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  1. While I am glad DE is thinking about adjusting arbitrations I am sad to see them going in the wrong direction in two ways. 1. Increasing the difficulty ramp scale does not add challenge or excitement or fun. It just hastens the point when the mission ends. This end is numerically driven, player skill has no part in it. As difficulty scales the health and armor of the enemy increase linearly with lvl and multiply by each other. This leads to an exponential difficulty curve. Also the traditional level curve increased exponentially as well. Doubling in level every 10 minutes or so. Because both of these are exponential growth the players literally hit a wall of numbers. No skill or coordination can overcome this. Mobs simply won't die in a timely manner and will overtake the objective. CC skills can't help with this because of the arbiter drones. Instead DE should keep scaling just the way it is but reduce the time for each round by 25% and link enemy scaling to the number of rounds completed. This will make players feel more rewarded and more likely to play this game mode. If players want more difficulty they simply just stay for more rounds which will happen sooner making it more bearable. 2. Allowing player resurrection with some new penalty system on the living players does not sound like fun. Our team mates are supposed to be a boon and not a burden. This will lead to cascade failures and conflict between players. Some begging to be rezed and others cursing after they die while trying to rez others. Instead DE should work with the existing mechanics to make it more dramatic for this play mode. Double the bleed out time but also double the time it takes to resurrect someone. This will increase team play and give time for multiple players to gather and attempt the rez. There is already a substantial risk involved because a player who has already died is very likely to die again. Changing the rez dynamic will not have an effect on the majority of players who have a numerically weaker warframe and will die rapidly if rezed. If they are the host the host the host migration issues will remain. They will just happen after 1 or 2 rez attempts. Finally if DE wants to solve the Host migration issue with this play mode they need to pause the game like when a relic is opened. Store the game state send it to the new host restore the game state then give us a countdown once all players are connected and ready. DE could also look at some type of way for an eliminated player to contribute by playing as a shield or health drone to aid the players. Or figure out some other way to smooth out the host migration issue which has hampered this game for 6 years.
  2. For Vomvalyst improvements see previous patch.
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