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  1. Since we no longer have self damage I think what chroma needs to keep his vex armor is to simply make him channel his shields and health to buff the percentages. Similar to inaros and hildryn. Tapping casts the ability while holding converts his shields and health into armor/weapon damage. To me and others, that would allow chroma to be used no differently than before. Except with the added bonus of bringing him along in specific weapon type sorties/alerts. Also be nice to change his Fourth into a sort of sentinel like effigy. Where it follows chroma around closely and his augment allows effigy to be sent into a specific direction for long range explosive damage. And possibly gain some increased damage from Vex Armor. Like if Effigy is casted with Vex Armor on and fully charged, Effigy would have more health, armor, and more damage. And it be treated like Wukong’s clone. After all it is a Fourth ability and it doesn’t have the greatest range unlike a clone that can actually shoot enemies from a distance. I’d like to have an excuse to use Effigy again on high level missions. But Vex Armor definitely needs this change. I don’t expect any time soon with everything going on, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to use Chroma to fullest again.
  2. Well I was picturing the light being part of the base ability while augment did something like make the ability travel a certain distance before stopping and remaining in place like a disco ball. Make it easier to control and provide cover. Maybe detonating it will cause a lasting flash that blinds while lighting up the entire area for Eclipse. While also causing a distraction to those too far away to be blind. Be like an everlasting blinding light. Be nice if the light from eclipse could be channeled into prism for bigger and more damaging lasers. For synergy.
  3. Already have radiation frame(Oberon). However we don’t have a Gas Based Frame. And the hazmat design could still be used. I made a Gas Based concept before called Hazard, as in biohazard. Who releases explosive gas. His origin was basically he was a fail safe against the infested. Could send you a link if you want. To give ideas for his ability kit.
  4. Been asked before, even by me. But another unique slot that shouldn’t be a problem adding, is a peculiar mod slot. Make warframe more fun.
  5. I’ve made a post like this before last year. Some build utilizes 2 augments, but most only use 1. So like maybe the mod slot is only active if you have no mods in the regular slots? Basically if one is all you need/want then the slot is for you. Otherwise it can’t be used. Kind of like how you can’t equip the prime and regular mod in the same build. You place one augment in a regular slot, the augment slot becomes locked. If you place one in the augment slot, then trying to place another one will just blink red. Like trying to place an aura mod in a regular slot. But some augments just change the abilities or how they are used. This could be a way for DE to add extra abilities for players to choose from. By making them into augments. But only one can be used. The augments aren’t over powered, but some players like how they work. Just my opinion.
  6. I know it’s been a while since the last time I made this post. Been trying to thinking of some changes and improvements for a while and the community get together frame concept delayed me further. I made some changes due to Ember’s new fourth and such and improved the drawing some. Hope y’all like it and willing to be constructive on how to further improve the concept. This is the finished drawing. I left half of it undetailed for your imagination. The second pic I used an app to try and make it more animated. Not sure if it looks good that way or not. But what the heck. Passive - bullet jumps launches him further and faster than any other frame. Has a thermostat meter that increases the more abilities activated and more damage he takes. First Ability - creates a miniature meteor in his palm and hurls it. Explodes on contact dealing blast damage within a small radius. Second Ability - creates obsidian shell around his body that lowers his movement my 25% while preventing knockdowns. Increases damage of charged swings And knocks enemies down. Increases radius of ground slams. Third Ability - creates seismic wave that buried enemies into the ground. Puffs smoke from the cracks that reduces enemy accuracy. Forth Ability - when thermostat reaches a certain point he’ll erupt into a molten rage, higher the meter, greater the buff. Gains increase in melee damage and charge speed. Adds blast damage to all his weapons. When in this state his other abilities are amplified and enemies who make contact take fire damage/status. Cast again to charge the remaining meter into a massive explosive that deals blast damage to all nearby enemies and leaves the ground covered in molten lava for a period of time that damages enemies who step in it. His bullet jumps causes a blast damage and knock back those nearby. First ability casting speed is greatly increased to spam multiple meteors every second. Blast radius of meteors thrown is doubled. Second ability no longer lowers movement speed while his weight causes seismic steps that knocks down nearby enemies. Enemies stepped on or kicked will take heavy impact and blast damage. Third Ability enemies caught in the ground take fire damage and their armor is slowly reduced. Now there are alternatives to his ability kit. Like: 1). Stomps/pinches the ground and causes an explosion under the targeted enemy. Nearby enemies suffer knockbacks. 2). creates an armor of lava that reduces damage by melting the bullets. Thermometer increases faster. Hard to think of abilities that aren’t too similar to existing ones. But this is sort of the kit I picture for him. Something that would make use of close combat with a little range. Also we don’t have a blast theme frame. His origin I was picturing something like there was a raging volcano near Cetus that he threw himself into and absorbed the energy. Causing it to become inactive and turning him into this form. Vay Hek detects his energy and uses his drills to find and awaken him. Tries to use him as a power source for one of his destructive machines and causes him to become unstable. And our job as the Tenno is to stop his machine from wrecking havoc in Plains and free this frame. I chose the PoE because Fortuna has 3 frames while PoE only has 2. Figured this would even it out. Tell me your thoughts/ideas for this concept. And please be constructive.
