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  1. Enemy spawns are not reliable. They seem to either decrease over time or breakoff entirely for no reason. This is especially bad in Plains of Eidolon, and when performing missions that rely on constantly killing like survival mode
  2. Seems necramech's vacuum tries its best to take health orbs... But there's no healing allowed!
  3. I always noticed that stahlta was inaccurate, but if you pay close attention, there's always 1 bullet that hits the center while the others hit randomly. I removed multishot and the one bullet per shot stream always hits close to the center. It seems the extra shots from multishot has a random trajectory for some reason. I don't believe this is intended since no other gun has this issue. It's as if heavy caliber is equipped...
  4. wait, so now that bonewidow can heal, can all mechs gain a passive healing like rejuvenation? I don't want to be forced to run Rejuvenation. DE advertised the ability to pickup health orbs, but health orbs don't spawn normally in mission, and most special spawns for health orbs can't be achieved inside the mech. I also think the arcanes we use should work on Mechs. This would solve the healing and energy problem where mechs can't heal from Magus Repair or Energizing Dash which Warframes enjoy the luxury of.
  5. I feel like the mechs dont have a good way of getting energy. They don't have vacuum, arcanes (like arcane energize) do not work (whereas archwings actually do work). They aren't affected by Energy Siphon aura, and the operator energy dash doesnt work on it either. It seems its too hard to actually get energy economy for it, especially when Necramech flow doesnt work
  6. How cool would it be if the end of Simaris' staircase for the master rank tests was a lounge for MR30s to chill. There could be NPCs up there, maybe some furniture, some decorations, and maybe a mini bar. That would definitely be better than a blank wall to abruptly end a hallway
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