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  1. I'm noticing that the occurrence of breaches and fires occur way more often then I remember. Is this a bug, feature, or is it just me?
  2. Can you please add the option to apply the deluxe skin to the Vulpaphylas?
  3. Is the lack of ability to apply skins to the vulpaphilila intended or is that a remaining bug???
  4. Title explains it; the option to apply the particular skin, or any skin for that matter, is not available.
  5. They do have a nullification field if you stay too close to them for a while, and yes it is a bug where it disables void dash permanently. Honestly I've been dropping octavia's mallet on them and staying at a distance; it gets the job done, even with three of them.
  6. See that's what I thought, but they seem to always move around to avoid it. Even when they charge and I get an open shot, the hitbox seems janky. Oh well, at least there is something.
  7. I am really unclear as to what the strategy is with these guys. Sure, shoot the arms off.... then what? It seems they go into an invulnerability phase almost every five seconds, and there isn't any noticeable weak point to them. Someone got a way to take these things down effectively?
  8. I'm sure this has been said, but I also wanted to clarify. It seems that the actual approach to this is that the derelict sector will be renamed deimos, with all nodes the same, and will no longer require derliect keys to access. Then they are tacking on the new open world. On stream When the hovered over the other nodes in deimos they had the same appearance as a derilct mission. So, tldr, derlicts are remaining, will still offer corrupted mods and will no longer require keys to access.
  9. Go with a frame that has abilities to keep you going, seeing as that all gunfire will be placed on you. Loki is always a favorite, thanks to Invisibility and Radial Disarm. Rhino is for Iron Skin. But there are other good frames who do well for solo play. Pick one that suits you best; you just have to stay alive against the odds.
  10. Glad to fight with you, Steve! You were our team's flag-bearer ;).
  11. Tis all a matter of preference. Take a look on the wiki and see what each frame can do.
  12. Get weapons that have a hig base damage so they can benefit more from the channeling multiplier. More hits per second is also better in most cases.
  13. I've always wanted my Nekros to have Loki stats and abilities...
  14. Had this happen too. I was spamming bladestorm quite a bit. It only happened to me once, but it might've been caused by something happening to the target.
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