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  1. For me, applying the lifted status mid combo is interesting, and having it available to some select stances helps to differentiate the mass we have. The status itself is handy in some cases as it does shut off enemy response by floating them and knocking them on their bum. However, the lifted status, as it stands, can get pretty frustrating when the enemy slowly (or rapidly) floats away from you while you make attempts to land followup shots. What the lifted status needs is an anchor point so that enemies affected don't just fly away from you; we've had this discussion about Titania's Lantern. Or, instead of a ragdoll effect, perhaps make it similar to a Rhino Stomp stasis, where they are floated but they remain planted in their location. Either one of these would help in making the lifted status a little less annoying to work with. Or, for some, it make be best to remove it entirely. In any event, it could use some final tweaking.
  2. There are some instances when the Lich will spawn towards the beginning of the mission tileset, roughly up to 600m away. It's a bit annoying to have to back track that far just to fight it.
  3. This is something I don't see enough people mentioning. No amount of skill will save you from dying just because you guessed the order of the requiems incorrectly, which makes this annoying and not actually difficult.
  4. I hadn't seen much on whether or not they were consumed on both success and failure. But, in light of that, I'll just remove the comment from my post.
  5. I will preface that I haven't played anything regarding the kuva liches, but I will leave feedback as to why I won't now and for a little while based on what I have read on the update post and any official info given. Firstly, the on paper grind to actually fight the lich seems a bit much (considering a later point in which I will mention). First, you need to farm kuva siphons for a chance to get them or a flood to get one of them for sure. Then, you actually need to run the requiem relics to get a chance to get the new mods. Then, you need to farm the lich's minions to find what the weakness is, unless you want to do it by trial and error and potentially waste time. Now, on it's own it's just a tedious grind towards a boss fight, which isn't awful. What makes it awful is that, while that lich is active, the lich will actively taking your loot on any mission it influences until you take it down, which has been established to be a very long process. Frankly, it feels forced: I either spend a great deal of time trying to kill my lich, or I just let the thing take my loot. Take this feedback with a grain of salt as, again, I haven't tried it anything lich related and this is strictly on what I see on paper, and just based on what I see I am simply not interested. Progression towards the boss is fun, but making that progression entirely random due to layers of RNG is not. Until things change, any grineer lich larvae that show up I will spare, because I can't be bothered.
  6. Melee attacks appear to stop frames from sprinting, and even reverts frames to run speed when toggle sprint is on.
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