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  1. I not againts havingreally necramech cosmetics for plat but addding them an npc with a sindicate that is almost empthy feels scammy specially because is just a recicle skin that has been in game since release, also you can only use 1 sigil on necramech and if the one u get bya plat DE why? ps invati sekhara energy color is bug on them

  2. hace 7 minutos, SpentCasings dijo:

    Whatever dummy go sit in a corner and wonder why nobody mains Grendel, and tell yourself he's GREAT. 


    I said my builds where generalist with some survivability. Nothing is min maxed

    Min maxed is the meta. You played YOURSELF. 

    I play grendel he is pretty good, his 1 alone is like a turret that kills anything that is not status inmune, has good buffs and a big health pool. In fact they already nerf him (sentients) cause DE notice he can just make any enemy he can eat useless while its killing it. Bad example. 

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  3. hace 7 minutos, selig_fay dijo:

    I have nothing against meta frames if the person likes it. I sometimes indulge in it myself. But, using wukong to save 5 seconds of a fast mission, and then grieving that wukong got speed nerf, which means it became useless - I don't understand

    it wasnt just a few seconds he was as fast or more than nova cause ez to use so less human mistake, he still quite fast they just killed the fun of modding for it with the cap on speed and barelly change anything for normal gameplay. In my case they killed a build i had for open worlds and for the speedrun people (yes they are a thing) was a big blow cause he was a new option. Also people like going fast in videogame  and when they cap the speed they dont like it surprise. 

  4. hace 10 minutos, Sahansral dijo:

    If they nerf those 6 hard enough, at least we will have to evaluate the personal optimal best ability among the 20 good abilitites in the pool for every frame loadout.
    I'm looking forward to making tough choices, planning carefully and crunshing numbers instead of lazily choosing the nobrainer cookie-cutter option (which we already too many in the game).
    There some bad skills in the pool. Nothing will but a rework will save them. But I prefer having a real choice amoing 20 roughly equal options over having no real choice at all.

    No matter how hard they nerf them they are gonna be better unless they make them worthless, also S#&$ logic

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  5. Cita


    Greetings, Tenno!

    The launch of Heart of Deimos grows near, and we have some Helminth updates since we last posted! Below are 2 parts of updated/clarifying information that touches both Infused Warframe Abilities and the Helminth Segment acquisition.  

    PART 1 - Changes to select Infused Warframe Abilities

    Please keep in mind we’re still testing/playing around with the values for each, hence why the values are not present below:

    The following only apply to Infused Warframe Abilities:

    Rhino - Roar
    Diminished Damage increase

    Mirage - Eclipse
    Diminished Damage increase and cap Damage Reduction 

    Valkyr - Warcry
    Attack speed increase reduced

    Protea - Dispenser
    Duration reduced

    Nidus - Larva
    Radius reduced

    Wukong - Defy
    Armor capped

    Why do these Infused Warframe Abilities have these rules?
    It was apparent in player feedback and play testing that these Infused Warframe Abilities had the potential to be the overwhelming choice; which is not ideal. Instead of changing the Ability outright due to those concerns, we decided to give them slight rules when Infused.

    This is extremelly lame and feels like a reaction to people bicthing, this wont change the * meta * unless u make them worthless honestly this will just make everyone mad. Another bad choice nerf we had several this year (ie Limbo 2 duration on scarlet spear and infinite combo for pseudo exalted with Xoris)

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  6. hace 8 horas, [DE]Megan dijo:

    Another big change we’re discussing is geared towards the oldest content at large - Frost, Ember, and Loki have repeated too many times over the years. Our plan is to cycle in the oldest Vault content through gameplay and other offerings - stay tuned!

    Prime gear has been losing a lot of its value first with rivens and now with the constand unvaults, twicth prime/drops etc. Call me elitist but i dont think making primes even more common will be good for the game economy, you are the ones who make the game tho i just see coming a big posible #*!% up.

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