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  1. Just a few thoughts. So please, be civil. 1). Double Ephemera for equinox due to dual appearance. Maybe different color sets too. 2). There’s steps and there’s full body Ephemeras. Maybe a way to equip both? Or make them do more than just one or the other? 3). Possibly add them to abilities? The prime Ephemera only works when I’m standing still. Be cool if there is a way to make it flash during abilities. Make abilities more... flashy? 4). Possibly make it toggleable? Like when equipped you can choose how it works? Choose for it to be channeled into just the steps, whole body, or abilities. Or all 3? Maybe a few others. But it would be nice if there were more to that they can be used for. More creativity. Like I can kind of see a snowy snowflake one during Christmas time and a leafy one during thanksgiving. But considering that there are multiple frames and attributes it be nice to have them do more while also not get in the way of some players. Just saying. There are lots of Ephemeras I’m picturing that haven’t been made yet. But the current ones I just want to be able to make my frames and possibly companions more... stylish... not be limited to movement, or lack of movement, for some of these to be noticed. Just my opinion.
  2. It’s a simple addition to the missions that wouldn’t affect the normal routine. Simply the more kuva that gets sucked into the machine before the final braid is destroyed, the more kuva you are rewarded. For the time(and possible risk) it took. Like 50-100 extra kuva up to 350-700. In a coordinated squad the mission can still be done quickly and everybody gets a bigger reward. I’ve done the tests and the absolute longest it would take is no more than 10 minutes SOLO. While in a coordinated squad it would only take no more than 5 minutes. Depending on how long it takes to find the machine. But it takes a lot of kuva for the most part, to get the role you want for your rivens. And some people don’t have all day everyday to spend farming for kuva. And DE encourages teamwork so a bigger Kuva reward for a coordinated team doesn’t sound too much. And again, this wouldn’t affect normal gameplay routine at all. It’s not a complete change. Just an addition.
  3. Well warframe has some real life aspects to it. I’m not really thinking that deep but I put a lot of details so people don’t assume that I’m disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. DE did say we should be constructive of our “criticisms”. And after sliding how long do you think it’ll be before people start asking/demanding that Gauss be able to make sharp turns? Otherwise what’s the difference between Gauss and volt other than knocking enemies over vs buffing teammates? Point is Mach Rush is suppose to be a rush. And you can’t slide while rushing. It is that simple. I have no issues canceling the ability, slide, then reactivate. I do wish that maybe as an augment mod DE adds the ability that allows you to inflict melee damage on enemies hit by Mach Rush. Now maybe, MAYBE, DE could add that slide function as part of the Redline buff. Maybe DE could make his slides tumble but if you equip the less friction type mods, then you’ll slide more and tumble less? Maybe even slide perfectly on ice paths? Would make Gauss perfect for a new more icy map where there are a lot of ice paths everywhere. But it is fine the way it currently is. And it is more scientifically explained. This game is not just some magic game. The whole concept of this game involves science and technology. Bad guys still trying to figure out the void. Might as well make all warframes fly since the laws of gravity should not apply to Mach Rush.
  4. As much as I would like to slide, gotta ask one question. Have you ever tried sliding in real life while running with everything you have? I’m pretty sure you haven’t. So let me break it down. There are 2 types of running: speed - where you run with rapid steps which allows for faster dodging and turning. And power/momentum - where you take longer slower steps but you put so much power into them they basically push you forward which also builds up momentum. While volt basically increases movement speed, Gauss enters a high powered rush. Building up so much momentum that not only is it hard to turn, it is very hard if not impossible to slide. To attempt to slide would force you to role. Maybe if you rushed on ice. Jumping can be hard but still possible. Sliding on the other hand... not so much. What I would like is the ability to run along the sides of walls if you hit them at an angle instead of dead on. I’m no marathon runner but I have ran with so much momentum that I ran across walls cause that was the only way for me to turn. And it didn’t slow me down. Trying to explain the science is difficult but you do learn about such... forces? But I can fully understand and accept not being able to slide. Mach Rush is supposed to be a rush. Which is why Gauss knocks enemies over due to all the power and momentum. I’ve picked up dudes 3x my size due to all the momentum I built up and then I threw them a few yards by simply applying all the momentum onto them and using their weight to slow myself down to a stop. I’ve jumped too which basically threw me really far and I nearly had to role to keep the momentum going. I’m basing this off my own experience from playing football, basketball, a little soccer, and just running from bullies until I couldn’t tolerate them any further. Which is why I feel that Gauss should be able to run up and across walls if hit at a certain angle which would help him turn easier. But sliding... yeah haven’t seen anybody pull that off while running at full speed. Just my opinion.
