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  1. Just noticed this. If you don't use the quick navigation tab to select those highlighted steel path missions, you can see that actually going to the planet and selecting the node would reveal 2 options: -Steel path incursion: [Mission type] [faction] [level range] -[Mission Type] (The steel path) [faction] [level range] Seems to be the 2 options for the same thing.
  2. A missed comparison between Melee and Guns is: Melee damage scales with hits up to 220 combo, sped up by stance multipliers Guns need to kill for arcane stacks and everyone is fighting to get stacks and maintain them Now the problems with the gun arcanes is that needing kills are: Competing for kills with other players in the lobby as the spawn limit of enemies in missions is rather strict There's no way to maintain the arcane's duration while in a bossfight, where melee could simply keep hitting the boss Other problems with the current buffs are: Deadhead won't procc on stronger enemies because any form of status DoT won't count. And no DoTs won't kill in time... Galvanized Critical Chance mods reset all stacks on expiration rather than one at a time as every other buff has been doing Dexterity is really good and reliable: 20 (x6) seconds of duration versus Deadhead's 24x3s and Merciless' 4x12s. It proccs on melee kills so a quick glaive throw and detonation easily proccs for a long duration It charges for BOTH primary and secondary at the same time, whereas Deadhead and Merciless needs to be procced individually! This is clearly the better arcane for the high levelled missions arcanes were intended for since melee is always works This is as if melee is the senior manager, and the guns are new grads looking for work. You simply can't get work experience, to get work experience, unless the senior manager commits nepotism. Fully formad guns cannot fit every combination of mods that are maxed. The cost/drain to number of slots ratio is too high, even at pseudo half price with forma Rivens now perceive multishot and damage as less desirable stats because the same mistake of scaling off mod damage was used. Now critical chance, critical damage, some element or other beneficial stat is meta. Notable mentions: The corrupted critical chance mods getting buffed could have been the only thing changed in the update, and every player would have praised DE for it The arcanes procc conditions are so silly that players chose Merciless so they can turn off their brains to play a video game: DE, you're overcomplicating your game! Nobody uses the Galvanized Critical Chance mods because they can't get it to work, or maintain it thanks to the silly condition on top of a the silly duration People no longer mod for damage and instead use Galvanized Status Chance for +80% damage per status instead The only Galvanized mods done right are: Galvanized Multishot and Acceleration because they took an existing mod people used and made it better! Suggestions: The arcanes need to have an easier time activating, especially when they're here to compete with melee which scales with on hit. On hit being achievable in boss fights! Make Deadhead condition: on headshot, not particularly kill with headhsot! Make a new arcane that's on hit to benefit those inaccurate but high fire rate weapons! Low duration like 1 second Stacks 64 times Triggers on hit At max rank: + Fire rate + Magazine capacity Galvanized Critical Chance needs to have its duration expiration fixed and the conditions relaxed. Headshot kills part is nearly unobtainable, and when obtainable; no longer needed. Parazons! They don't work! They literally won't work because any form of crowd control, stunned, electrified, on-fire, and some other random animations they do will prevent mercies before they die! Only viral slash on high level enemies seems to open enemies to finishers reliably! This really should have been: Mercy always available on heavy enemies, (or charge up some meter [perhaps every 10 kills]) to force open a mercy on any enemy
