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  1. As soon as teh 4 is active the Halikar hovers above the hand and the Spectra appears on the hip. Both should still be equipped even if inactive or both get holstered. EDIT: I just noticed: the Spectra is on the wrong hip side.
  2. That's just plain stupid. Basically all the decorations previews lack any scale of reference, some don't even completely fit into the preview screen. Also: Sending the Link Look for Equinox (Prime) only has you showing the default skin, you can't link the Metamorphosis versions, even if chosen in the Arsenal. I just couldn't resist. Had to have my own. Not even right for an Articula... must be a Noggle locker indeed.
  3. My Link has a duration of 17 seconds with 145% Duration on the frame. And it has a casting animation that brings her to stand still. I think it should be a one-handed spell (e.g. not interrupting me running), as it is the one thing that keeps me alive when we run through the mission. Casting it every 17 seconds and stopping for it every time slows me down considerably, I sure wish it were as neat as Gauss 3rd ability, which he can cast while one the run (so very handy). I wish her 3 were a toggle ability (ON or OFF) . It then of course would have a drain, but that would make the use of energy well so much more a necessity. Oddly enough: although I have 1.1 Sprint Speed she is quite slow and somewhat sluggish in her movement? I don't expect Gauss' agility, but she feels handicapped.
  4. The config link in the chat is fantastic and much appreciated... - but 🙂 Could the chat still remain active pls? Its kinda counterproductive when a linked config can't be discussed with the intended recipient while we are both looking at it.
  5. I know, I know... as if there aren't any bigger problems ^^ But since I'm into fashion frame I just can't help but notice how the syndana doesn't match the attachments at all. Below my shiny Inaros that looks just great with the attachments imho. But if I wanted to complete the look with the Qaro Syndana, this is what I get: That's not metallic at all. The metal parts should have the same shine. Or: Maybe add the option to give a color slot additional texture/structure/shine/etc.? A simple dropdown menu perhaps for matte/shiny/metallic/usw.? Pretty pleeeease???
  6. Every item I could get as a reward I have to check in my inventory if I already got it. Why not let me see it in the mission selection screen on mouse-over?
  7. Too bad it had to be the most badass Grineer Boss as the opponent. I'm sure the people of Cetus or even better - the kids! would have enjoyed a round of super soaker vs a plain Operator... Let kids be kids for a while and such. I did this event with a sour face constantly thinking what a wasted opportunity for a lighthearted episode showing the opposite of the grim dark future with constant war. Too bad. Just imagine: kids laughter, cheering onlookers,...
  8. I also think the starter frames & weapons should come with some basic ranked mods. The flawed mods are being used as an interim until the real deal drops, so why not give them fully ranked and let the player use them as he progresses? At least it would lessen the feeling of underwhelming damage by frame and weapons. Maybe even let the starter frame and weapons be level 10 at least.
  9. Yeah since monetisation is all they think about... /s
  10. I mean, this is a game about guns and weapons and I can't even use a single one to decorate my walls???
  11. I brought my Trinity out of retirement and played as a EV source, first time in a year i touched her and thought it was a joy to see her counter those pesky energy leechers.
  12. At this point I'm ending my little trip down memory lane, as I can't motivate myself to grind this lackluster Mag and the Mk-1 weapons through the missions. Hopefully DE will be able to rework the beginner phase to a level that gets you hooked, educated, equipped, introduced to the community and represents the Space Ninja experience that is to come 🙂 EDIT: I just remembered why I stuck around that grindy start phase those 3? years ago: I had a free Frost Prime from a twitch promotion and that made all the difference and had me return after a long hiatus from the very early days of WF. EDIT2: I just remembered and should include this small but important detail. As I played, I was getting acquainted with a player as we were together in a mission, and I was seriously lagging behind the rest of the group (I couldn't parkour for the life of me). He showed compassion and guided me for 1 or 2 missions and we chatted a bit. he gave me a few ranked yellow mods, a Lex Prime (the bps) and a Ignis Wraith bp for free, something quite remarkable and another reason to fondly remember the early days and why i stuck around: this awesome community. Something I would definitely consider vital to this game and the difference it can make for any new player.
  13. Indeed. It also just occurred to me that I can only use 3 out of my 4 abilities, they are so weak and energy inefficient I ask myself why bother, I have no way to reverse my choice of frame & weapons to find out what I would like better, the enemy density and toughness does not scale well with these puny guns and my staff. This Mag is a far cry from what she can do in the end. As a new player at this point I might already regret not having taken one of the other 2 frames. Nothing is as satisfying as it gets when properly equipped. I'm not a Space Ninja, just a weakling pitted against mighty factions for some reason? A lot of things are completely unclear and information is scarce, Right now I finished the first Venus mission and got 3,5k XP for the frame and 2.7k for the gun. I'm still level 7 and will be for probably 1 more mission. Somehow I don't see myself starting to enjoy the true power of a Frame for a long time, all I get is a glimpse of what's to come. I don't think that is enough to encourage a silent majority who have zero knowledge, websites to refer to, clans to help them, a general idea of what to do in which order with their limited resources. If I were a new, mildly interested player i don't think I'd stick around for long. There are too many other looter shooters out there now to be this sloppy when it comes to presentation. For instance the flawed mods you get at the start: consider how frustrating it must be to use your limited supply of endo (which starts at zero) -that you might dare to refine out of other mods- on them only to regret it later when you get the regular version. Things like this are not helping in enjoying the first steps in this game.
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