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  1. Soo its still basically dumb luck if a flotilla gets enough players to finish the 100 Murex, yet not so many that you cannot gather enough points before the attack is over? So its still RNG wether one gets one third of the reward for playing or the full rewards as projected by your simulations? And its gone in 4 weeks? Hm.
  2. TYPE: Scarlet credit and operation score inconsistency DESCRIPTION: I played 2 ground mission of the event, one for 90 Points and another for the full 17 rounds. The overall counter at the nav console only shows 90 points scored. The hotfix 27.3.4 awarded only 90 credits. When opening Duck's shop I have the full ~2.4k credits. VISUAL: None above what I wrote. REPRODUCTION: Unknown EXPECTED RESULT: I would be happy to have my 45 minute ground mission count towards the operation score. OBSERVED RESULT: Mission played is not being counted towards operation score. REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown.
  3. I agree they should be able to do play Railjack and fight those troops but I don't think they will be able to stand against those units. But those buffs are there from the start. Hell, I noticed them while playing the higher level missions on earth and was wondering if I messed up my mod configuration.
  4. Found this on reddit. I think it speaks for itself. The Grineer should send their spaceship crew to do ground mission. That way they could finally rout out those pesky Tenno. But seriously how can a MR 2 Tenno with deal with this? Why not simply increase the level of troops in the mission. Why this stealth change?
  5. Probably been reported. Did not get Dirac, Intrinsics and Mods from mission. Was stuck in Ship and had to leave through Fast Travel. Team member already were in the dojo. EDIT: Now it seems to have appeared after a few more missions.
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