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  1. Same for me on PC. 10 seconds disk duration, no matter what I do. It would be nice if the combo counter would also increase the disk duration. ________________________________ And here's something very niche, but I miss it for my sneaky Ivara: I used a dagger for stealth finishers and had it channeling, so the victim would disintegrate and the corpse wouldn't be spotted and trigger an alarm. That is gone now since channeling is gone (for now). Could the heavy attack be used for that function? Also, I don't quite understand why the finisher mod for daggers was removed? This could as well be used to add the disintegration to the dagger finisher? If all else fails, an Amalgam mod for a dagger perhaps? ________________________________ EDIT: Shield melee to me is disappointing. I was hoping that equipping the shield would make more of a difference, but sadly it's not. I would so much more prefer it, if a shield could keep its blocking direction depending on my cursor, and not my posture. Trying to move sideways immediately exposes me and damage isn't blocked anymore. Crouching behind a shield should add an improvement to the blocking, as there is less of me to be seen. The mod "Focused Defense" says it adds + 20 Parry Angle, but it adds Blocking Angle. Or both? This is unclear. The mod "Reflection" still reads "... reflected when Blocking attacks while channeling". Imho this should become a mod when equipped with a shield. It currently does not reflect any damage. "Reflex Guard" adds to the combo count chance when blocking, but a drain of 14 for 100% ? Doesn't the reworked blocking add 100% to the combo counter now? Why not have it increase the blocking angle? With a drain of 14 I'd make it a 100% increase in blocking angle. Ack & Brunt's "unique ability to absorb elemental attacks on block to empower the weapon's next attack." Is it still there? There is no mention of it or its mechanics when equipping it. This would also make clear why the mod for Ack & Brunt is any good... The Silva & Aegis mod "Avenging Truth" still reads "... for the next charge attack", would need to read "... for the next heavy attack". Also, blocking does not fill up the Truth effect. Both Cobra & Crane and Sigma & Octanis have an aerial attack, where the thrown shield opens an enemy to a finisher. It would be so much more in line of the other Daily Tribute Weapons, if the Sigma shield would bounce between enemies, behaving like a spinning disc in damaging multiple enemies. We got so many monster damage weapons, imho shields should actually emphasize their defensive nature and encourage the use for that exact purpose. Right now there is no reason to spend any time with them, as such a trait has not enough benefit to be viable. I would very much like the option to build a real tank, starting with the tankiest weapon family.
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