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  1. There was an update, a few months back, that changed how lighting works. It brightened up or darkened the majority of levels, albeit to a much greater extent than what one would consider satisfactory. As an example, this issue can be easily seen in levels with wintry biomes, as light refracts off of the snow making it virtually blinding, as well as in Infested tilesets, where there are no significant sources of light entities making it essentially as dark as space itself. However, there is a workaround and it involves two different graphical options. Both of which have become interrelated to one another and are virtually ineffective when toggled independently, because they do not seem to function individually. They are High Dynamic Range and Adaptive Exposure. When both are enabled, lighting becomes a lot less intense or marginally brighter and not as much of an eye strain. The only problem is that it dims energy based lighting to a nearly imperceptible amount. It affects but is not limited to most abilities, whether friends' or foes'. This makes it especially difficult to avoid enemy abilities, i.e. toxic clouds and Nullifier shields. It's not at all helpful in high-octane situations but it does help with the visual fidelity of lighting in certain levels, so I am torn with having them enabled or disabled. I often have to toggle them and it's nothing more than but a mild annoyance. Here are a few examples with both options toggled OFF and ON: OFF - Orb Vallis looks exceptionally bright and practically lively ON - Orb Vallis looks realistically bleak and atmospheric OFF - Simulacrum looks pitch black but the Nullifier shield is perfectly visible ON - Simulacrum now looks more appealing to roam but the Nullifier shield is nigh undetectable OFF - The Nullifier shield looks completely normal from a closer perspective ON - The Nullifier shield is hardly visible now
  2. For those out of the loop, The Amazing Eternals, formerly known as Keystone, was a multiplayer team-based shooter with unique mechanics developed by none other than Digital Extremes. It featured a deck building mechanic to help diversify your playstyle with a variety of different heroes to choose from. It began as a closed beta roughly two years ago but shut down a few months later because there wasn't enough interest from the community. That was honestly disheartening for me. Even though I didn't play it that much, I did expect it to rise in popularity. I asked a bunch of clan mates to get in with me, but only a lucky few had access to the beta - including me. It was an unparalleled experience and that's what drew me in. The same happened with Warframe, because it wasn't your typical free-to-play game about either a roleplaying adventure about clicking your way through enemies or another tactical shooter without the tactical bit and an overload of fan service. Here you can see what it really was like: Digital Extremes has developed and published games in the past. Even recently they have published a game called Survived By. I am unaware as to the extent of their involvement in that project, however the game was also recently cancelled, just a few months ago. It was indeed an entertaining and appealing title but I honestly never really got to try it for more than an hour. I had other things in mind at the time and pushed it aside until I eventually, and unfortunately, forgot about it. However, Digital Extremes could very well pass on the Keystone to another developer. (See what I did there?) It definitely has potential but it was released in the wrong period. The period in which team-based shooters were crowding the market left and right. Now that developers have finally calmed down, we could possibly see it flying up through the ranks. This would be great for Digital Extremes. They could still push out this idea of theirs without having to divert resources from Warframe in a way that would hinder its progress. What do you guys think? Whether you're new and allured by its concept or a veteran and miss its gameplay, would you like to see The Amazing Eternals make a return?
  3. Antes de te podermos convidar, tens que ler as regras.
  4. Convite enviado. Bem-vindo ao clã.
  5. Eu não te mandei convite porque ainda estavas, e estás, noutro clã.
  6. Convite enviado. Bem-vindo ao clã! Sim, ainda há vagas.
  7. Falta leres um ponto abaixo das Regras.
  8. Convite enviado. Bem-vindo ao clã. @hanumantek (Coronel) colocado como ausente.
  9. Sim, ainda há espaço. Peço também desculpa a todos os recentes jogadores interessados pela demora na resposta.
  10. Sim, continuamos a recrutar novos membros.
  11. Convite enviado a @TechcorePT e @L4XUSPT.
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