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  1. I was just about to say i have had two crashes back to back hopefully this fixes it!
  2. All these Hotfixes and i'm like "If my Emblem was approved..."
  3. Sharing my rewards so far Khora Delphi Helmet: 2 Credits: 23 Noggle: 1 (Ambulas) Nitain: 1 Fireworks: 13 Relic: 1 Glyph Display : 8 Cetus Wisp: 3
  4. I think Warframe and the site is having trouble
  5. Is Warframe servers having trouble? It takes like a full minute to log in and any action you do take 30 seconds to complete i wanted to do sortie but i just did the first level of it and it didn't even count So unless this gets fixed rather soon and going to miss sortie 😞 (And actually playing anything else)
  6. DE could make Vauban really great Many people want him to have a deployable Turret that in combination with his Bastille would be a really fun Defensive playstyle The Turret could cycle through some different weapons such as Opticor (Slow firing death beam) Ignis (Basically a flamethrower) Supra (Energy minigun) Penta (Grenade launcher that links enemies) Have it scale from melee mods like Atlas and other certain frames The turret could be an Exalted weapon which would be great for DE in terms of getting players to level up and keep playing So drop Bastille to capture enemies and drop the turret to help kill them and further pick off others who are attempting to get close on the defending point He would be fun in POE and other open areas
  7. I made some Ultrawide versions for those who have the monitor for them (2560 x 1080) Looks pretty clean Normal Mutated
  8. If they actually change his ability looks to match his skin theni will be ever happy and hopefully DE realizes that past and future Deluxe skins should have this done to them too to make them actually feel different and unique I mean... DELUXE MAGGOTS! xD
  9. One thing i would really love for these deluxe skins is if they actually changed the way abilities looked too to make them truly DEluxe 🙂
  10. How long does it take to apply to your account? Did it around 15 minutes ago and it's not showing up Thanks for the great Skin and colours DE!
  11. I'm hoping the ducat prices are half of the normal price for those who have the Key
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