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  1. @Wiergate Yeah I see what you mean now -- indeed, the more flexible the bindings are the better everyone can adapt to their own needs.
  2. If they're working on New War and have nothing new to share, it's completely understandable. Unsure if Rebecca or someone else from the community team has adressed this though, they usually do.
  3. I'm fairly sure you can have separate context/reload buttons. Maybe it was located in the toggles.
  4. Yeah, the very exact colors are not out. However you can take a pic, open it in GIMP, and use the color picker on copied defaults (ie: copy default colors to attachments), then take the hex value and use Seldszar's tool to find the closest match: https://polychrome.seldszar.fr/
  5. That ability would benefit from Prime treatment directly, it's using base VFX still
  6. Right after Nidus, so around Christmas most likely :3
  7. If you check the concept art, the tentacles grow around his body slowly. Therefore, it's already there! :3
  8. Yes, which is why he asks the model to change at 15, increasing slightly the model transformation requirements, so it matches the passive. Although the 10 stacks might be related to show he can ult (which requires min 10 stacks, IIRC).
  9. Thanks for the heads up Rebb. Enjoyed the livestream a lot. So happy to see you guys back together and happy! :)
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