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  1. My experience with "The Co-op" has been two people staying in the Railjack to make sure our paper tiger doesn't melt and maybe shooting a few fighters down, one dude highjacking a Crewship so we actually have a decent ship that is not made of wet tissue, while the last guy just jumps into the other crewships and blows them up, because god knows trying to destroy them from the outside is completely useless. Also, since things are so hectic, no one really reads chat and you guys MUST know that no one is using a mic for this game (myself included), so there is really no coordination, because someone who clearly does not play the game decided that we shouldn't be able to mark targets, unless THAT is also locked behind Intrinsics, which, once again, good job locking basic functionality behind a mastery wall. I'd rather have intrinsics cost 500 times as much to unlock but actually be restricted to actually interesting abilities, not essential stuff like boosting.
  2. DE once again showing that they don't play their own game outside of Prime Time and Devstreams. But then again, I imagine people who actually take the time to complain are very few. I wonder what this update did for their stats, I imagine any players they pulled from TGA will probably have dropped out already since this content is not accessible to them. Makes you wonder what the point of the whole thing was. The Railjack is such a fragile POS with such pathetic guns and even after that brutal nerf, Archwing is still a more practical option a lot of the time. The disappointment I felt after I finally got to fire the big cannon was indescribable. Who looked at the state of this update and thought "yeah, this is good"?
  3. This update reminds me of when Plains of Eidolon released, eyedropper changes to clear, self-evident issues. Hopefully, it'll get to a decent working condition faster than PoE did. God knows I'll keep coming back to it regardless, I've no self-respect. On a side note, I do hope DE doesn't forget Steve's vision for Empyrean, to tie all the content together. Right now, Railjack is just another appendix hanging on the tip of Warframe's tileset intestines, along with liches and the open worlds (I'm not even gonna pretend I ever played Lunaro or PvP). It did succeed in making archwing even less appealing to play than it was before, so congrats.
  4. This update has really cemented the long-held idea that DE does not play their own game outside of Prime Time. I refuse to believe someone who actually plays games would beta test this content and go "Yes, this is fine. The archwing being faster than its own bullets is fine. I'm also sure people will sure enjoy having to spend 100% of mission time doing repairs with a limited resource that drops 1500 meters away from them while having 200m vacuum. What is specially fun is that we will add the most basic functions behind a multi-tiered leveling system in a weird arbitrary manner, that is sure to be very enjoyable". Just... play the game every once in a while, I imagine it might not be very enjoyable after so many years, but that's the gig.
  5. I echo everything this fellow said. Also, not having tremendous vacuum range on the Railjack is absurd. The mission area is immense and we tend to destroy enemies who are very far. It's incredibly detrimental to the team to pick up resources in battle and it's even worse when the host spends 12 minutes picking up junk after the mission. Also, I understand that you guys want there to be a sense of progression, but the basic railjack is simply made of paper. Even the level 1 enemies shred through it like it's nothing. Huge damage works in the normal missions because we have great mobility and can crowd control while reviving our allies. The way it is now, you simply need someone 100% dedicated to fixing up the ship and since you don't collect resources reliably due to a lack of vacuum, I've found myself in a situation where the ship was getting destroyed and there were no resources to make Revolite. So either make the base railjack way tougher or eliminate revolite, otherwise this mode will be too annoying to be enjoyable. The former is better than the latter, making our capital ship be more delicate than an unmodded Ivara was a horrendous idea.
  6. At this point, might as well leave the Sergeant like it is now, as a joke.
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