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  1. Opinions to clunky cant use any gear in it vacume from companion doesnt work No mastery Impossible mod farm Hard to swap between frame/ mech in combat( why do we have to aim at it should have an aoe with a quick swap) its huge why cant we have weapon in 1 hand sword in the other or dual weild 2 different arch guns In combat it looks kinda stupid, may as well have a mech wiout arms...
  2. so for the entire comunity ps4 stream i was asking 1 question and got ignored. All i want to know is when will the athodai be in the game for the actual players (that dont have time to watch a 5 hour stream that starts at 3 am in my location) to farm or buy... Its really not a hard question
  3. why are we still opening 1 relic at a time, DE has added higher level missions with steel path so why dont we get steel path fissures where we can open multiple relics in a single rotation. With plague star no more we need more efficient ways of getting forma 1 per day in not enough when a single update like deimos can bring 6 pets a frame and a whole lot of weapons
  4. i also live in australia and agree that it is quite dificulte to stay up late or get up earlier to do this and now being a completionist i have a weapon showing in my account that i "just have to wait" for This is some serious poop When releasing a stream weapon, it should be avaliable in game when the stream ends not (unforeseeable amount of time)months later
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