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  1. When you equip the chakkhurr with the oscira skin, it holsters too high up on the body.
  2. Don't nerf and buff in the same pass. This is like tying your shoes for crying out loud. You tighten one and loosen the other, it will never feel comfortable!
  3. I thought it was just me because my clannies cannot confirm this issue exists. Same symptoms here. I did notice that sometimes when transitioning inside the loading screen, the loading diamond UI element in the top left SHRINKS, and during the brief flicker of shrinking before it restores to normal size, the chat box moves up. This leads me to believe that the loading screen is using a different UI scaling/resolution than our settings permit for a brief moment, causing the chat box to be constrained to a lower resolution area of the screen after loading.
  4. For some reason, the primary and secondary attachment colors are swapped, sigils/emblems are missing, and my tennogen skin isn't even applied properly as shown in this photo:
  5. Many long term players have since noticed with the release of corpus fleet refresh, the new sabotage missions on these nodes had an inconsistent interaction with the engine restart. Previously, the best way was to put the fuel cell into the fuel port, explode the ship, unlock the door, and exit. However, on these corpus tiles, magnetic anomalies appear in addition to exploding the ship and unlocking the door. When putting fuel cell into the coolant port, this is supposed to cause a "defend the terminal interaction" followed by a blackout and magnetic anomalies as you exit the ship. However,
  6. Skirmish isn't interesting, but what we have now is worse. I don't want to hate on game design, but something has to be said about horrific game design. lazy narrative, and lack of consideration for new content or innovation. Reusing old content is good, but not when it doesn't integrate. DE's issues with synchronizing everything should be a hint that this is a big step in the wrong direction. Just make railjack dumb simple ship blows up ship and runaway!
  7. I recently built a new computer (complete upgrade from my old) and to my surprise, I get better frame rates in some areas, but worse frame rates in most others. The problem, as I investigated further, was my GPU (the thing that draws warframe on my monitor) is idling as if this was a power point presentation, so it runs at 70-80 fps. This happens when I'm in my orbiter, and I have maxed out the decoration limit with hundreds of ayatans moving around... Then when I go to the front of the orbiter, I get 150+ fps where there's probably 50 ayatans, but the GPU goes full speed. I researched
  8. I already maxed out everything I need on my railjack and I just severely dislike joining a random squad whos guns don't kill and hull is non-existent. Thanks DE btw for removing all our hulls and then not giving us a proper hull equivalent when you changed the system in your effective reset. Now I can go solo, but some of the missions are "cancer" to do alone just because (deserving of its own thread) DE doesn't know how to make engaging content, so they throw a bunch of trash at us. The bad: Matchmaking randomly into bad Railjacks where you've reset everyone's hulls to trash and ga
  9. Has anyone successfully cleared a corpus defense node? I need to unlock stuff
  10. Yes, I can't progress either thanks to this bug
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