  3. Galvanized Scope/Crosshairs timer prematurely resetting is not something to be fixed?
  4. Helminth's new abilities: They suck... They don't really offer anything we want (Damage, Healing, Armor*, Mobility, Shields) Parasitic armor is nice, but pretty much only 1 frame uses it for that 1 niche scenario The new abilities are too restrictive (arbitrary restrictions and you cant even tell which stats are not moddable) Golden instinct SHOULD NOT EXIST. Worst non-ability ever thanks to its crazy artificial and arbitrary limitations Didn't get the exp for pre-subsumed frames despite a simple script even I could probably write to give back everyone's lost EXP Helminth's Invigorations: Remove the weighting system: We want to play the game the way we want to, not how the developers dictate The random rng stats are kinda lame: 5 jump resets... wow 250 Secondary damage on Excalibur? if only this was Mesa 250 Melee damage on Mesa? if on this was Excalibur 10 invigorations for 1 Frame override Could have at least made it 9th invigorations so it's divisible by 3 Could have made the stats at least something we could choose if we did 10 trashy invigorations to get them The counter makes it impossible to min-max redeeming overrides. If only override was independent of the existing 3 random rolls, then we could collect our coffee stamps without it being tied to our weekly Tim Hortons subscription credit cards They last for only 1 week... I only play 3 warframes in this entire game, despite having all frames maxed and fully formad. I will not play any other frame because the invigoration buffs are not (and I emphasize) ON THE CHARACTERS I WANT TO PLAY I wish there was a permanent customizable invigoration slot where I can just lock in my choice for the week and customize the bonuses. Feed helminth taxes that I can't Yoshi out of, and play the game how I want to. Being told which frames to play because of invigoration buffs is disrespectful If I wanted to be told what to do, we'd get a job and get paid to do what we're told. The frames being RNG on top of stats being RNG really tells me that without effort, DE is giving us something with great potential, without planning, thought or effort in its implementation. Please fix the bad RNG elements of Warframe.
  5. Can't kill my lich. The "spectralysts" copy our stuff and respawn too often. The lich's shields recharge in 5 seconds, or instantly from shield drones... NOT FAIR considering they have innate ARBITRARY DAMAGE REDUCTION. Cant win whenever you bring Nova, which is perma slow for us, and cannot revive. WAY TO GO tying revive speed with speed in general. This applies to both teammates standing over you and holding to revive yourself.
  6. I just accidentally got a lich I DIDN'T WANT. I thought it was a treasurer, and tried to pick up what I thought was a prompt for a crown. They Share the same model and UI marker The action is not held versus pressed as larvlings are for this specific issue The spawning of the liches through granum breaks the flow of game play, adding 1-2 minutes of effort, and sometimes its too close to the exit that it outright doesn't spawn I was so fed up with farming the granum crowns that I turned off my brain from lack of interest. Should have paid attention but the game design made it too difficult to want to play this Lastly the Tenet Melee being in the shop makes it really hard to get the elements we want. Still waiting for Cold to arrive
  7. Today a met a lich NOBODY can kill it's not my lich, but here are the reasons WHY we couldn't kill it It kept making specters Each specter had our own weapons and abilities that 1 shot us They respawn immediately after 1 is killed Some of them even RAD PROCCED US which btw should actually NOT be in the game as this is a guaranteed death sentence for us The shields are stupid. What's the point of playing this game if you divide the damage by the output amount? Literally fire rate is the only way to kill these enemies, alongside post damage calculation buffs Damage doesn't even matter due to this mysterious damage divider that makes those Crown Treasurers immortal The arquebex, which agreeably is an uninteresting way to beat the lich was denied as our last resort to a system where the lich is unkillable The lich is unkillable When we get a bit of damage onto her it teleports away While it is gone it regenerates all her shields We downed her once in 30 minutes But then she teleported away from the owner of the lich and was subsequently fully healed!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Remove the dumb damage divider Remove status immunity (why does magnetic NOT WORK in the one place they're supposed to be used???) Make the shield regeneration less aggressive! It heals it all back in the entirety of about 3 seconds
  8. Its not that we're given free exp for logging in, but rather there was exp that belonged to us that had no use. With new changes, it would have been better to not play the game and then suddenly play now because its significantly harder to gain exp from ability swaps on helminth. In other words, we're owed the exp they discarded due to poor logistics
  9. I cant believe this was ever a thing. Some of the most important tools that need to exist currently do not. For example, for paying money to patreon, you can search for rivens being sold because some guy coded a script to skim the chat for rivens and uploads them to a database. You can buy this info, and DE is just letting this happen. What DE should have done is skim their own chat themselves; make the market terminal somewhere you can post rivens for sale like an Ebay/Cragislist/Kijiji ad. I think this is better for the game so that there's less friction that drives price and time up for players. Instead of generic and unhelpful information, we need exactly what players are posting: who's selling, the exact roll, the numbers, and what they're asking for. Bonus if this information is linked directly in game as a sort of market page where you can directly buy it off the player so you don't need to conveniently be logged in at the same time, live in the same region, speak the same language, or abort your current mission just to make a trade.