  7. 1: The melee buff is some additional option for DE if they don’t want guns to be the only bases for the abilities. Excalibur has one ability that uses the equipped melee. 2: no, it is not. That narrow minded thinking is the biggest issues with this forum. There are dozens of abilities that are similar to each other but they can’t be used in the exact same situation. Then you sort of contradicted yourself further down the comment with harrow and Gauss. 4: chroma’s provide damage buff and armor buff with his third. Figured a frame that can also provide a damage buff but differently and possibly greater than chroma since it would be a forth. Haven’t seen a forth ability that provides weapon damage buffs. Like how Frost has a snow globe as his third while Gara has a glass wall as her forth. Gara’s fourth is superior cause the whole thing can’t be destroyed at once and can be used to deal more damage to nearby enemies while also keeping them completely back. It is a fourth ability after all. This concept would make this frame be used a lot by players that love using their weapons more. So no, it would not be forgotten. It would probably become very popular. Or replace chroma. Depending if they want more damage rather than more armor. But regardless these were possible alternative suggestions. To give you ideas, not replace your entire post.
  8. Even Hildryns is simple. She summons a single exalted staticor like pistol that doesn’t do a whole lot of damage nor have much range to damage groups of enemies. While her forth she has 2 of them, does more damage, and she floats while incapacitating enemies. So again, first ability is simple. Would not be much different from ember if she summoned a gun that fired the fire balls instead.
  9. But about the “weapon” frame concept. First I think the title should something like Arsenal Frame. Cause otherwise all exalted weapon frames will be brought up. Excalibur is a Sword Based Frame. Mesa is a pistol based frame. I’m picturing something like having the abilities to restock and buff up weapons. Maybe add some protection. Like: 1). Stealing(disarming) enemy targeted to refill ammo to gun held. Adds combo multiplier to melee held. 2). Creates a small shield in place that can be picked up by anybody. Has health and can knock back enemies while sprinting with it. Can still use primary but with extremely low accuracy due to using one arm for a two handed weapon. 3). Buff up ammo clip size or adds greater combo multiplier to melees. Like 100% power strength doubles the size or increases it by 50% at least. 100% adds 50 to the combo multiplier that never goes down as long as ability is active. Applies to teammates who stay close. Adds chance for instant reload. Like 25% per 100% power strength. Drains energy quickly. 4). Increases weapon damage and punch through for a set duration. Energy channeled determines by how much, which can be really high. Applies to teammates but only if nearby when the final energy is converted and the ability is officially cast. Those are just some abilities. Other ones like increasing multi shot which can stack with other damage buffing frames. Increase projectile flight speed and range. Etc. etc. Just some ideas.
