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  1. I will be receiving my nekros prime probably but I still think it's unfair for all the people who didn't get either because twitch sucks ass
  2. Ok cool, I had the stream up the whole time as my active tab, just had my PHONE muted so I'm definitely good, I did get the ephemera, still lacking the nekros but it's obvious DE doesn't give a damn, if they did the community managers would have said something because it's their JOB
  3. I'm in complete agreement, all they are doing with this silence is make themselves look bad
  4. DE needs to address this sooner rather than later because every day that goes by with no response is another day of player Goodwill going down the drain
  5. They don't care sadly, I wish they did and I wish they would do this, but every day I lose more hope and I honestly think DE will just ignore what happened
  6. Why are you still getting these poor souls hopes up? DE clearly doesn't care and they clearly just dont want to give us nekros
  7. Jesus DE actually doesn't care do they? They just announced another prime unvaulting, nyx and rhino AGAIN! But they still REFUSE to address this whole nekros fiasco! Literally 46 pages of replies and like 2-3 posts are from a DE employee 4-5 days ago!
  8. I just feel that this is insanely unfair and just being swept under the rug, I haven't seen 1 member of DE staff even ACKNOWLEDGE what's happening here in the forums and all the replies to the "tough luck" Warframe tweet
  9. This whole promotion was EXTREMELY unprofessional, not only are people not getting their reward but now their just saying "tough luck" to those who they shafted? That's just insanely unprofessional
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