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  1. speaking truthfully, its an awful idea, your just turning him into saryn 2.0 with a bit of Revenant and your concept for his 4th just being a re-worded Hysteria but being able to use all his weapons... The only thing that I think needs to change is how easy it is to get stacks, especially when playing with rando's or friends that really force you to compete with them for stacks. Because if you know anything about warframe, its that competing with allies for enemy presence or kills is the worst thing ever, and as Nidus has to do that whenever there is another player, just being able to get stacks more quickly and easier would be a massive buff to him. I think that if any frame needs a rework right now, it'd be someone like Inaros who IS boring to play and essentially just acts as a bullet-sponge.
  2. but what would these upgrades be? because if they are just 'extensions' to an ability, like giving it an extra effect, then I'd rather these upgrades just be augment mods instead and I think most others would. And if they are permanent stat increases (eg: +10% ability strength, +100 health), then recruiting for specific things would get even worse since people would just say "well they are permanent, so there's no reason for someone to not have them" and cause it to be even harder to join a squad to do missions with. Additionally if these are stat increases, then they would have to be unique for each warframe and with the current meta in mind, and thus be constantly updated and changed to suit the builds currently being used with each frame, since people who use a speed nova build may not exactly enjoy having +strength buffs filling up the buff options or being forced to have + strength since slow nova's are the most popular build. This could make people feel like they are being forced to play their favourite frame in a way they don't enjoy and thus stop using them, or completely discourage certain builds like Speed Nova, due to this buff system most likely not offering stat decreases.
  3. the buffs? If you mean the new Invigoration System then that is weekly... But if you mean sacrificing a frame to Helminth to unlock one of its abilities to put onto another frame then that is permanent
  4. Yeah... I think this is what everyone is hoping for... especially after they introduce this update well after nearly all veteran and a majority of casual players will have a 100% Helminth by now, you'd essentially be punishing the majority of the players for using the system in the way that was intended and how they were told to use it.
  5. No, I know thats what happened with Necramechs. However, because 'no automatic leveling' implies that earnt affinity at level 10 is gone because otherwise you could potentially cross the boundary to enter level 11 if affinity was stored, and thus automatically level which goes completely against the answer to the FAQ.
  6. But here's the problem... Subsuming a warframe gives affinity that is instantly put into the helminth system, and since something like this hasn't happened in Warframe before where a levelcap has increased while people stay at the same level, we have no clue what will happen, so the safest assumption to make is that any affinity earnt through Subsuming, Infusing and Feeding after reaching level 10 is gone forever, instead of being stored in the system and then given all at once when the new levels are added. I'd say that the best example would be like using a fully leveled weapon, all the affinity it would normally get is instead just turned to 0 and not shown to us (or used) since it doesn't need it. The same would be the case for the Helminth System, any affinity earnt through subsuming at level 10 would just be reduced to 0 since it currently doesn't need that affinity. Plus, no automatic level-ups implies that either affinity earnt at rank 10 is either not present or it caps at the top of level 10 and then each subsequent level until you push it above that boundary (which I hope is the case).
  7. This is more of a QoL improvement idea, but I think it might be nice if there was the ability to 'favourite' converted Liches and Sisters Of Parvos when viewing them in the codex, making them more likely to appear over other Liches should a Converted one spawn into a mission.
  8. I realise that it might be hard to implement or maybe you just don't want to for whatever reason... but change it so that we do get the xp from actions with our helminth that we've currently performed at level 10, because otherwise literally no-one will use it until the update comes out and people who have already subsumed every frame are gonna get really pissed (which they already have) since most of us are viewing it as being punished for using the system as intended. If you can't, at least give us rewards for subsuming X amount of frames at rank 10 for being early adopters of the Helminth System, sorta like what you did when you changed Railjack costs (or more recently with Sevagoth, where people who owned him before finishing his quest for the first time got a riven alongside the other rewards). At the end of the day, I want the 54,400xp that was robbed from me when I subsumed those 34 warframes at max rank to be put into the helminth system when the update comes around (yes, that is how much xp has been lost if you subsumed every frame), or want some sort of exclusive reward that only early adopters of the Helminth System will receive.
