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  1. Random uses only one palette at a time sadly
  2. even better we used to beable to Bjump in prowl. but with the controler changes we cant (under normal means) if you stand still crouch then jump you can still Bjump without breaking prowl. but we used to beable to do that while walking... as host... on controler only xD
  3. got to agree on this, the plat you see in trades is 100% bought. -Won free plat on a devstream? cant trade -twitch prime? cant trade -plat winner and got a redeemable code? cant trade its all 100% our money. they taking that away from us is really really a EA thing to do we got DE, and I dont want it to turn into a EA
  4. hmm I just logged in to see if mine works and... it works. then I saw the time stamp of this old threat
  5. every 120 sec the same people with the same long text's full of riven mods >,< and if you say hi you dont even get a reaction some times. then later that day they reply? with something like <"I was in a mission I didnt see it untill now" >"Yeah for 2 whole hours... I see you" Is actual MR 12. no offence to mid MR players but at 12 you dont have the mods to run 2H games (more the endo you need to fill all the primed mods) even I struggle to get to 2H in survival... solo, in ARB. but thats not the point point is trade chat sucks atm and there has to be something that makes it better for low MR players
  7. Runescape market thingy they had going on would work as well i guess
  8. hot topics are like this iirc. im not 100% sure but this????
  9. my thoughts on the auction idea arent good. with the amount of bots we have in trade chat already would make a lot of stuff toooo over priced in a auction house. on the other hand trade chat is a god damn joke now. but yeah there isnt one good golden solution for this. As a end game Tenno and need like 15 more prime weapons to 100% in the curent built of the game, I dont do a lot of trading unless I REALLY need a mod. So it wont effect me as much as say a MR 10 Tenno if we ever get a auction house or some sorts we do have warframe market but its also a overpriced joke at times
  10. well what do you wanna reach? Console and PC are two difrent markets, we have rivens that sell for 2.5K i know that the prices are a lot lower on console. but what do you want to get done?
  11. Back in the Void Key day's a prime part was worth so much more. actualy farming them (exept NyxP) was worth the efford. nowadays primes arent that good for plat. only the riven's that overflow trade chat atm. my Idea is to split trade chat for prime parts/mods and one for Riven mods. so you could actually read trade chat normaly
  12. pressed ESC so many times on accident xD also got one camera icon glitched in, but this is fine :3 Good luck Tenno!
  13. how do you get the youtube window in, instead just the link?
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