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  1. i have same issues like kyukyoko. had everything except hydroid prime. waiting patiently
  2. same, got all stuff almost immediately except hydroid prime still waiting. none. almost 10hrs now. this happened to me last year too.. always the frame will be very late or bugged , DE fixed it after that.
  3. Running for 12hrs plus nonstop finally got the damn protea system. Now going for chassis. I must say this is certainly not right. There are only 5 items in rank3 loot table where protea parts assume 11.11% drop rate which can be said not little or big chance but it's illogical or impossible running over 50 rounds worst more and not hitting 1 jackpot. Be it rng or badluck but it's happening to many players. I truly believed something is wrong with the coding.
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