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  1. I won't like it but I'll take less umbrage with this change if you can find the rarer fish on the plains without them, like you can in the vallis.
  2. Nerfing the Itzal is a crass overreaction when there's virtually no use for Archwing in the open worlds besides moving from point A to point B. During combat encounters enemies will nearly immediately fire that missile that removes the Archwing making them useless overall. So most players would more than likely consider the use of the Archwing - Speed. I posit that players had no choice in the matter from the very beginning because of the Archwing removal missile. It will always be better to use a fast Archwing in the open worlds until we are given the freedom of using them for combat situations.
  3. i stopped for two seconds and saw my secondary between my legs it persisted into my orbiter and into three other spy runs. these are F6 screenshots so maby there's info for you guys to look at.
  4. i got to the final phase of exploiter orb and the thermia canister would cool her to zero when hitting her
  5. harsh. this particular bug has started some arguments in the pick up group i joined
  6. It seems like non-hosts picking up coolant canisters can randomly lose it, losing progress to earning additional points.
  7. host migration bugs fissures
  8. not exactly balanced for solo play is it
  9. oh nice now i have to stay in a clan with a constant stream of bigotry on the bottom left of my screen
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