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  1. Thanks! Still hoping for that Nezha Yaksha tennogen helm fix, with the bugged energy colors.
  2. Ivara is an interesting take on things. Line up consecutive headshots with navigator or group enemies up with a noise arrow and then place a grenade in the middle of them, all the while having them never know you are there. Wisp is also fun; I don't have a concrete answer as to why, but playing with her on some Hydron runs I just always have a good time.
  3. Kind of figured Glaxion rivens would drop since the release of Vandal. But, this is why many of us are better off using inherently good weapons instead of taking a risk on weapons that need rivens to compete, as you can potentially lose a lot of time and resources rolling them then, on top of that, have the dispositions change slowly over time. Still, ever since release, believe rivens are a poor concept that begets way too many problems and equally too much drama. But, there's a huge market for good rivens, so not much will change.
  4. Playing as Wisp, some enemy units on Jupiter go into full assault mode even while invisible when you approach. This happens primarily with enemies who are doing idle anims with a set piece (leaning on a wall, working on a console, etc).
  5. I forward that the Gild and Forma objectives should be removed entirely. These two objectives expect not only time but also resources to complete, resources that you would otherwise not use up unless self motivated to improve your loadout; every other objective only requires time investment and some skill/mechanic knowledge. These two objectives are just resource sinks that demand to build or upgrade things simply for the sake of it.
  6. I'm gonna predict that further down the line we may get a repeatable mission to fight the Wolf in a boss fight to gain nightwave standing fairly quickly. There's a captura scene for Saturn Six, so there has to be a way we can go there in-game aside from captura, so I'm guessing it'll be an arena.
  7. You returned staticor quick fire to 2m "as intended". Come now, if 2m was the intended value, you would have changed it back within a week of you buffing it, especially after all of the partner videos praising it. Have some confidence in your changes, the "intended" bit of the note is unnecessary.
  8. This fixes bolarolas solo, sure. Dons still the problem. Honestly the change will actually make me more lazy with conservation. I'll still dart them with Ivara and I won't bother being perfect with downind or whatever because I can only get a good score. I'll just spend more time getting more hunts done and be sloppy with it.
  9. The conservation change is silly. The tranq is remarkably ineffective. Bolarolas are a pain to catch since their coding regarding hitting their belly makes it nearly impossible without cheesing it (since as soon as they hear the shot they just jump to a prone state and ruining the shot), plus perfect capping a don is impossible solo because the follow up shot is too slow so they go aggro and make it only a good cap. I'm sorry, but I just don't agree with it, not until you release some upgrades to the tranq that we can attain with standing, which many have been actively suggested in forum.
  10. That staff zaw fix is a damn godsend. Thanks!
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