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  1. That's the problem, right now Thermia and Fibers are very bad options compared to other resources and a cost reduction would turn them into better options. All resources should be halfway equally attractive to be used as Helminth food.
  2. The previous Helminth resource cost reduction was needed but there are still some left that should also have their cost reduced. Here's a list including appropriate reductions: Diluted Thermia - from 5 to 2 Somatic Fibers - from 10 to 4 all plants - from 8 to 4 Anomaly Shard - from 2 to 1 Feel free to suggest other resources below.
  3. Everyone who already reached R5 before this Hotfix and knows about this change feels betrayed now because they effectively lost 120k Standing. Deimos Cambion Drift Scene should be retroactively given to everyone who reached Entranti R5 before this change and those who already bought this Scene should receive 130k Standing in form of Tokens. Doing nothing about this would be extremely unfair, to say it politely. EDIT: Problem solved, thanks.
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