This is specially true for cosmetic bundles. As you guys know (or should know) a single Deluxe Skin price is 165 platinum. The rest of the items on the bundle are NOT available for separate, thus, if you want a skin but you can't afford the whole package, you might get it for 165 plat but then, if you wanted the rest of the items, you're asked to pay full pric
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