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  1. Ok, so realistically, putting the Galvanized set in Arbitrations does make sense in terms of progression. BUT, the farm for vitus essence is atrocious. Missions reward only one at the end, the drop in the rotation is a very low chance, and to drop from the drones is an even lower chance. You will certainly need to make vitus essence a lot more reliable to drop if you are going to add the mods into the shop, like might as well be guaranteed drop from drones reliable. Otherwise it's going to be a very grueling haul. I agree that putting the mods both in Arbitrations and Teshins shop would be a good idea. Steel Path has guaranteed steel essence drop, so it is a more fortuitous farm. But definitely make vitus essence less of a pain to attain.
  2. Regular split chamber is 15 drain. If you put it in a polarized slot it'll still be the same amount of drain at 8
  3. Galvanized mods moved to Arbitrations drop or shop? Gonna say I hope they are in the shop and not drops...i don't prefer farming there, due to the extra bogus mechanics added on. Plus the lack of mission choice
  4. Does the skin work on vulpaphylas? It'd be great if it worked on vulpaphylas. Please have it work on vulpaphylas. Vulpaphlya.
  5. Here's hoping this cap comes quick, because steel path shoots that drain up to 50 a second, easily.
  6. Funny that you should say that. I used to say that this is just Molecular Prime the Warframe, plus healing.
  7. So I've been playing around with Sevagoth a for a few days now, dumping loads of forma into the guy. He's fun, but my main critique is that he is insanely too reliant on Gloom to survive. Now, normally this isn't a problem.....except when you run into a faction that prides themselves in Nullifying abilities. From this point on, I'm making my judgement based on Steel Path gameplay. So, if all you do is deal with Grineer all day, even on Steel Path, you won't find an issue whatsoever, they are a cakewalk once you get a good build, since they have no way to combat gloom. Infested you just need to watch out for disruptor hookshots, mainly, because they will drain your energy to zero at that point. Corpus on especially on the new tileset (which is now any time you are doing a "Corpus Ship" mission) are a nightmare. They deal a lot of damage because, for whatever reason, every crewman that spawns is using a Supra...you know, the weapon of a Corpus Tech? High fire rate, lots of damage, so you NEED Gloom. Problem is when nullifiers come in. On their own, no problem. But, on the new tilesets, nullifers either sport rapid fire weapons (which also do some considerable hurting), or go in with melee, with the latter having a better chance of covering a group of twelve crewman (Steel Path higher spawn rate), all sporting Supras, to ignore your gloom and gun you down. What also does not help is the range of Gloom, which makes him an open target in much larger maps where enemies can shoot well out of Gloom's range.....like in the new ship tilesets. Essentially, don't take Sevagoth on the new Corpus ships in steel path, unless you are really on your toes. Now, I get he has a passive to revive himself....but you shouldn't have to be doing it every thirty seconds (exaggeration, but you get the idea). It gets annoying to be forced into a gimped version of a Shadow, who also can get gunned down easily if you aren't moving around like a chicken with their head cut off. Even when using the actual shadow and being tanky with natural stats and a first ability that's solid crowd control, it's not going to do anything to a group of Surpa wielding corpus underneath a bubble. Adaptation and natural armor is not going to last long if you aren't careful. But, of course, you can avoid all this by using a niche mod for a Miter. Go for it. The above example just emphasizes a point that many posts have mentioned. Sevagoth really needs something aside from Gloom to keep him alive, unless you intend to just die a lot and use a handicapped Shadow. He is too reliant on one ability to really contend in survivability, and with the game introducing ability killing mechanics more and more often, he loses his effectiveness very quick. Some people have already proposed ideas as to how to do it, so I'll abstain from suggestions of my own. Other than that, he is very solid.
  8. There appears to be a bug in the drop tables for the Pluto Defense mission, you can see a MK I Talyn amidst all the other MK III equipment.
  9. Looks like I got a few things to try now. Thanks folks!
  10. Hasn't worked for me. I know on a similar smaller unit the forward shield doesn't block all damage, so you can brute force it. With the crew ship it appears to block everything
  11. I wasn't sure if blackout pulse actually stopped the Shield from moving around. I'll give it a try
  12. You mean the thing that floats around projecting the Shield? That's what I originally meant
  13. So the corpus variant of the crew ship has a shield that blocks all damage and attempts to face the railjack at all times, blocking turrets, ordinance and artillery. I know that it's movement is delayed so you can loop around and shoot the shield from the back and destroy it. I'm curious: is there a simpler or more expedient way to destroy the shield other than looping around in circles?
  14. A couple of bugs. 1. The forge. At the beginning of missions you start with two dome charges. When you forge more charges, you get an extra to your max capacity. You can potentially get up to the 10s in dome charges this way. This new crafted maximum will persist as long as you run consecutive railjack missions, or if you only leave to go to your dojo. When leaving anything rail jack related, it will reset. This also affects hull heals, where you can increase the max health of your ship. Also present with ordinance ammo. 2. Using the slingshot to aim at a loot dungeon entrance (grineer mission derelict specifically), there is a lock on option where my tenno will fly directly inside. Once inside, my tenno will be in a "floaty" state where they retain the slingshot trajectory animation and be clipped into the ground. They are also only able to move at a walking pace and cannot use any equipment. This is fixed for now by exiting the derelict back into archwing and reentering.
  15. Further feedback: The AI pilot will literally charge towards an objective and park right next to a missle platform. They will then stop dead and sit there as the missles bombard my railjack. Some evasive maneuvers wouldn't hurt...like at all.
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