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  1. Hey, thank you for sharing. the concept looks awesome even if I don't know much about Warhammer... with sentient, who knows if DE team are actually observing these concept threads and they stealth taking it as inspiration, some frames are actually inspired by players concept you know. - I wish I could get to that point someday, too much real life work for me to make concept though.. The name change is because.. It's a long story, but in short I'd love to separate my Warframe identity with other things.
  2. No worries, I meant. I have thought a lot of warframe concepts threads* I wanted to make before my disappearance because of work and some of my frustrations with the game in general that I wanted a break. You are someone who put a lot of very thoughtful contents with an eye of details and realism that's refreshing in Warframe lore - and unconventional enough. I don't mind if you put up some Warhammer content for me to see, I know nothing about it but I'd love to follow anyway. Apparently after the Plains of Duviri trailer, man, you got it right again with barren void plains with weird stuff and time craziness. PS. Please change my name in the credit for my Spatali art - I must change it for a good reason *Continuing my 'Volt Proto story/Darksector 2' concepts and Europa Open World and the Corpus True-Believers (What I thought Alad V would end up, but.. not anymore I guess) where there would be details about weapons, NPCs and quests
  3. I bet my tinfoil hat that since there was supposed to be no children on Zariman, Tenno were actually adult initially. Their adult body got stuck in the void while something... created a child representation that ended up being operators in the normal world, they are 'void demons'. Perhaps The Man In Wall is actually our real self trying to call us back and break us free, perhaps integrating and becoming what we really are again, perhaps all our Tenno's life is a lie. Demonstrated by Lotus turned into a villain.
  4. This is giving me a strong Dune vibe (which means good in my language), good concept and design so far!
  5. Looks like I should get back and read about Deimos Grineer, first saw these in Discord and I immediately thought Ravager as 'Grineer with atterax, teaching players some lessons'. Apparently It is not but the idea still entertains me though. The idea of it being a piloted drone seems very interesting if this is to be implemented, and, look like something hard to handle and different from what we have now. I haven't got back to the forum for a long time, great to see these updates.
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