  10. trying out 4k, and my mouse barely moves in 4k... I tried 300 and 50 and they all do the same thing... Still not fixed from 2018?
  11. you're forgetting that this whole fiasco is revolved around buffing guns to compete with melee. Switching out power for power is not the productive change we were promised
  12. Melee nerfs are just inconsiderate of the miscellaneous factors. Blood Rush Imagine 440% vs 0% critical chance mod in a mod slot. Most players are going to give up Zenurik for Naramon, or use up 2 slots for combo counter and blood rush to actually get 440%. That becomes 220% critical chance per mod on average, once you work your way up the combo counter. Honestly, Blood Rush is fine the way it is now, effort = reward Compared to just critical chance mods, your sacrificial steel (the defacto crit chance mod) is barred behind a rare umbral forma. Clearly something else is making regular critical chance unpopular. You get another ~220 critical chance from Riven mods (kind of a taboo subject) and now you're back to 2 mods for +440% critical chance, except all the time. Previously, you would keep a slot on your melee riven for something probably more useful. Condition Overload I was never a fan of this mod because it had 1 glaring issue: 0% or n*120% where n is some unreliable variable that is equal to 0 on sentients or certain status immune enemies. The real fix for this mod is to make make it all the way down to 20% per status, don't cap the status limit, and give it 120% guaranteed base damage. This will make it competitive with primed pressure point. Berserker (fury?) On kill: lmao duration: 10 seconds? Meanwhile, in the other corner: Riven + ~40% speed, Primed Fury + 55% speed, Quickening + 40% speed, (ARCANE STRIKE, ON HIT, 18 SECONDS, 60% speed) all stacking btw, not everything is named "fury" except for the community feedback... Nobody: *complains about blades going brrrrr and animations going bzzzzzzz* DE: Nobody exists Moving on, I know nobody is going to give up and arcane slot or use a bunch of mods for attack speed only. But the argument DE used was they dont want us to play the game fast. They certainly want to SELL US BOOSTERS for fast, but FREE FAST?!?!?! that's a No No. Clearly most players are just going to keep attack speed on Rivens, and replace berserker with something more reliable, like Primed Fury and call it "DE forcing me to forma once more" Glaives honestly, the patch notes are too vague to understand what they're doing to these things, but it seems at a glance to be half speed throws, and half damage on its only-used attack. I won't say this is bad about this one, its their game, they can kill it all they want.
  13. What this translates to is: DEAD MOD IN SLOT, for most boss fights. Primed Fury or bust. Attack speed on rivens to get around stacking limitation This mod was never good to begin with. It does more damage when you're already winning, and less to no damage when it matters. It won't work on sentients, it won't help if you're already killing using slash/viral anyways. This mod really should have been, 100% damage base, + 30% per status This one's true, except I always had the impression that this is a high-risk-high-reward based off the need to maintain a melee combo counter. Having melee combo reset on expiry or on heavy attack meant that there are many restrictions to playstyle. In return, we get really good critical chance or nothing. To FORGET this tradeoff is to kill off this mod for regular melee focus builds while further pushing the meta towards heavy attack only play. On that note "This one mod alone gets you red crits" is completely false because the effective use of this mod implies the use of BODY COUNT/DRIFTING CONTACT or NARAMON FOCUS
  14. WARNING: CHERRY PICKED AND MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENT The words used like "Extremely Small", "Minor", "Slight" changes, are completely false. Reasoning: proportionality is NOT CONSIDERED. Bloodrush losing 20% sounds small, but it's actually 33% nerf on the entire damage output 40% of 120% is also 33% nerf to final output damage, but Rebecca SPECIFICIALLY AVOIDED SAYING EITHER because saying 1/3 or 40% both sound bad. Kuva Nukor chaining 2 less enemies is not an extremely small utility change. That's a 50% reduction to its unique mechanic because it goes from 4 to 2. Halving damage and halving speed on thrown melee is actually 1/4 damage. Don't be fooled!
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