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  1. Eidolon Triple Captures and I have see this bug were you come out as operator then drop the Eidolon shield down this happens when I go from operator to frame then use archwing shoot the rings of Eidolon as normally I always do then rings down I jump from archwing to ground the bug description is that I can not go to operator and I can not shoot or change weapons also I can not jump sadly also I can not use communication when I press T for chat is no responding Problems: 1. can't go from Warframe to operator 2. from Warframe I can not shoot none of the weapons works 3. while in Warframe I can not change between my weapons or better say hand gun or rifle or melee 4. chat communication are no longer available when pressing "T" 5. when selecting the archwing does deploy but does not fix the problem 6: Waframe Hildryn can not use none of her abilities for now this happens with Hildryn is the one that I use most of the time I'm not usually do this much but if I don't mention this the bug it will remain there and is really frustrating be on a good team and you can not do anything because you are /bug out/ can do noting or let them know the problem I hope you guys see this Best regards Juan
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