  5. Well I was thinking the passive could have an added bonus of being able to heal from fire status. Not completely reliable(For newbies) but it would be an alternative. Maybe the friction from sliding could heal a little bit? So a lot of sliding would restore the lost health. With enemies that can one shot you doubt it would be too OP if DE figured out the right numbers. Still trying to think of abilities that would be better without being too similar to another frame. But the feedback was actually decent. Hope to get more responses and suggestions. The more that are given, the more the concept can be improved.
  6. Glad I’m not the only one who says Getsuga Tenshou. Lol. Even made my energy black one time. But it would be nice if a charge swing could send a wider and more powerful energy blade. Kind of hate that his slide makes him do radial blind/howl. Makes it difficult to use. I’d rather just use his second ability. But this current set-up makes his exalted blade very annoying to use. Just throws me off every time I pull EB out.
  7. For starters I’ve seen multiple posts about a shadowy frame and decided to make a concept of my own. To basically give an alternative that I’ve been thinking about for a bit since the first post I’ve seen. Appearance: kind of picturing a more sickly version of Wisp in a way. Like being very thin compared to most frames. More... anorexic when it comes to overall shape. Has its own style of floating. It would have like a sort of dress or cloak, similar design to Night Equinox mixed with a little Wisp. Would draw it but I’m not super good at drawing. But basically picture wisp with more of Equinox Prime lower dress, Nekros’s boney details with more of Inaros’s agile stance. Was thinking of it being a female. Health: 250 Shield: 250 Armor: 100 Speed: 1.1 Energy: 240 Roughly the stats. I’m not very good but this frame would have stats similar to Loki. Mainly to fit the appearance. Passive: standing in shaded areas grants invisibility. First Ability: hops into an enemy’s shadow(or becomes one) and drains enemies health unnoticed. Have to look at an enemy to activate. Flying enemies may be an exception. Second Ability: becomes a shadow on the ground or walls and gains increased movement speed and invulnerability. Similar animation to Hydroids undertow except becomes like a black fog on the floor or walls. Third Ability: area around the frame becomes dark/darker and reduces enemy accuracy. Enemies that are caught inside the radius are vulnerable to finishers/true damage. Can even affect Mirage’s Eclipse. Forth Ability: creates a shadow that the frame stabs and all shaded areas nearby have a shadowy blade/spike shoot out and pierces anybody in range. Including enemy shadows. May require an effect like all enemies nearby will have a more noticeable shadow appear underneath them where the shadow spike hits them. Inflicts true damage and unalerted enemies are executed. The abilities I chose are to make this frame a very good survivalist and a stealthy executioner. Basically when the job needs to be executed quietly, this frame would be the go to. Also the abilities would synergies more with each other as well. Alternatives Abilities: Being able to create shadowy clones of the enemies that distracts them. Bullets that passes right through the shadow clones would inflict damage to other enemies that are hit. Or the clones are linked to the enemies so when they shoot them they actually hurt themselves. Name: kind of thinking of Exspiravit. Which is Latin for Ghost. Umbra means shadow so we kind of can’t use it. Unless we want to call it something like Mortumbra which is a combination of Mortem which means death and Umbra which means Shadow. Names are tricky and usually based on real Latin words. Either way, hope to see more suggestions.