  10. I think you’re going a bit overboard. The buffs are way too high for some abilities. Some are OP. First abilities are simple/straight forward. Usually target one person, does a little damage in small radius, or big distraction. Second abilities are slightly better than the first and they are usually some kind of buff, debuff, or bigger distraction. Third abilities are usually bigger buffs, bigger debuffs, defensive, or good survival tactics like teleporting. Forth abilities are the “ultimate” abilities. They provide the best version of what they are. Gara has the strongest defense(except from above) and it can deal tremendous damage to those close to it when shattered by her first. Ember rains bigger more damaging balls of Fire from above. Frost completely freezes his enemies and reduce their armor while inflicting high damage. Loki completely disarms enemies which prevents them from being able to inflict fatal damage from a distance while forcing them to come closer towards their deaths. Last is Synergy. Many people ignore the synergy. Like rhino’s first and second augment can be deadly. First you charge into a group of enemies that buff your armor. Then you cast iron skin which is buffer by the extra armor. Then recast iron skin to turn into shrapnel that does more damage the higher the iron skin health is. Most frames have synergy without the use of augments. Loki disarms and his clone draws them all in one spot for total nuking. Also best to leave the numbers out. DE would change them regardless if they feel the numbers are too high or low for balance. Just focus more on the details of the abilities so others would have a better understanding. Just to help your creativity out when thinking of ability kits
  11. Well it was meant to be something to start for the future. New skins don’t happen over night so it was more of something just to get it started. Of course it could be a name for something infested since most of their names are based on actual diseases and such.
  12. Didn’t know how else to describe it but basically it is an animation that occurs when you reduce certain enemies like Stalker and Zanuka’s health to a point. They become vulnerable for a “mercy” like option which is required even though they will still attack you(like the Umbra fight), and you’ll be tasked with pressing certain buttons within a limited time/seconds to perform an animation that allows you to damage more of their health before finishing them off. Most require it 3 times. Zanuka would be like chopping off its legs and such. Grustrag would each have only one animation since there is three of them. Stalker would knock you back before fleeing. Similar to Liches but with quick and accurate button pressing rather than card layouts. I’ve asked other dudes and they all claimed that it would make fighting/hunting the stalker and such much more fun. Especially the stalker. He dies way too quickly. But instead of buffing him to insane levels for even newbies, figured adding this animation affect when you take a third of his health would make him equally challenging for all players. Well as long as you can take a beating and dish out, which is no different than now.
  13. Being totally serious here. Is it wrong that I’m now picturing a new deluxe skin for Saryn called corona? Haven’t quite figured out the details since Saryn looks like a snake and a flower/plant deluxe. So figuring out what the details of her appearance is kind of hard. Especially since range of her abilities seem reduced now. Kind of pushes that “6 feet” policy for grineer. Well more like 6 meters. Either way, I’ve asked some dudes and they either said it would be cool or funny. So I decided to make a post. What are yalls thoughts?
  14. Well I’m just adding ideas. There are some narrow minded players who like to troll posts. I try to aim to make a warframe as unique as possible, but unless DE makes new elements or something, abilities are gonna be similar. Similar attribute, similar mechanic. Rhino and banshee both create a seismic wave on the ground. One is just pure physical force while the other is sound. Others will compare octavia to banshee cause both involve sound. Maybe one with more rhythm and the other is more power or volume, but sound none the less. Sometimes it’s best to ignore those who don’t provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism like one of DE’s top rules. Doesn’t mean not to take advice of those who mean well. Nor does it mean to not make a post. DE is always watching. Abilities may get changed, doesn’t mean the idea itself won’t be taken in consideration. It’s why they gave us a fan concept to post ideas. I made a joke about a glass warframe saying that it is a “rip-off” of inaros cause glass is made of sand. Didn’t fully go through with concept yet a glass based frame was created. I said that cause I made a volcanic frame concept multiple times, last one with a drawing, and dudes still compared it to atlas and ember cause lava is made of fire and rock. Ice is a combination of water and cold air. Doesn’t make hydroid or zephyr rip-offs of Frost. Just keep doing DE favors by continuing to post ideas. Regardless of how similar they may be.
