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  1. It's not hard at all, as long as you're just doing the 15 minute thing. You don't even need nova for that, you can solo it with practically every single frame. It doesn't start getting actually hard until about 18 minutes in when the timer starts moving and then 20+ minutes when the enemy starts tripping you every two seconds. After that it depends on whether the game tried to screw you over with the RNG map as some have horde points that are so close they both have overlap and you don't even need to move at all, where the others are like 200m apart with all kinds of goofy stuff to run through and that awful "Chroma defense" arena area. Honestly that and the terrible spawns and derp enemies that get caught on map geometry far away are what get you most of the time.
  2. Your mixer drops have been broken for quite sometime now and your notifications are wonky as well, sending out steam notifications an hour later. Or like last night just throwing several random notifications for no reason. Thanks for the ban for pointing that out though.
  3. You're probably right on that one, but just to be clear I didn't intend to come off bragging, just sharing my experience and I didn't intend it to mean that they could change more (specifically prices in genera) to make it less of a drag overall.
  4. That's 10 better than my highest. I don't live in your head, so if you want to re-read it without feeling like someone is attacking you it probably won't come off that way. You said it wasn't worth it, I have a hard time agreeing. Every game I've played thus far I've seen scores range from 25-50+, I'd say even getting 25 is "worth it". I'm not sure where your avg kill count is, but I'd say anything 15+ would be worth it since every four games would have you at least at +60 from where you would be without it. Just be the person that runs around stealing kills, there are no morals in Dog Days.
  5. I didn't know that it was bragging to just simply tell you about how much I'm getting per round.
  6. You don't have to net 40 kills for it to be worth it. AFK all you want though, no need to justify yourself to me.
  7. No reason? I'm getting like 90 pearls per run with a controller here and that is with a bunch of dudes kill stealing.
  8. Thank you for listening DE, excellent solution.
  9. Punish them for what? They didn't make the gametype. It's a deathmatch with no kill limit requirement and a timer. That's by design.
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