  9. I'm sure many will have asked this but... Will XP earnt through actions like feeding or subsuming be 'stored' and then released all at once when these 5 new levels become available, or will people who have a rank 10 helminth be put at the beginning of rank 10 regardless of how many frames have been subsumed and resources fed while at that rank? edit: I am bad at reading. If I knew that xp earnt at rank 10 didn't store ages ago, I would have held the 22-odd frames in my inventory and then when the update came out I'd just rush subsume them all at once. make any earnt XP carry over! I am not wasting anymore resources to feed my Helminth for abilities I won't use but want just for completion. Also the Invigorations just sound bad, and although this will sound really hard to implement, maybe make it so that the stats it buffs are ones that are increased by mods in the players build? that way people who use a Speed Nova aren't constantly getting +Strength Nova Invigorations.
  10. Like I said at the end, I'm not too good with number balancing for Warframe, but I did have a thought in the back of my head that 1hp every 2 seconds was a bit too low, I might crank it up to maybe 5% of his max hp a second while keeping the same restrictions, since I was trying to keep it low since I had the Rejuvenation aura in mind and didn't want to make too much of a broken passive self-heal. Also I have a really weird reason for it being up to chance and why the hp regen is so low: if it was higher and a 100% chance to give rage, then its entirely possible for someone to just stand in a group of enemies and not die, get 1000 stacks and then just decimate them all at once. I guess I forgot to mention this in the description for it (oops), but it wouldn't double-proc on exalted melee's. And I put the cap on since you could get both Heart of Ares and Roar active on one frame which could lead to insane power-creep if uncapped, assuming they can stack (since from my maths, you could get 2 procs of +162% damage without use of Empower). I could always increase that cap to around 150% though. Once again, numbers aren't really my thing. once again, I'm bad at numbers, but this damage would scale with strength mods, meaning it'd be entirely possible to be able to deal 12,000 damage in a single cast to a wide area of enemies if you ran a full strength build. Although I guess given the insane enemy health scaling in Warframe, it could be fair to increase the numbers slightly to maybe 10 or 15 for each rage, since getting a full 1000 stack without dying seems really unlikely unless you play extremely safely and not the way I pictured him. Also your idea for a marking mechanic on it does sound pretty good, I might borrow that. I didn't see him having a taunt-esque ability or passive worth having, since I picture Molosarus as a frame that would rush straight into the middle of all the enemies before shredding them, although his 1st ability doesn't really fit that, another oops on my part... Might change his 1st to fit my view. And with this I'm guessing you accidentally quoted the wrong version of his 1st ability? Unless they shadow-changed Volt's shock ability and I didn't know about it.
  11. Name Origins: Molossus (an extinct breed of dog from around the time of Ancient Greece) Tartarus (meaning 'underworld' in Ancient Greek) Therion (meaning 'beast' or 'wild animal' in Ancient Greek, used for his Therion Form) Anthropos (meaning 'human' in Ancient Greek, used for his Anthropos (base) Form) Polemistès (meaning 'warrior' in Ancient Greek, used for his exalted weapon) Molosarus, condemned into the void by the Orokin, he harnesses the power of Gods long forgotten by both Tenno and Orokin alike to bring chaos and disaster upon his enemies, all while hiding a beastly form. Stats: Health - 150 (450 at max) Shields - 10 (30 at max) Armour - 150 (Anthropos Form), 375 (Therion Form) Energy - 100 (250 at max) Sprint Speed - 0.95 (Anthropos Form), 1.25 (Therion Form) Abilities: Molosarus will have different abilities depending on if he is in Anthropos Form or Therion Form, so I will list both separately. Anthropos Form Passive – Every time Molosarus takes damage to his health, he generates Rage Point (up to a max of 1500) for each hp lost. Additionally, as long as Molosarus has no abilities active he slowly regenerates health at a rate of 5% a second. 1st ability: Anger of Zeus – Molosarus marks an enemy 10/15/20/25 away, this enemy is then struck with a bolt of lightening for 200/400/600/800 damage. Enemies within a 5 meter range of the struck enemy will take 50% damage. 25 energy. 2nd ability: Charis – Molosarus consumes all available Rage Points, healing 1hp for every 5 points, and gaining 1 energy for every 10 points. Allies within a 10 meter radius receive 25/30/35/50% of the benefits. 25 energy. 