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  1. So first I have to scour Reddit to find out how to play this ... thing. (Still incapable of explaining your own game, huh?) Then I have to wait for an hour in the Vallis for some random enemies to spawn. (That way of spawning does not count as common.) Then, after a guessing game that I was thankfully warned of by Reddit again, I mistime a jump, because of the lack of double jumping, and have the dubious honour of starting from the beginning? (Really? No explanation again, confusing, random quiz and a goddamn timer,?) That's how I am to spend my time?
  2. Soo its still basically dumb luck if a flotilla gets enough players to finish the 100 Murex, yet not so many that you cannot gather enough points before the attack is over? So its still RNG wether one gets one third of the reward for playing or the full rewards as projected by your simulations? And its gone in 4 weeks? Hm.
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