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  1. Right. But I'm looking for numbers. We had reactors that were geared more towards avionics and some geared towards flux. What I want to know is which type of reactors will be geared more towards duration, strength and range.
  2. Would it be possible to include a writeup of what the reactor stats are going to be switching to? If they no longer concern avionics and flux and affect ability stats, I would personally like to know what each type is changing to
  3. Contrary to the amount of health other defense targets get, Excavators in steel path appear to only get around the ballpark of 7k health plus the odd amount of shields.
  4. I was willing to humor that, but it seems that isn't the case, or it only happens in fringe cases. I'm going to try it again now, I'll be back to confirm. Update: So, yes it does, but not at the damage level that the weapon stats advertise. Voidrig is still the far better option.
  5. DE, you have given some attention to the detail that Bonewidow needs a handicap for her Ironbride, considering she can't really aim where she wants to strike (save for the heavy projectile attack), so you've made it so she can damage the Orphix at any angle. Think you can deliver that same kindness for other things? Mainly enemy necramechs. She can't really aim for the weakspots like Voidrig can, and using the heavy projectile is a tad more difficult since the weakspots are much smaller on a moving target. TLDR: Allow Ironbride to damage at any angle for enemy mechs.
  6. During my playthrough of the operation, sometimes my mech bugs out and does not allow me to use abilities, saying that ability use is disabled as if I was nullified. Naturally, this disallows me to exit the mech. If I die and return to the mech later, the issue persists. If I use a fallen mech, the issue does not apply. I do not know any probable causes.
  7. I'm noticing that the occurrence of breaches and fires occur way more often then I remember. Is this a bug, feature, or is it just me?
  8. Can you please add the option to apply the deluxe skin to the Vulpaphylas?
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