  8. Well when it comes to the numbers I’m not very good. I don’t want to make it too OP nor too weak so that’s mostly up for DE to decide. The last ability would do a lot of damage even against high level enemies depending on the risks you’d be willing to take. If paired with a healing frame that could be a very OP combo. Similar to a Nidus paired with a chroma. If DE decided. Also when I think of ideas I like to have a legit discussion about those ideas. Every time I think of an idea for a frame I would ask other dudes I play with what if they made this type of frame or what if this type of ability could be used. Most times they agree with me. Sometimes they try to throw in some ideas but they’re usually too similar to another frame. Too similar as in like 80% similar. But many players on this Forum do not try to have a discussion. They simply throw the idea in the trash and put no effort to try and improve it. And they make it very clear they have no intent to. Which makes them “narrow minded trolls” as I put it, for just talking trash about an idea. When I comment on somebody else’s post, I throw in some suggestions that may help the OP. Sometimes people do make concepts way too similar to another frame and I’ll point that out WHILE ALSO suggesting an alternative. Here recently I’ve been trying to think of more creative, more synergetic abilities for frames. Old and new. I’ve been also trying to come up with drawings even though I’m not that good. The only successful drawing was that of a Volcanic Frame concept I made over a month ago. Made many before but not one with a drawing. What I want is for people to actually discuss the ideas I post. Look at them, think about them, compare them to existing frames, then come up with unique ideas they think would be best for such a frame. But a lot of players don’t even try. They basically just bully OPs instead. Some people even get triggered when I tell them not to talk trash. That if they can’t explain a legit reason why they disagree then their opinion has no meaning. Cause all it is, is trash talk. There’s a difference between saying “I’m not really into that kind of song” vs “the song sucks”. Believe it or not, the past few frames were ideas I’ve had for nearly 3 years. I’ve made posts discussing similar frame designs and abilities which were thrown into the trash by other players. But now these new frames that are like 75% close to the concepts I’ve made exist. Which proves that DE does read posts. They take some of the ideas into consideration. Seen a post way back about a “fat” frame and I suggested an ability where he sucks them into his body similar to Hydroid’s undertow. And could possibly spit them out. The fact that Gendel does just that with the added bonus of having a giant mouth as his stomach is cool, yet super creepy. Either way, I want an actual discussion on this frame. Not just comparing it to other frames as a means to throw it into the trash. Why bother commenting on a post if that is all you would do? You as in general. Sounds like a waste of time and of a life. Getting tired of the rinse wash repeat is basically what I’m saying.
  9. This concept been pounding in the back of my mind for a while now and decided to finally make a post about it. But before we get started, no this isn’t your typical Fiery Phoenix, although there may be similarities. I’m not too good with stats and numbers but here goes: Health: 450 maxed Shield: 300 maxed Armor: 100 maxed Energy: 225 maxed Speed: 1.15 Passive: one free instant revive per death. Basically you go down you instantly get revived with no energy loss. But if you go down the second time then you have to be revived the usual way. If you completely die then the passive resets. 1st Ability: super heats enemy weapons that will cause them to explode dealing damage and leaving them disarmed. 2nd Ability: creates a fire barrier that reduces damage taken by non explosives. Enemies who melee will be inflicted with a fire status and run panicking. 3rd Ability: Become a blazing tornado that charges in the direction you face knocking enemies down and inflicting fire status to them. Can be held for longer travel but vision becomes blurred by flames. Best used long places with no edges to fall off. 4th Ability: channels health to create an explosion that damages all enemies within the radius. Can be channeled till health reaches 2 or till killed by enemies. More health and power strength means more damage. There’s still other abilities that I’m currently working on for alternatives. But hope to hear other suggestions. And please be civil and not compare other existing frames. Thank you.
  10. Idk. When I think of a night warframe(technically Excalibur) I’m picturing something closer to the shape/size of Rhino. Makes me picture him wielding an exalted melee either a large heavy sword(galantine) or a sword and shield(Silva and Aegis). A heavy blade would have very long range unrivaled when ever he swings. While the sword and shield would have greater blocking/parrying and could redirect damage back at the enemies. As a knight, he would have one of the highest armors and have maybe an ability that not only buffs it further but it also applies to the teammates if they are close when activated. Passive: something like an increase in speed for heavy blades. Ability 1: still trying to think about. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ability 2: Creates a shield around himself equal to his total armor 2x. Affected by armor mods and power strength. Can be applied to teammates if they’re nearby. Ability 3: Something like boosting melee damage very high. Could be applied to teammates. Ability 4 - Arondight: Draws a long heavy blade. Combo duration slowly decreases instead of resetting. Range of the blade can be increased to be unrivaled by any other blade. That’s it for now. Kind of just thought of it off the top of my top my head so couldn’t put enough thought into it. The actual numbers are up to DE to decide. Hope this helps with furthering the concept.
