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  1. Thank you for writing this in-depth review as a newer player. I have always liked NYX and NYX Prime’s designs. She is like the counter part of Excalibur. I have also tried many times to master her and take her to super high level missions but something or somethings are missing in her. You address many points. Hopefully DE can give her a real work to make her abilities as strong as good as her design. If her abilities are reworked to be as good as Nova/Nova Prime, it will be great.
  2. One of my best friends in game is a Thai player. He has the highest number of Eidolon captures among all Thai players.
  3. Trading itself is actually a popular end game activity for many players, including myself. Not only you can earn plat in game, you can also serve others this way since not all players have the time to farm everything. Many players just buy plat to buy stuff in game. But you have to put your time and efforts into it.
  4. I do agree with the OP. I’d prefer some bosses to have a 100-1000 times more effective health instead of those buggy invincibility periods.
  5. This should be reported to DE directly. There must be some misunderstanding and mishandling by the team.
  6. This important issue should go to feedback. Not sure what exactly happened.
  7. My Operator is also fully maxed, unlocked, Focus Schools unbound. He is very powerful but in no way I’d play him exclusively. He is like the assistant of my warframes.
  8. The current Warframe works. If it works, it is good. All it needs are continuous minor and major updates and improvement in all areas of the game for all levels of players. I like it, almost all players who replied like it. I guess you need to try new things and achieve new objectives in game. Have you done them all? It’s endless.
  9. Warframe’s modding system has the most depth of any games I’ve played. It’s good for long-term time investment.
  10. This is not the main point. Stop distracting the topic about buffing the weapon.
  11. That Lanka can’t break any limbs as Eudolons emerge from the water needs to get fixed regardless of the weapon being a hitscan or not. The broken projectile based weapons reduce the variety of weapons that can be used for Eidolon hunt efficiently.
  12. Take it out from all your builds of all primaries. It won’t even bother you anyone. Rest of us enjoy it.
  13. Melee 3.0, if it would ever arrive, has to be as efficient in killing the enemies as the current system that works well overall. If melee 3.0 is slow or inefficient, no matter how nice its new combo styles may be, will be an automatic failure.
  14. I started building my melee weapons with high crit build and later also build many high status or hybrid builds. The latter 2 are better for super long survival and enemies of level hundreds.
  15. Unless you are facing enemies of level hundreds, you do not need Djinn to work the way you like. All other sentinels and companions can be extremely tough and will not die in 99% contends if you mod them correctly.
  16. It’s always been like this. Experience will help you identify and locate parts of Eidolon during the hunt so you take efficient actions to take them down.
  17. I like how DE continues to design and release new frame. This is what actually keeps the game fresh and also attract new players. It’s like a playground full of equipments. I’d prefer DE to keep installing new equipments and spend just 20% time to fix old ones.
  18. Stop beating the dead horse. Mend game activities are what you prefer to do the most. It can be the process of leveling up and progressing in the game. It can be the process to become a top expert with top gears to excel in Eidolon hunt. It can be to achieve everything. It can be to collect all Mods. Or to have many top Rivens and top weapon builds for all weapons. Now, what have you achieved? What do you like to do the most? These are your own choices of end game.
  19. Shhh..... Don’t tell anyone or someone will ask for nerfs!
  20. Blade of the Lotus Oberon. Chroma Prime, who usually leads Eidolon hunts as well. Excal/Excal Umbra with certain skins-helmets. Frost with one of the latest tenno gen skins. Loki.
  21. Contact me in game. I will help you get rid of these massive band-aids for free.
  22. What does the sky looks like at night? It must be amazing but how amazing it is to gaze at millions of stars with clean sky?
  23. What are the specs and parts of your PC? Please fully list them or there is nothing we can help. Also describe how and when it crashes usually.
  24. You’ll need Corrosive Projection. Lower duration, 175% efficiency. Just 100% strength. Unlock that exlius slot and move Rush there. Also use Natural Talent so you can cast shields asap. Finally, buy 2 sets of Arcane Guardian R3 so you wont die easily.
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