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  1. To everyone above who answered "just go with [some frame combo]" then NO, not anymore If you're lucky enough to find a chump who'd help, go trinity + mesa/saryn/excal/literally any other non-F tier frame (like grendel) I literally sat here for an hour pleading to region chat and my clan, allegedly the #1 clan on PC, and nobody wanted to help. I had to solo it and it took A LOT of skill to even complete these missions. Everyone is scared of doing grendel missions because it's tedious (nobody wants to suffer 20 minutes, 15 waves, and 8 excavations) in a mode where you're powerless, unable to attack, and constantly running away. I had to do them because the blue blinking on star chart is very annoying and these left over keys cannot be sold. There were numerous times where I went in and found myself in Steel Path grendel mission, where I instantly evaporated. These missions should NOT exist. They suck, they prove nothing, you wont be able to complete them nowadays with others, and the reward is one of the bottom tier frames. I wasted 3 hours completing them, and I hope DE realizes that their arbitration drones, status immune enemies, no mods mode, and arbitrary 2.5 times health/armor/shields doesn't make engaging content. Their definition of a challenge to annoy the f*** out of players is part of the reason why I'm reluctant to play content I've seen on their streams. Why can't they just do what they promise? In case you wanted to solo them, here's what I did solo From easiest to hardest, Survival: Hildryn. Turn on 3, then spam her 2, no weapons needed Defense: Wisp. Put down motes, then spam melee (preferable something meta, because DE still doesn't realize rivens dont make good weapons, it's base stats + multiplier) Survival: Octavia. Put down her mallet as a decoy, constantly move because any hp you lose is unrecoverable, grab power if possible, or spawn 40 excavators and let them die. Your weapons probably wont kill anything, so just get a big knife of hammer and spam ground slam on power cell holders until they die.
  2. Why play Steel Path: One time rewards (weak reason to continue playing) Resource DROP CHANCE booster (basically no booster) Mod drop chance booster (more duplicates unless you want... you probably already have it) Steel essence credits * Adaro exploit ** Enemy exp is higher by way of increased level 2.425 times more exp ** Why you shouldn't play Steel Path Guns don't work on armor (feels like you only equipped 1 mod) The only thing viable against corpus is toxin and rapid fire (very diverse play style, except some corpus have armor) Corrosive is dead (less effective than viral against armor, also expires like corrosion does in real life... right?) Most abilities won't kill (even mesa struggles quite a bit) Enemies are tankier by way of increased level and arbitrary 2.5 times health/defenses Status immune enemies (sentients, treasurer, juggernaught etc) are nearly impossible to kill unless you use meta weapons that will get nerfed or riven nerfed Lua sentients almost instantly kills the defense objective in mobile defense if you give it literally 3 seconds of disco laser * The store sucks. 1 big problem with store is that there are no good rewards. That said, the only rewards at the moment are too expensive to purchase, and they're not even that good. Stance forma at 15 steel essence, it's actually far more economical to just make 2 of the same melee weapon and forma them differently. You can probably make this duplicate melee in less time than farming steel essence. 10k kuva is 100 times less than what we can get from just farming kuva directly for the same amount of time invested. You can get 1000 relics in the time it takes you to get the 15 essences (mostly because everything gives relics). Overall the rewards are really bad and really overpriced. I've only gotten 11 essence credits in my tour through the star chart, so... I'll get everything in the store in 2035. * The armor set looks nice. Too bad it's 85 for the set, and I can't preview what I'm getting hustled into. ** In terms of farming exp, you're taking around 3-5+ times times longer to get that 2.425 times exp thanks to how unreasonably tanky some of these enemies are. What I think would be great is: Either remove the arbitrary health and defense bonus, or give us the affinity bonus that matches 2.5 times health and 2.5 times defenses Remove status immunity on non-bosses. Teshin credits needs a higher drop rate than current. And I mean roughly 5+ times the drop rate Relic pack should be at most 3 credits, 1 relic per credit 10k kuva should be 5 credits We need to completely replace drop chance booster, with the clearly superior resource booster
  3. I noticed that the granum crown holders in hard mode are literally impossible to kill. I tried Mesa's peacemakers and everything, the unreasonable nature of completely status immune enemies with 99% damage reduction doesn't make good content. Especially when it's a timed event that you only get 1 minute to deal damage. On a similar note, when I was doing Lua mobile defense, sentients spawned in and they also share a similar tanky nature. One of them started the disco spin attack and it destroyed the defense objective in 3 seconds, while taking out a level 100+ sentient takes way longer, with about a minute. Should these enemies be reworked? There's really no reason why they should possess status immunity and damage reduction/adaptation
  4. You are incorrect. Infinite combo DURATION, does not affect combo scaling to infinity. We're still doing the same damage, but without the need to use naramon, or quickly popping out melee to refresh the combo. One of DE's biggest oversight is how most exalted melee weapons are inferior to regular melee solely because it can't use "+x% scales with combo counter" mods. The second oversight is how players are never going to use heavy melee attacks because building combo is the most tedious thing we nobody wants to do. The only time we actually waste combo for heavy attacks is when we make minimum combo duration and build for initial combo. I sincerely hope that "nerf" should be properly considered before actually patching things. If you want all weapons to compete the same, then the proper solution would be to make a mod that does exactly what naramon does: instead of instantly losing all combo, lose 20 combo instead to instantly make all melee as viable as Xoris.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  6. Seems hard to implement. Lots of save data to record and constantly delete to save space, but also a fantastic idea if they figure it out
  7. Personally, I think that the only problems with rivens are that: 0.5 dispo is really weak. So weak that often another mod will always beat it. If it's weaker than existing mods, why would I use it for 18 or 9 drain? There's no linear progression. In some games, I can lock a desired stat and reroll the rest for a higher cost (of kuva), but in Warframe, it's all or nothing There's a lot of random stats. Like bane of factions are bad negatives, but also bad positives. Sometimes you get projectile speed on a hitscan weapon. There's a lot of stats that just aren't things people will ever look for. I dont know if this was the intention: to give both good and bad stats, but when the riven actually takes up 1 slot with 18 or 9 drain, you'd expect it to perform at least marginally better than serration for example. Instead, I fail to see why anyone would keep projectile flight speed, reload speed, and less recoil on aksomatis for example. Would that really be a riven, or would it just be something you'd put an exilus mod towards (where it literally doesn't cost you a performance slot)? I'd be really happy if rivens are capped with minimum 1.0 dispo, so you're never actually deciding to endo a lost cause. And make the reroll progression linear (locking stats for higher cost) so that users aren't pressured to pay the "god roll" tax and the riven market normalizes for all kinds of players (since any combination is equally as achievable by yourself and not just everyone rolling for a damage meta because it's guaranteed to sell).
