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  1. I can't disagree with you there. I think the trade off of availability for more investment was a bit much. I had this idea where rank up rewards could be sold for higher amounts of wolf cred in a separate store and every rank up would give cred. So an umbra forma would be 400 to 500 cred and every rank up would give 25 cred. Still around 20 ranks worth of work, but you can afford to miss on a few more challenges you don't want or can't do.
  2. You have to remember in the old alert system that, while you had to wait for the alert to come around for an item, one mission got you one item, such as one exterminate mission for one aura. Now, to get the same aura, you have to do many more missions (such as three exterminated for 3k points) to rank up to the point of getting cred to get the aura. As it stands, it is too much work that people find it to be more like doing chores instead of tolerable grind. I understand that we have to actually earn the items, but, especially now that we have to gild and forma items just for the sake of it, the work to get them is a bit intense and forced.
  3. I have this same feeling. I really want Umbra Forma, but I nearly got burnt out by doing last weeks set. Looking at this week, it's asking us to gild a modular weapon and use a forma 3 times. I'm sorry, but I got all the modular gear I want and I refuse to waist time and resources to make a weapon I won't use. Goes for Forma too to less extent; all the weapons I care about are maxed, and I care not to find Forma Bp's, build the forma and then waist them on a weapon I didn't need to put any on. This really is just feeling more and more like chores. The whole snooze you lose from old alerts are still technically here, because you'll have to keep up if you want to make good use of cred and get the high tier rewards from nightwave rank, and to do that you need to do this laundry list of tasks each week, some of which involve doing things you just don't want to do. It's getting more annoying the more it goes on.
  4. I'm gonna predict that further down the line we may get a repeatable mission to fight the Wolf in a boss fight to gain nightwave standing fairly quickly. There's a captura scene for Saturn Six, so there has to be a way we can go there in-game aside from captura, so I'm guessing it'll be an arena.
  5. I've had this issue too. Doing a bounty in Vallis where you had to do the mini spy and my moa decided to get aggressive. A simple fix would be to have the moa remain with the Warframe and not follow the Operator.
  6. Well I know two graces can stack, like how energize does, so each arcane can pop and basically heal for double. Still, looks like having guardian is the better option. Thanks!
  7. So with my build Inaros gets 7150 health and 450 armor. Not considering any other healing aside from the arcanes and literally just standing still and taking the hits (not practical, I know) along with having Scarab Swarm maxed out (augment included), do you find Inaros more survivable with two Graces or one Grace and one Guardian? As of now it's hard for me to see a discernible difference.
  8. Avoid being a fanboy and it doesn't hurt as much XD
  9. I really only value Enthrall for enemy shutdown in coop play, such as save it for Nox's or other similar units. I don't bother enthralling for the sake of having a personal squad when in coop, as they just die. In solo, however, thralls draw quite a lot of aggro, making it work as a pseudo defense option. Revenant is similar to Nidus in some respect; allies kill faster than you can manage to ramp up, so the frame is somewhat more favorable in solo. Almost all of his abilities are primarily self serving, similar to Ash.
  10. You returned staticor quick fire to 2m "as intended". Come now, if 2m was the intended value, you would have changed it back within a week of you buffing it, especially after all of the partner videos praising it. Have some confidence in your changes, the "intended" bit of the note is unnecessary.
  11. This fixes bolarolas solo, sure. Dons still the problem. Honestly the change will actually make me more lazy with conservation. I'll still dart them with Ivara and I won't bother being perfect with downind or whatever because I can only get a good score. I'll just spend more time getting more hunts done and be sloppy with it.
  12. The conservation change is silly. The tranq is remarkably ineffective. Bolarolas are a pain to catch since their coding regarding hitting their belly makes it nearly impossible without cheesing it (since as soon as they hear the shot they just jump to a prone state and ruining the shot), plus perfect capping a don is impossible solo because the follow up shot is too slow so they go aggro and make it only a good cap. I'm sorry, but I just don't agree with it, not until you release some upgrades to the tranq that we can attain with standing, which many have been actively suggested in forum.
  13. That staff zaw fix is a damn godsend. Thanks!
  14. I've been waiting for a Cloud Walker augment for a while now; it desperately needed something extra. I do hope it comes with some Wukong changes that was said to be introduced.
  15. Just gonna drop this thought: if a vast majority of players believe that this new system will somehow make it that you would have to wait longer for the item that you are about to unlock, introduce a one use system where when someone logs in for the first time after the changes deploy they can pick any one milestone reward to attain. That way, if you were, for example, close to unlocking the Zenistar and the new system increased your wait time, you'd be given the opportunity to pick it (along with anything else) on the first login you make after the changes, eliminating any unnecessary wait time. Most of the arguments I see are just based on having to wait an extra 100 days for such and such item after the new system goes live. I know you recently tweaked the milestones a bit to reflect that criticism, but I'd say this would be a good option if people are still wary. It'd be like the times you gave out free forma when a weapon or warframe got drastically changed so we could switch our polarities.
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