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  1. Uhh... you guys may have brought back the Kogake, but Alad V's robe is missing again! That or he's just feeling a bit adventurous during the tactical alert missions.
  2. When dual wielding an Orvius with any sidearm, charged throws will make the weapon aim above an enemy's head and instantly explode instead of first suspending them in mid air. This also seems to happen without dual wielding when using melee channeling to activate the Orvius' secondary funciton. So in effect, it's basically this: I kind of like the change but I don't think this is intended 🤣 I haven't tested it with any other builds but I'm just using Rank 8 Primed Fury and Rank 8 Primed Pressure Point, along with 2 max rank dual stat mods Virulent Scourge and Volcanic Edge.
  3. Alad V: "Tenno, you know, we may not always see eye to eye... well, you don't have eyes..."
  4. OOOF, please tell me Hildryn has more changes coming.
  5. I think the consensus here is pretty clear in terms of what Hildryn needs overall, but I'd like to suggest one other thing to add as a passive. Can we please make dashing (dodge rolling) with Hildryn ragdoll weaker enemies? What's the point of having a lunging dash animation with shielded thrusters if you can't absolutely clothesline some fools with it?! Also I agree, status buffs should affect her shields instead of health. eg: Viral cuts shields in half, slash and toxin do damage over time to shields, etc... With how hard acquiring her is supposed to be and considering she seems have tech used from arachnoids and orbs, her shields really should protect her health from status effects since those enemies also have that feature.
  6. To be honest, I was kind of hoping some of the already existing content (like Vauban, Ember, and the Plains of Eidolon) would get a second look before introducing even more new warframes.
  7. Sorry, but what's the point of Atmosphere Arch weapons when: We can barely use them for any duration of time. My primary weapons already perform way better simply due to having more mods available.
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