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  1. If you find in feedback that blaz artillery isn't keeping up in high level still, perhaps add a damage synergy with shrapnel grenades? Any enemy in shrapnel field gets more damage from the turret. Just a thought if people feel it needs a bit more.
  2. These issues still persist. Thanks for the patch!
  3. When in mission, I am able to use the slingshot once, but afterwards the prompt to use becomes unavailable and I can no longer use it. Update: This specifically happens when you aim at the crewship and punch into it. I had slingshot out, missed the ship and was able to use the slingshot again afterwards, but the next time I used it to enter a crewship, the problem emerged.
  4. One issue I see with normalizing avionics is that people were using other housed avionics to reduce consumption while still getting a good benefit, like I was using the mid-tier hull weave and polar coil. Now that all avionics are max rank, and therefore max avionic cost, I think we are going to have a harder time slotting stuff in unless you increase avionic capacity.
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