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  1. Whatever people like will be used a lot, and that's a good thing. From this perspective, both Limbo and Wukong are very successful designs. Same for many other powerful meta frames for specific missions. If we have a lot of frames that have no standing out abilities, they are simply abandoned. Why don't we talk about bring giving other frames more buffs to make them as good and as popular as these top frames? A lot of weapons and frames have gone through such nerfs or "balances", and they are permanent damaged and most players just abandon these frames or weapons. I like to build and "collect" powerful frameS and weaponS in my loadouts. I'd really hate to see any of my multiple-formaed and Rivened builds gone bad just because it's too good or too powerful.
  2. Only Tonkor and Simulor? You missed a lot more other meta weapons and builds you don't even know existed. I bet you had no idea how powerful some weapons were especially if not just top tier rivens but S-grade god tier rivens to go with those meta weapons and some of their builds are only shared by extreme few who owned them so they could not go public and wouldn't be noticed to be nerfed. Many of these specific builds are permanently gone. There were more meta varieties. That's my observation and experience of the development of the gameplay from 2017 to present day. Maybe PS is different from PC. My logic is sound and you don't have any hard proofs to say I am not correct either. DE did implement a lot of nerfs especially from 2017 to 2020 and 2018 to 2020 was the worst period. It all matches the time after DE was taken over by Leyou. That couldn't be coincident. There were a lot more other veteran players sharing the same sentiment.
  3. Did you play before 2017? Did you own THE best builds and weapons and also god tier Rivens for all meta weapons since then? If you are taking some tweaks here and there, you aren’t getting what I am talking about.
  4. No worries, there are more people used up FAR more Kuva on ONE Riven and yet still not getting that god roll whatsoever. I personal record is around 1040 rolls on a single Riven and it was nowhere near a god riven. And there are two or three Rivens with even more rolls in existence to my knowledge. And then there are people who got god rolls in just few rolls. It’s all RNG. Overall the chances of getting that god roll through farming Kuva and rolling are very low. And only extremely few players got lucky.
  5. So far it’s been very positive with Tencent partnership. Under Leyou, there must be some guidelines set by Leyou we could only speculate, there were endless nerfs and unique mechanics destroying updates in almost each and every update from 2017 to 2020 as if there is was a force trying to destroy the game’s player base. Since Tencents took over, most updates have a lot more buffs instead of nerfs. And “balancing” is now for realistic balance. Previously, during 2017-2020, whenever DE talked about “balance”, it meant nerfs. And now we are also getting cross platform soon. It’s good times again.
  6. What are some of your favorite frames and weapons? Making them stronger is the first thing to do. Most frames and weapons maxed and formaed few times can be very strong. Also share your builds.
  7. Most Prime weapons are glorified and enlarged weapons. I wish to see smaller and pint sized Prime weapons that output huge damages. Sheev is a good candidate.
  8. I have been farming this frame for a while. Whenever a kuva mission has the tileset for farming the parts, I do it. Still not getting Chassis after at least 20 or 30 runs.
  9. I also really hate it when I can't just get rid of a terrible Lich and move on to get another one. That's why I don't bother to farm any Kuva weapons that need EXTREME grinding process to max each and everyone out. It'll literally take more than 100 hours just to grind and max out one Kuva weapon. This grinding system was implemented under the previous ownership of DE, and there were more examples like this. Hope the system can be improved again. There should be an OPTION for us to get rid of any Lich instantly. Instead they stick around and FORCE us to do something even if we don't like it.
  10. Great idea. Magnetic damages should be magnetic! DE please implement this!!!
  11. DE used to nerf this weapon or that Warframe in almost each and every update from 2017-2020 just because people like you complain how OP this or that is. What did that bring us? Ever shrinking player base and tons of complaints from players who love those weapons or warframes! This game is not a “problem”! The games are for fun! Players love it because it’s fun. That’s all that Is. With new ownership since the beginning of 2021, all of these “the game is problem” mindset is gone and we are seeing mostly buffs and most nerfs are reasonable. You want to bring this game to where it was going down hills with many angry players? Now DE doesn’t mess around what players love and enjoy. That’s a good thing. If you like this Warframe yet see him as a problem, you have a big problem. Just stop using this or anything you see as problems. Use something else! Duh!
  12. The unique name and the design of this weapon is not matched by its damage output IMO. It needs some massive buffs or a powerful variant.
  13. The invincibility of the guards could be nullified by dash through them but it’s no more. Not only that,,DE also massively increased the numbers of the guards in these missions and also their hit boxes are literally only 25% or 10% as big as before. Just need to get used to it and grind Kuva.
  14. Great ideas. It’s always good to add new contents; players have choices to play them or not.
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