  8. Thanks, but was looking for more... sustainable content and fixes
  9. I posted a bug about this. This is EXACTLY the same issue. You guys know how there's a knockdown animation where you're lying on your back? All controls are locked and you need to roll out of it to regain controls. But if the knockdown happens about the time you transfer to operator as a client (not host) your warframe is forced to be standing right up. This prevents you from transferring back into a knocked down warframe, and thus you cant roll up again. This keeps you in that state where all controls are locked. Sadly, this is related to a poorly implemented self damage change for staggers and knock downs.
  10. Combining the houses are a bad idea. Hullweave Zetki costs 13 for 90% damage reduction, while Vidar costs 8 for 89%. 1% damage reduction is not worth 5 reactor capacity to me Polar coil Zetki costs 11 for 66%, while Lavan costs 6 for 56. 10% heat capacity is not worth another 5 capacity for me Hyperflux Zetki costs 17 for 99%, but Vidar costs 8 and gives 56%. The amount per cost is more economic than with Zetki In my opinion. We should keep the houses the way they are, because from Brozime's stream, turning everything into Zetki is just DE making their own meta. That is nerfing what we prefer, and then DE shoving what they want us to do instead down our throats.
  11. I dont use the maxed drain variants on my ship. Example: Zetki Hullweave is 13 drain for 90% damage reduction, but Vidar is 8 drain for 89% damage reduction. (armor system is busted) Rank 10 Pilot was already useless. Since touching enemies instantly killed them, this avionic was pretty much only good for dealing damage when parked in void hole, and opening crates. With the piloting/boosting changes coming, can we get maxed boost reserves instead of whatever rank 10 pilot is now? This sounds bad. I really hope you really increased the attraction strength because previously we needed all 25 seconds waiting for enemies to slide inside
  12. Working on an idea of being incomplete and the desire the become completed. The frame will cosmetically look broken, but has an armor gauge which can be filled to make the frame look repaired. Capped at 1500 Armor. Modded armor will not affect the gauge and its interactions with abilities Passive: Enemies killed fills armor gauge by 50 points 1st Ability - Latch - 25 energy - Affected by Range and Efficiency mods Throws his arm off (still attached with somatic fibers) and latches onto a targeted enemy within 20m and gets dragged to you. Latched enemy defenses (base armor and base shields) are completely stolen to fill armor gauge (I estimate this taking 3 heavy enemies or 10-15 lighter enemies to completely fill your gauge) If held, the Latch affects broken frame himself and converts stolen armor into health 2nd Ability - Breaking point - 50 energy - Affected by Strength, Range, Duration, and Efficiency mods (animated as if broken frame tears itself apart by removing cosmetic gauge armor in a rage) all stolen armor is consumed to increase speed by 25% for allies within 25m and damage multiplier by 100% for self. Buff lasts for 30 seconds. Strength of the buff is based on % of gauge filled when cast and always overwrites the previous buff. 3rd Ability - Overhaul - 75 energy - Affected by Strength, Range and Efficiency mods Broken frame's somatic tendrils go crazy, lashing out and steals 40% of enemy base defenses within 25m for its gauge (line of sight). Enemies are staggered for this brief moment. Synergizes well with 2nd ability and 4th ability as well as offering light crown control and team support. 4th Ability - Self Destruct - 100 energy - Affected by Strength, Duration, Range, and Efficiency mods Explodes all stolen armor in 1 big explosion of 25m. Enemies caught in the blast are dealt damage equal to the amount of stolen armor that was discarded (affected by strength or Vauban scaling) and are stunned for 3 seconds. Allies caught in the blast will gain armor equal to the discarded amount of armor used for 20 seconds. This synergizes well with 3rd ability by removing the enemy defenses and charging armor gauge before unleashing it back.
  13. so... this hotfix broke simulacrums
  14. @[DE]Connor y'know, these changes aren't bad. The problem is that rivens are a pretty exclusive commodity, and judging by the trade ban, DE knows how market manipulating these changes are. Are there any intentions to outright crash the market (as was done to primed chamber) so that the desired rivens that players want are more easily acquired and less RNG? Also, who's going to put a riven on Mk-1 weapons? I doubt anyone would acquire a riven with that intent
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