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  1. So the intention was to increase the expedience in which you could progress through the Liches so that they are matched (or at least on par) with Sisters. You increased the rate in which Thralls will spawn, which is nice. However, that wasn't the issue. The issue is that the Liches themselves are a lot more stubborn when it comes to spawning in the first place. Multiple times I've gone through every single mission until the very last on Earth for my Lich to finally spawn, whereas a Sister would have spawned at mission 3 on average. The change that is needed is for Liches spawning logic to be tweaked. Have them be "angered" more by their Thralls dying so that they spawn in quicker than they do now. Because, I don't know about you, but I don't prefer to do nearly every single mission on a planet before my Lich finally decides to show up.
  2. I know Inaros gets a bad wrap for being the frame that doesn't have abilities, but I just had an idea that I wanted to share. People enjoy the idea of grouping enemies together, so how about this: You press the ability and you enter sandstorm. The first tweak is to increase the movement speed by X amount, doesn't have to be huge. Enemies within the range of the storm are locked in it like Zephyr's Tornado; they won't fly out, they are locked within the storm as you move. To add some team play, allow allies to shoot the sandstorm to deal damage to enemies within, again like Tornado. But then, if you press the ability key to exit, it sucks all enemies trapped in the storm into a nice pile before you as you exit sandstorm (with a faster exit animation, I suggest). If you press and hold the ability, it will instead do its normal function and throw enemies away. Primarily, it's just adding a grouping tool to the ability and some more controllable CC in general. It would synergize well with the Scarab Swarm since you can cast the swarm at the blob of enemies that you sucked in, allowing the swarm to spread rapidly and add quick healing. Then perhaps you use the storm again to fling them out into the oncoming crowd for more CC. Just a thought.
  3. Honestly, the sisters should just spawn wielding the new melee weapons, instead of them being in a separate location. Then we can drop this holokey mess.
  4. I know I've already said this, but I need to hammer this down to make it heard. Liches take MUCH too long. Currently I am still on Earth, with one requiem found and halfway into the next, and my Lich still has not spawned. Being spoiled by how expedient Sisters go, this just feels like a slog, and I'm just waiting for the guy to spawn, while having to do missions types I just don't like because I'm exhausting the current options (interception chief among the ones I loathe). With Sisters, at most I have to do three missions, at most. Please give Liches the same amount of expediency as you have given sisters.
  5. So I really enjoy how quick the flow from beginning to end the Sisters of Parvos is. Easy to track: three hounds max per mission, usually 3 to 4 missions per planet. It really helps make it so I don't have to play missions I don't care for. Please make this for Kuva Lich flow, with 3 thralls and 3 to 4 missions per planet. After doing a few sisters, liches feel extremely sluggish, and Liches just seem to never want to spawn.
  6. So, I need a little help understanding what it happening here. I understand that it's supposed to avoid 1 shots, but how exactly? In my last fight with a sister I was using a doom shroom kitgun with corrosive and heat, which my sister was neither vulnerable or resistant to. There would be times I'd hit her head and it would do chip damage, then the next hit it would hit for a good chunk of her health (all galvanized and arcane buffs are maxed during this time as well). How exactly does the new formula work, and which weapons are best to address it?
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