  15. Sorry but apparently you are. If it makes you feel any better, somebody submitted a theme before me that was similar/identical to mine. Mine had more details and artwork. I made like several posts about the theme and every time I saw something new or changed to an existing frame, the more I began to update/upgrade the concept. 7 months ago I finally got a drawing for the frame. Took me a while. The one I submitted is the same but with more details applied to half of it while the other half is left for imagination. I do believe that if more than one person submitted the same kind of theme, that the one with the most details and effort(such as artwork) should be used to represent that theme if such a theme gets chosen for the top 10. But that’s just me. Either way the theme concept is over and now it’s about selecting the top 10, then coming to a final decision for the new theme, then having their own artist create the appearance by like April 16th. After that the community will be summoned again to submit ideas for the ability kit. Which I’m kind of confident cause the last 4 frames’ ability kits were nearly identical to ones I submitted to my own concepts or suggested for another’s. Especially Grendel, he was identical, they even gave him the sumo like stance I suggested for a “fat frame” concept. But to help you prepare for the future if you plan to submit ideas for the new frame’s abilities you gotta do 2 simple things: 1). Look at previous frames(especially ones whose abilities may share some similarities to your own). 2). Think about how this new frame’s abilities would be similar when it comes to how either simple or complex the abilities are compared to existing frames. Example: First abilities are usually straight forward. They are not too over powered. Designed for one simple thing. Trinity’s heals, ember burns, harrow captures, Nyx hypnotizes, etc. While fourth abilities are usually more complex even if it’s for a similar job as another existing one. Trinity’s restore health, shields, and provides damage resistance for a certain period of time. While ember targets multiple enemies at once to deliver a more damaging attack. A lot of people tend to over think on abilities or rush through them. Which is why when I comment on their posts, it is to help balance out the kits and assist with ideas of either better or alternative abilities for that same theme/concept. Last thing that people tend to forget. SYNERGY. They throw in ability ideas but they don’t think about how all the abilities could be used in sync with one another for a stronger build. I usually try to provide ideas for abilities that would also synergies with each other. Either way, I really hope to see some well thought out ideas. To be honest, my ocd makes it hard not to want to help balance the kits.
  16. Well I have suggested an alert for the Railjack that reward like a lot of intrinsics or something. Could be some sort of method of slowing down the rebuilding of the Fomorian. Kind of see Railjack being a way for DE to bring back the J3 Golem. Like the story is some strange eclipse is happening and we take our Railjack and fly up to it just find out it is the J3 Golem. And we have to fight it and it’s army of infested. Could still go in arch wing mode and destroy it from within. Be like a new event similar to Plague Star. Could also see a new infested Arch-Wing being the reward.
  17. And without the going backwards. And with more support cause the hostages can still shoot out the vehicle. Like a much more high security Hijack/Rescue. And it’s only an additional mission. Not something to replace existing ones or the entire planet. Other than one time completion for arbitration, there is literally no downside. If you(general) don’t want to play it then don’t.
  18. Not quite. That is still a Hijack with bombs. It’s not as simple as that. There are more obstacles, the defense doesn’t drain you nor go backwards, and it’s not just the grineer faction. The goal is to escape/rescue not steal. I’ve played Law of Retribution. Not the same thing.
  19. Ehhh, no. You’re not guarding 4 guys running off in their own direction towards the extraction with their health slowly draining and needing to be healed constantly and having to redo it over and over again. This is a single target like the corpus hijack that has the hostages inside. The whole thing takes damage, all get killed and mission fails. It’s only one target for the entire mission, not multiple groups. And it is a straight path vs the defected splitting up and regrouping. So protecting them would be much easier with the challenge of stopping the enemies and their obstacles. Having to keep the defected grouped together is annoying and sometimes they get stuck. This kind of mission wouldn’t have that. And it would be out in the open, not on a grineer ship. Or any ship for that matter. It would be on the planet. So all the mazes and stuff to deal with would not be an issue. Definitely not the same as defection. And regardless, people play defection anyways. Try to be a little more constructive next time.
