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  1. With the idea of continuity I love the idea that Orokin has their personal horrifying looking 'long arm' body for whatever the use of it is. Or the body may be some sort of 'upgrade' that at one point an Orokin, born as a fairly symmetrical looking person, jumped in and become immortal in that way. Ballas wasn't yet to get his upgrade in the written lore. After that the public body are, 'harvested' from people like what the queen was speaking of Yuvan Theatre and they swap around like clothes. It fits the decadent nature of the empire.
  2. It's from Warframe concept artist Keith Thompson, so surely not fanart. Probably supposedly another female Orokin character.
  3. I thought it was just Ballas that is a long arm guy and not all Orokin would look like that, especially I assumed that his current form wasn't what he used to look like back in the day, because he was described as symmetrical (doubling with 'golden iris', now he doesn't even have a visible iris. I'd assume his eyes were similar to Captain Vor - connecting Orokin to Grineer as a bit of irony. Now Orokin Era Grineer have blue eyes so this is kind of debunked) Then there is this concept art of Orokin Woman so my 'new form' idea doesn't work anymore. Do DE still remember what they wrote back then? I think the designs are cool and ethereal, but why...? Having one arm longer than another is very symmetrical am I right?
  4. I bet my tinfoil hat that since there was supposed to be no children on Zariman, Tenno were actually adult initially. Their adult body got stuck in the void while something... created a child representation that ended up being operators in the normal world, they are 'void demons'. Perhaps The Man In Wall is actually our real self trying to call us back and break us free, perhaps integrating and becoming what we really are again, perhaps all our Tenno's life is a lie. Demonstrated by Lotus turned into a villain.
  5. I went on hiatus with Warframe since last September due to start of university year, about MR17. I don't think I'll have a chance to play Warframe much anymore especially due to the nature of the game, but if I were to, any advice or what to do first. A lot of my frame are fully built and formaed (to the best build of that time without Umbra mods tho), I haven't leveled my focus too much and I haven't got any arcanes.
  6. This is giving me a strong Dune vibe (which means good in my language), good concept and design so far!
  7. Looks like I should get back and read about Deimos Grineer, first saw these in Discord and I immediately thought Ravager as 'Grineer with atterax, teaching players some lessons'. Apparently It is not but the idea still entertains me though. The idea of it being a piloted drone seems very interesting if this is to be implemented, and, look like something hard to handle and different from what we have now. I haven't got back to the forum for a long time, great to see these updates.
  8. Not my best, But I'm gonna show it anyway. 'Grineer' Mars Colonist With [DE]Skree Stamp of Approval here but the old link is dead, So I need to reupload the picture again. The Drifter Alad V with Moa Legs, on Europa, wearing Ushanka. (Well... it's a long story)
  9. Here's some speedpaint I did for the thread, Spatali, the void world. I recently got some time to read Unus' bottomless pit and I'm quite amazed how much thoughts were put into and it needs pictures.
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