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  1. All games must evolve or expand. There are still many old Corpus tile sets in the star chart. You’d rather to have only the original ones or original ones plus new ones? Do you prefer to have only the warframes and designs you like or plus new designs that attract new player base?? Use your brain!!
  2. I like the direction where the game is going since the beginning of 2021. we are seeing many buffs and new mods and new gun buffs that were unimaginable in 2018-2020 when we saw endless nerfs after nerfs during those period.
  3. Agree NYX Prime looks meta but the utilities of her abilities are either clunky to use or have better replacements from other frames.
  4. That’s the fun of it. These numbers don’t show up all the time, many numbers are still small and those seemingly random big numbers are FUN! if you don’t like it, use magnetic all day long.
  5. You want the game to go back to 2017-2020 with endless nerfs that killed fun and player base? Why don’t you propose something better or buff something to compete with this combo or any thing that’s fun to use?
  6. Similar in game hours here. These issues/glitches all seem to be quality of life fixes that DE fixes in each and every Update small or major. Have you realized that game is now a HUGE game? There will always be countless things to fix or improve, But DE should only spend some time to fix them if they are game breaking. What I perceive what DE is doing now is that they are working on the all important and long awaited cross platform and also DE has stopped nerfing stuff crazy like in 2017-2020. That’s pretty good for me. as for bugs? I prefer DE to spend just some but not all resources to fix them. That game is a problem and should be fixed is a fatal game development mentality and also killed the game until the ownership is changed early this year.
  7. Primed Sure Footed is a meta prime mod IMO in the way it helps the mechanics tremendously in high level gameplays. Yet it doesn’t provide any direct damage or strength increases. I think it’s really fair to lock this reward hundreds of days away and that just makes it that much more valuable. Do you still remember how valuable Primed Chamber and few other items were? Now they are cheap as chips after the supply has been increased by a factor of 5000 or more.
  8. Just keep up with the updates and progress. Complete something meta builds that bring you fun. Be great at something in game, not just good at something.
  9. Most abilities. Sometimes, I will also invest in many Formas into a great looking frame to test and explore the maximum potential in different game modes. If all abilities of a frame aren’t subpar, I won’t use it much.
  10. You haven’t even maxed Quill, has a mediocre amp I guess isn’t meta, can’t confidently complete one set a night. You are a newbie hunter and if you want to improve, do more, max Quill and skill trees and then come here to discuss more. you haven’t even gone through the whole mastering process and complaining a pro leading the charge? Learn from pros and eat your frogs if you want to be as good as that hunter. What you have experienced and complained about, is very typical and normal for Eidolon hunting when you have semi-skilled players and high skilled players in the same squad. You can complain or you can learn from them.
  11. That makes sense … “you need a break”. I have invested thousands of hours in game and I am not a fan of Kuva Lich system because it will take at least hundreds of hours of hard grind to farm and MAX each and every Kuva weapons. So I have SKIPPED MOST OF IT and doing something else currently. There is nothing wrong if you don’t like a system, just ignore it or wait until it gets easily to complete after future updates.
  12. If you don’t like the mode, just skip it. As for bugs, are you sure it’s not the issue of your PC? Remove yourself from that mode, not cancelling it just because you don’t like it.
  13. Yes, just buy Platinum. I buy 4000 Platinum whenever there is good discount and have also purchased Platinum and Prime Access when there was no discount. Some good amount of Platinum help gameplay a lot to speed up the progress. Whenever other players asks me for advice, I always recommend to buy at least some 2000-4000 Platinum so the time is not spent on farming but progression. Over time, it really earns itself back as well.
  14. Every ten minutes or so you get one built Forman that’s very consistent. And you don’t need to do trade chats at all. That’s why this is the best Forma farm of all events.
  15. Just ask DE to release Super Sentients. They will be coming.
  16. Nerfs are expected and acceptable but please stop right there on Glaive Prime, Kronen Prime and Nami Skyla Prime!. Then there are BUFFS across the board, good update!
  17. The nerfing from 2017 to 2020 was even more crazy. Endless nerfs in each and EVERY update as if someone is leading the team to try to destroy this game during the period. Now there are less nerfs and a lot more buffs but many of these nerfs can still gradually ruin players builds and hours and hours of efforts/investment. We need to keep the voice heard constantly and keep all great builds the way they are! No more weapons/warframe/great mechanics breaking nerfs that should be replaced with buffs for weak ones!
  18. It can be hard if you don’t know one of those tricks to do this with a team. Join a good team and learn how some players get this done with a proper team build with skills. One common way to prevent them from getting any points is for at least one player to defend at their scoring spot.
  19. "Solve?" AOE is fun and is not a problem. The game is not a problem. it's all about progress and fun factors. Just get over it and don't over think. If you don't like it, don't use it. Or ask DE to buff whatever you like.
  20. One of my friends likes to use Nidus. He has to remind everytime to let him kill some to build up the stacks. And I do whenever he asks. Just ask and it will be given.
  21. I agree that it should be removed except that the range may keep players stay closer together?
  22. Business and trading always evolve. Get used to and adapt to whatever is new. If you meet a bad dealer, just move on. If you need to plat through trades, deal with it or just buy Plat.
  23. DE's past updates killed Chroma as the DPS for many missions. Chroma/Prime are literally sent to freezer. DE PLEASE restore the original mechanics to allow players to refresh the damage BUFF as before!!!!! Why do you kill this frame many players loved????
  24. This weapons and its variant need serious BUFFs. I liked it and tried to built it up but it failed.
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