  20. Now I’m sure a lot of you will be thinking “Hijack” but this ain’t it. Although it may be similar. But basically it’s like a defense but with a catch. You have to lead it to the landing craft location safely. No shield drain. But the Defense itself isn’t some machine. It is basically hostages, defected, etc. etc. that basically sent out an SOS and need help escaping. Almost like rescue. But there would be a lot of enemies trying to swarm and prevent the escape. Could also be endless. Like the further away from the enemy base, the safer the extraction would be thus the more rewards. Basically the lotus or syndicate would ask if you think you can get farther away every time you reach a stopping point. But that may require DE to make the map sort of reset in order to extend it. Maybe not actually reset but basically the last area gets removed and a new one appears. Might be complicated. Higher level maps would provide more obstacles. Such as traps to avoid or disarm. Such as: 1). You may come across “dead ends” where you have to hack a complicated door open. Could require hacking multiple consoles to do so. 2). Maybe laser walls that you have to hack/disarm before the defense gets through and takes major damage. 3). Mines and other forms of security like turrets that need to be shot and destroyed to prevent from causing too much damage to the targets. 4). Advanced enemies with heavy artillery that will ambush you and block your path. Kind of picturing new enemies similar to Liches. Corpus would have something closer to Ambulas. Grineer would have something between a nox and Lich. And infested would have no doubt new members closer to a juggernaut behemoth. But basically a more challenging version of Hijack, Defense, and Rescue/Defection. Seeing Jupiter’s remake really got me wanting more challenging missions. I’d hope not another complete change to an existing planet. But I’d personally accept it regardless. And before anybody make assumptions, I’ve discussed this with other people who play this game and they agreed. Plus I’m open to discussion. An actual discussion. Not some negative non-constructive remark.
  21. Or, or, or... now hear me out here... Ooorrr just don’t play those missions? And everybody is happy. You get to play your missions and everybody else get to play missions without you slowing them down. Removing them won’t do a thing. You’re still gonna find your favorite mission and complain how the others are somehow someway not the same. What DE actually NEEDS to do is give a better rewarding system to non-endless missions. Like allow a high level exterminate to have a chance of giving you a relic and maybe more credits for those just starting off. Maybe allow solo extraction after 5 minutes of an exterminate. That would be equal to survival and players aren’t forced to wait for selfish slowpokes who can’t handle solo. Remove the double doors or add the function to open them after pressing the button a certain number of times. And don’t resort to that recruit/solo response cause the same can be said back. Not to mention I shouldn’t be forced to decide if I wanna spend hours trying to recruit for simple missions, spend 15 minutes for 4 relic rewards, or get the mission done as quickly as it should be but for only 1 relic reward. Especially when new primes come out. How about you actually suggest something for DE? If you’re gonna complain about certain aspects of a game, then you need to be respectful and actually provide what you believe to be a better alternative and make sure that the whole thing is not fueled by your own selfish biases. Basically a “if you think you can do a better job” type thing. Like some maps of defense and interception are too large. Interception doesn’t make much of a difference but having teammates closer would be nice. But the defenses be taking way too long for enemies to come to their deaths. Some maps the enemies get stuck and we have to go out to find them. It’s annoying, especially if you’re trying to farm for new primes stuff. Maybe make hijack have more players adding shields, the faster the machine moves. Allow for more cooperation and not so long of a mission requiring an inaros or Hildryn. Be nice if there was a defense that involves transporting defected grineer or some other ally to the landing craft location and we have to defend them from incoming enemies. No shield drain. No wide maps. Be a combination of defense and hijack but without the flaws. And DE could make certain higher level ones more challenging by providing more obstacles to deal with. Like traps and such. Now I’m thinking of a new concept for new post. But simply telling DE to remove something because YOU don’t like it and don’t provide much else is not very creative nor constructive. It’s pretty lazy and selfish. Telling somebody else to do what you want and for them to figure out how is very disrespectful.
  22. Well gotta hope that you’re not too late. I posted a semi finished Frame concept art that I’m worried somebody may have beat me to the punch. I’m not DE so I wouldn’t be like them when deciding. They don’t want repeated THEMES yet they say that the first person to put the theme would be selected to basically represent that theme. So I could just say, “infested theme” and any theme made with more details and art won’t matter if they are infested concepts. Sound pretty unfair considering it literally takes seconds to type “_______ theme”. If I was DE I would choose those who provided more details, art even, to represent the theme. Cause they actually put in effort towards the theme concept. Anybody can yell an element or attribute. Actually creating a concept takes some time and thought. And providing art requires time and talent. Being that DE has mentioned an infested open world map, my current concept and ones I’ve made before like an infested queen of swarms, and Gas Based Frame Hazard would definitely come in handy against the swarms of infested we are gonna have to face. Especially now that DE is making them stronger. I really hope that DE make a careful, wise, and fair decision on the top 10 concepts for the frame and hope the final decision on the theme is chosen well for the upcoming updates and possible new open world. Either way, I do hope the new frame is worth it and hope that the infested open world is as good as the one me and you both been discussing for a while. Feeling a Black Ops Zombies meet Resident Evil vibe coming.
