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  1. I initially did not see this thread so I've moved my Original post to this one here: So after taking a look at the ‘reworked’ Titania I have to say I was wholly disappointed as very little was done to actively changed her kit to make her synergize better. Essentially, she’ll have the exact same issues she has now but you’ll get her pointless buffs added along for the ride. However, in the act of criticism, I figured I’d throw a proposed idea into the ring. My idea allows her to fill a unique role without making her a simple press 4 to win as she is currently. Honestly, I thought up a lot of this heavily inspired by Monster Hunter’s Insect Glaive as I think Titania could make use of a similar system while also allowing her to stick with the fairy theme as well as giving her a unique kit that isn’t just a copy+paste. Passive: Mesmerized While in Razorwing mode any enemy Titania comes close to will become mesmerized and follow after her (think lantern but centered on Titania). Abilities Flight of Fey Energy 10 Summon a swarm of Razorflies at a target in range. Upon damaging an enemy target the Razorflies will carry a buff based on the type of enemy hit. Titania must then use her Flight of Fey again in order to recall the Razorflies and gain said buff. Razorflies will direct focus on an enemy Titania has attacked. If no target has been chosen Razorflies will attack the nearest target to their proximity. Razorflies can only hold one buff at a time with a two second lockout (meaning you’ll have two seconds to decide if you want the buff or not before it may change to another, tentative of course). Razorflies damage comparable to current Razorfly damage. Duration of buffs is the same across the board. 20/25/30/35. Scales with Duration. Flight of Fey targetable range scales with Range mods. Buffs scale with strength Light Units: -Enchanted- Buff speeds up affected allies casting speed. 3/6/9/12% Casting speed (Hardcap at 50%). Medium Unit:-Dust- Aura reduces the accuracy of enemies within 30 meters around allies affected. Accuracy reduction scales with Strength. -5/10/20/30% accuracy (Hardcap at 70% accuracy reduction). Heavy Unit: - Full Moon- Companions get an increase in Damage. This includes Titania’s Razorflies from her 1 and 4. 5/10/20/40% (With a maxed strength build should end up around 200% damage increase to a Sentinel/Kubrow/Kavat/Moa/Razorflies). *This is the ability heavily inspired by Monster Hunter’s Insect Glaive. Similar to that weapon, this allows Titania to gain some offensive capabilities as well as give a minor defense option in the form of evasion. This will be further synergized with her new kit. Spellbind Energy 25 This one is largely the same as I think it’s one of her two most unique skills. This provides really good CC while working with her 1 as she can send Razorflies out to specific targets in the back to gather buffs faster. It also helps give her a breather at the start of encounters giving her time to gather said buffs. My improvements are slight buffs to increase the range. Range 3/6/9/12 meter radius around the location she aims at up to 20/30/40/50 meters away. Scales with Range and Duration. Tribute Energy 50 Titania spreads the buffs she has received from her Razorflies to her allies and their companions while increasing their effects (Hardcaps still in place). The effect is multiplied for Titania based on the amount of acquired buffs. Once allies have been affected they no longer need to remain in Titania’s range to gain the effects. Scales with Duration and Range. Additionally, extends current buffs on Titania to match the duration of her Tribute (meaning if Titania’s Enchanted is at 10 secs, Dust 13 secs, and Full moon 7 secs after using Tribute they would all be reset to 30 secs). Range 10/20/30/40 meters Duration 15/20/25/30 secs Titania buff multiplier: 1 buff +25% increase 2 buffs 35% increase 3 buffs 50% increase **Here is where the gathering of previous buffs begin to make an impact. By utilizing her 1 and 2 you make her 3 a nice personal and team steroid. Additionally, the buffs still follow the hardcaps in place so players can design builds with certain amounts of strength to not ‘overcap’ while getting the amount of duration and range they are comfortable with. The idea of this ability is to capitalize on gathering her buffs via the Razorflies while still being a great boon to her allies. Additionally, by increasing her pets damage her Razorflies from her 1 and her 4 will begin to do exceptional damage while the buff is activated. For example, let’s say Full moon buff gives her Razorflies around 200% increase in damage. With the triple bonus that’ll net them a nice 300% damage bonus now making them formidable allies for the duration of her Tribute buff. Razorwing Energy 25 Largely the same. The idea is Titania will mostly be in her Razorwing mode but the energy drain from it and her other abilities won’t deplete her resources too quickly. Added effect is by recalling her Razorflies with 1 will replenish any damaged Razorflies summon (the 6 that are summoned upon use). Additionally, by being able to buff her Razorflies she’ll have some greater synergy with her own kit. ***So this is my proposed Titania rework. With the large idea being that Titania can still have access to her entire kit while being in Razorwing mode but also allowing the other 3 skills to work well without. Please tell me what you think. I know a lot of this is too little too late but hey, maybe DE would consider it for down the road.
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