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  1. Yes, which is why he asks the model to change at 15, increasing slightly the model transformation requirements, so it matches the passive. Although the 10 stacks might be related to show he can ult (which requires min 10 stacks, IIRC).
  2. Thanks for the heads up Rebb. Enjoyed the livestream a lot. So happy to see you guys back together and happy! :)
  3. I don't see why not, although I could see DE somewhere down the line not wanting to update them (ie materials) anymore if they were too old. But that would be the ideal solution, I mean, why pinch people at the end of the day.
  4. In this context, "Primes were first" means they came before the Tenno version we use as default. Indeed prototypes exist, as hinted by the Ivara Levarian and Rebb's comment on it afterwards (I believe it was on Prime Time).
  5. They should really list them. Let's cross fingers someone from Community Team sees this and adds the list somewhere. EDIT: While the wiki page lacks the actual colors, you can check each entry to see what isn't listed: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kavat_Cosmetics#Gene-Masking_Kits It's something I guess.
  6. I can't remember if the console version has a AA setting, but if it does using FXAA or SMAA will make the issue go away as you pointed out. On PC we have these two + the current TAA implementation.
  7. IIRC someone tweeted this to Steve and he took note quite some time ago. I wonder if he ever found out what to improve.
  8. Just wait until you realize the Aegis Prime when folded is Oberon Prime's face upside down KEK
  9. Sorry for the bumpity bump, but this is still a thing!
  10. You should contact Support through here: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/
  11. Game is still doing this for some reason. For the time being I've checked that I can use RivaTuner to limit the FPS to 60 which makes things work better, but still would appreciate not having to use 3rd party software to solve this. Thanks for your time!
  12. Not intentionally -- the texture file is probably more compressed than DE actually intended, but since they shipped literally all textures, many were probably overlooked. There is sadly a ton of maps like that though. Fairly sure this Syandana was changed back in november because I was literally checking virtually all Prime items when it happened. But yeah, I hope they fix these too.
  13. I'd need to double check on my end, but it's very possible this is the result of the recompression they did back in late October/early November. EDIT: Checked in game and indeed it seems the above. Pic for reference (open in full size if possible):
  14. IIRC Fragor Prime has an innate higher combo counter, which triggers the armor VFX in Arsenal and in mission -- so it'd not be a bug.
  15. On some instances it's the result of recompressing, so I sadly don't see them repackaging everything until they eventually want to do another enhancement... Others (some of the dirt on the last PBR'd batch) could have been fixed already if my understanding of the issue is correct, I don't get why it's not been done yet. Sadly I've halted playing because I find the overall texture work has suffered too much in the last couple years, with the recompression being pretty much the final nail in the coffin for me. I've personally given up on thinking they'll ever fix the textures since their platter is always full. Oh well.
  16. Sorry for the confusion! I forgot Eclipse was a Helminth ability XD A very similar bug has been happening for quite some time now, which is why I thought you had been using Mirage before. Looks like DE will need to change how Eclipse textures apply to Warframes!
  17. Did you have Mirage Prime equipped before switching? Did you switch in Cetus, too?
  18. As title says, I've noticed for a few days now (unsure if Railjack's big update or a posterior hotfix) that the V-sync option seems to be slightly bugged. In my case my monitor is 60 Hz, but instead of the game targetting 59-60 FPS for some reason it's targeting 62 FPS (it kind of jumps around), which at the same time feels very lag-ish. As a result frametimes are jumping from the expected 16.67 ms to something slightly bigger (17 or so) and it's creating a not very smooth performance. If I deactivate Vsync and use the framerate cap it works properly and the game behaves much better (but the screen tearing is unbearable for me 😅). This happens in both DX11 and DX12 modes, and I use the Enhanced rendering engine, in case it helps. GPU is a GTX 1060 6GB and the drivers are the very newest available, 465.89. Thanks for your time, as always!
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