  23. Well the frames are not just machines or armor. Or weapons for you to assemble. They are not Kitframes. They are biological beings who had a life before Ballas and his experiments. Which is why you cannot create your own frame. You’re true character is the Tenno. The frames themselves are basically living, breathing outfits for your Tenno. HOWEVER... Alad V did create his Zanukas from multiple frames. So maybe, MAYBE... DE could make a sort of Kitframe where you have a select few abilities for each button. Only one frame counts towards MR. and the abilities chosen are very specific. DE would have to think long and hard on what abilities they think they could allow for these frames to use that they have no plans for any future frames. Due to the frame having basically a fractured memory of the multiple frames Alad V used to create them, they don’t have a name and we are the ones who decide to give them a name. We decide the gender, the height, the build, etc.. This would also allow DE to just add additional options for the Kitframes if they run out of ideas or are too busy trying to fix bugs to create another frame with another story/lore. Abilities and such would be limited. As in only like a few for each ability type and shape/size. Similar to a Moa. DE might want to limit the name to a certain length, cause so far I think 7 letters is the absolute max. DE could extend it a little bit for this type of frame. But no numbers or any non-letters can be used. And I’m sure a report option for names that are rude, inappropriate, etc.. would have to be implemented. The punishment could be DE forces them to change the name or the frame gets deleted. That would be the only way for DE to implement such a concept without changing the concept of this game. Each frame was a person. Each frame had a life at one point. Each frame has an origin. That’s why grineer and corpus cannot just create their own frame. They are specifically of Orokin science. Which is why the Primes are known as primes. As in they came first and the regular frames are basically ripoffs or simply lower rank version of the originals. Umbra was a Dax warrior. That’s why he wields a Nikana. That’s why he is a sentient killer. That’s why he couldn’t kill Ballas cause the power given to him by the Orokin to help fight the sentients also prevent him from being able to kill anybody of Orokin blood. Which is why Teshin couldn’t kill the Queens while they wielded the Kuva Scepter due to the kuva being of Orokin blood and those who wielded it were treated as Orokin. So a player can’t just create their own frame like some kitgun. But if DE wanted to use Alad V and his knowledge of warframes to open the door for possible but limited Kitframes who are basically some abomination/Frankenstein of multiple frames, they could. It would still follow the concept of the game by simply having a warframe with a fractured memory of multiple frames. Causing it to have no name, no identity of its own, nor any original abilities of its own. And our job as the Tenno is to help the new Frankenstein Frame come to accept its new identity and move forward, though it will always have a burning hatred for Alad V. They would all have the same origin since technically they are all the same frame. No different than seeing 4 Embers in the same squad. Much like Baro with Primes, I could see Alad V having some unique remark to Kitframes. Talking like he is suppose to be their father in a sense and should be respected. This could also open the door for more problems. Players demanding more abilities that are not original. Players getting offended by certain names. Etc. etc. I honestly don’t see DE going through with this at all. Even though I did just provided a way for them to do so in this very post. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  24. Well for starters atlas already has the immune to knock back while on the ground. Complete immunity other than grappling would be too similar. I was thinking more like he adds like an electric status or damage buff to hammer type melees. Since Thor and other similar characters have the ability to control their weapons, maybe his throw can be controlled based on where you look. And if you look straight at an enemy, they become targeted for the hammer? While using the Exalted Hammer maybe he can redirect some of bullets/damage back at those who attacked him? Since thor is known for using his hammer to deflect and redirect attacks. Now as similar as it may be to Volt/zephyr maybe he could create a lightning forward tornado with his hammer as his charge melee that drains energy faster to inflict electric damage while blowing those hit away? It would probably be closer to Wisp’s forth ability than anything. Also to add a little stat to the exalted hammer, it would probably be the fastest of all hammers. Like 1.25-1.5 speed. Considering the hammer is usually depicted as small and can be swung very quickly. Just my opinion.
  25. They mentioned original ideas and non-repetitive or similar/same themes. I saw a werewolf theme posted like 20 times. Whatever yours was, it was probably either the same or similar to one posted before you, or they believe it was not original.
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