3rd ability: Heart of Ares – Molosarus summons the spirit of Ares, empowering himself and causing melee attacks and abilities to do an extra 20/30/40/50% damage (caps at 150%) for 10/15/20/30 seconds, allies and companions within a 10 meter range upon cast will also receive this buff for the full duration. If Molosarus switches to Therion form then he and affected allies will keep the buff for the full duration. 75 energy. 4th ability: Therion Howl – Molosarus consumes all available Rage Points and turns into his Therion Form, a large beast capable of all tenno movement abilities and attacking with sharp claws and fangs, but unable to use regular weaponry. Molosarus gains a 1% damage buff for every 10 Rage Points consumed (up to 100% at max points) for 30/45/60/75 seconds. Ranking up this ability affects the rank of the Therion version of his abilities. 100 energy, no drain. Therion Form Passive – Every time Molosarus takes damage to his health, he generates Rage Point (up to a max of 1500) for each hp lost. Additionally, as long as Molosarus has no abilities active he slowly regenerates health at a rate of 5% a second. 1st ability: Rage of Zeus – Molosarus marks an area 5/8/12/15 meters large at his crosshair, this area is then filled with a thunderstorm that lasts for 10/15/20/30 seconds. Enemies in this area will take 200/300/400/600 damage every second. 25 energy. 2nd ability: Lyssa – Molosarus consumes all available Rage Points to deal 5/6/8/10 damage for each point consumed in a 5/10/15/20 meter radius around himself, enemies killed by this will give 15 Rage Points. 50 energy. 3rd ability: Soul of Ares – Molosarus howls loudly, summoning the spirit of Ares behind himself and causes enemies to panic in a 15/20/25/30 meter radius, making enemies move 20/25/30/40% slower (capped at 80%) and also causing enemies to deal 10/15/20/25% less damage (capped at 75%) for 5/10/15/20 seconds. Allies within a 15 meter radius will generate the same effect with a 75/50/25/10% smaller range. If Molosarus switches to Anthropos form then the debuffs will stay on affected enemies for the full duration. 75 energy. 4th ability: Anthropos Shout – Molosarus consumes all available Rage Points and turns into his Anthropos Form, his base humanoid form. Molosarus gains a 1% damage buff for every 10 Rage Points consumed (up to 100% at max points) for 30/45/60/75 seconds. 100 energy. Exalted Weapon: Polemis – In his Therion Form, slashes and bites with deadly claws and fangs, staggering enemies with every hit and causing slash procs. This weapon has a high crit-chance with a 3.5x crit multiplier Numbers might be subject to change since I am not good with warframe numbers. Overall I wanted to try and make a warframe where either of its forms can be used interchangeably while each having their own benefits. If there are any things that might need changed or are poorly explained/sound too OP or useless, then please do tell me.
  12. in terms of content, an Infested Lich is something I can see happening, after Queenpins and Kuva Lich's its only inevitable. However, the way I see it: Some infested are capable of speech, thus showing at least a little intelligence. So what if, upon creation of an Infested Lich (for now I'll call them 'Mutants'), some kuva from the players inventory gets into them and causes them to go insane from the power, becoming power-hungry and aggressive, but also more intelligent and capable of rudimentary english (or whatever language your game is in), having creepy, hungry dialogue (eg: "I'll absorb you and become stronger, stronger, stronger!" or just maniacal laughter). As for how they look, I can picture 3 types, all of which having different ways of attacking, weapons and abilities: Bird/Drone, Anthropomorphic, Beast. The type your Mutant is depending on the type of weapon it has. Bird/Drone - would be a Mutant with wings or osprey parts which help them stay airborne, and would have secondary weapons at its disposal, its abilities being focused on status and simple annoyance (causes constant staggering, etc) Anthropomorphic - A humanoid Mutant which can vary in size from Nezha-tall to a giant hulking monster the size of a full-power Atlas Rumbler. Would have primary weapons with AoE abilities. Might be able to perform advanced parkour tactics the player can (bullet jumping, aim gliding, etc) Beast - a quadruped Mutant roughly the size of a Juggernaut which has a melee weapon (either in their mouth or integrated into their body in some way). Would use single-target abilities. Maybe the design of the thralls they summon depend on the tileset? Grineer Tilesets would have laser-cutters and amalgamated metal integrated into their bodies, Corpus Tilesets would have holographic screens and laser cannons integrated into their bodies, and Infested Tilesets would have a mixture of both
  13. I can see modular warframes being rather interesting, although also a massive pain to implement and model. Also really like how each ability follows a set theme (mines, healing/buffs, etc), so you could make a frame that really specialises in areas you're interested in or like. Really interesting idea for it, even if modular warframes are very unlikely to get into the game.
  14. I haven't been able to watch any devstreams, but none of the recent overviews have mentioned about getting the hounds as our own pets. But if they did then that's pretty cool and exciting.
  15. idk if someone has already thought of this idea before (or if it will be in the game). But wouldn't it be cool if when Corpus Queenpins are added, if sometimes when you kill one, instead of a weapon you get their hound as a robotic companion? Maybe they also give their weapon, or the hound is just a reward for converting them? Obviously each hound pet would have the helmet of the frame you generated the Queenpin with, and maybe each Hound could have a set of unique precept mods for each element of Lich/Queenpin there is, and then you can mix-and-match mods on any hound after obtaining them? Also having the elemental bonus that a weapon would, and of course their Queenpin's name, eg: X's Heat Hound. Some precept ideas below, mostly based on Warframe abilities of that element to fit the theming of Kuva lich (and maybe Queenpin) abilities: (Also if you could let me know how these sound, that would be great) Impact: Hound Stomp - Hound stomps their front feet, lifting enemies in a 10-20 meter radius into the air for 5 seconds. (Rhino Stomp) Death Defiance - Upon first death, Hound self-revives with one stat doubled until they are put into a bleed-out state, and will be invincible for 10 seconds. (Wukong Passive) Heat: Blazing Aura - Hound generates a field around it that deals AoE damage to nearby enemies, the damage type depending on the element of the hound (including Impact). (Elemental Ward) Burst Turret - Hound summons a small turret that blasts at nearby enemies for a short period of time, dealing heat damage with each shot. (Blaze Artillery) Cold: Flash Freeze - Hound freezes all enemies within a 5-20 meter radius around itself before dealing large damage by ramming all the enemies. (Avalanche) Healing Boon - Hound refills the health of itself and all allies within a 20-30 meter radius for 25-90% of their max health. (Blessing) Electricity: Short-Circuit - Hound twitches in place before releasing a wave of electricity, dealing large electric damage to enemies in a 15-30 meter radius, but also dealing 5% of its max health as damage to itself which slowly restores over time. (Discharge) Blinding Howl - Hound howls loudly, staggering and blinding enemies in a 20-40 meter radius. (Radial Blind) Toxin: Poisoned Claws - Hound surrounds its claws in a deadly toxin, dealing an additional 10-25% of its max damage in the form of Toxin damage. (Toxic Lash). Snaring Wire - Hound traps a nearby enemy in a large coil of barbed wire, dealing low damage over time while the enemy is trapped for 3-10 seconds. (Ensnare) Magnetic: Snatch - Hound steals the guns of enemies in a 5-10 meter radius around itself, these guns will float around the Hound and shoot at enemies in a cone infront of them for 5-15 seconds. (Grasp of Lohk) Artillery Barrage - Hound marks an area infront of it as orbital lasers rain down in that area, dealing medium magnetic damage to enemies hit. (Tempest Barrage) Radiation: Juggernaut Rage - A passive effect, adding a damage buff to hound depending on the amount of damage they have taken, allies within a 5-15 meter radius of the Hound will also receive this buff. (Death's Gate - Garuda's passive) Treacherous Ally - Hound 'convinces' a nearby enemy to turn on their teammates for 15-45 seconds, the convinced enemy registering as an ally for the duration of the ability. (Mind Control) Numbers are all temporary as I'm not very good at numbers for Warframe.
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