  11. Still comparing to Saryn when the suggestion is nowhere near the same and then you’re assuming again that don’t use the 3rd at all when I actually have a power strength build and again against some high level enemies it was weak. Maybe actually think about the suggestion but instead you are just throwing random frames in the air while arguing like a child. Maybe once you stop talking like you know everything and that the solar system revolves around you, this discussion will go somewhere. You’re clearly obsessed. Have a nice day.
  12. Clearly you have a personal grudge against Saryn but resorting to name calling and assuming you even know how I play just from a single post makes you nothing more than a narrow minded troll. I hardly use Inaros because his abilities don’t do very much other being a distraction or making him more tanky. I mostly use Rhino because I can survive way longer and buff my entire squad’s damage, including a Saryn. I also use Nidus more often than Inaros because not only can he survive but I can boost any teammate’s power strength a lot, including a rhino or chroma which further buffs the entire team. So know the insult “bad teammate” does not apply to me. Only time I use inaros is during something called SOLO. Second, I didn’t ask for Scarabs to kill all the enemies super quick. It’s not like Inaros is throwing the full damage of an augmented scarab swarm into all his abilities onto every single enemies till it never goes away and continues to stack endlessly. The most scarabs would do is drain their health a little which would stack well with his abilities that do a little bit of damage which would require casting his abilities a lot to do. And mainly the scarabs would eat away at armor so that super tough enemies would be easier for Inaros and other frames to kill. Third, he doesn’t do an enormous amount of damage over a wide radius. So it wouldn’t spread nearly as much as a Saryn who was designed to spread like a plague and kill everything in sight. His his scarabs wouldn’t do too much except make the enemies easier to beat. Didn’t ask for a complete change to his abilities at all so you are still free to use him the same except be more alerted. His scarabs at most would drain their health a certain percentage and no amounts of spread will increase that. Next, all those frames you listed do not debunk what I was said about Inaros players being AFK. So all that was completely irrelevant to this post. Clearly you didn’t take the time to fully process what I said. Instead you jumped straight to insults and irrelevant arguments. How about you follow DE’s rules and make CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms/discussions, not resort to name calling like a child. Btw, I’ve already discussed this with a few other players who brag about Inaros and tend to use him a lot, and even they said that this suggestion would make his abilities more useful assist with killing enemies. So I know I’m not bias about his abilities. Grow up.
  13. Most people use inaros as a tank and nothing else. It does get quite annoying when an Inaros user pops up in a killing type mission. But either way I’ve been thinking he needs a bit more synergy with his abilities and a little trick with his extremely high health. As a mummy with a large health, I can kind of see his health being used as his source of energy. To give his massive health more use than just to be tanky. It would also give his 2nd ability more of a purpose as well. As for giving his abilities more synergy, I was thinking that his scarab armor would be applied to his other abilities as well. Such as: 1). First ability not only blinds enemies but throws the scarabs on all enemies hit. 2). Second ability would not only drain their health for Inaros’s but it would turn their mummified body into a sort of scarab hive that enemies who make physical contact would be affected by the scarabs. Maybe it would explode and send the scarabs onto nearby enemies to cause the spread? 3). If performed with the scarab armor on, enemies caught into the tornado would be affected by them. The tornado should pull enemies towards inaros instead of just lifting them up. The wider the range, the wider the pull. That’s about what I think would be a nice addition to Inaros. I hardly even use his 4th nor 3rd. Tried but they feel too weak and useless. And just being a tanky frame is not enough to me. But casting the abilities will drain the scarab armor. So recasting the forth would be a wise decision to keep the armor up. Also maybe to motivate people to use at least one ability, maybe Inaros’s health slowly drains. Not too, too much but enough to not be ignored. And it would deceased to being like 20% of his over all health once it reaches 20% the decay stops and abilities can not be used. Energy pick ups would increase his health. Casting abilities pauses the passive drain so as long as abilities are being used, his health won’t go to waste. After all, he is basically a decaying mummy, and mummies are sometimes known for feeding on others to become whole. Sometimes I’ve found an Inaros, well a lot of times, that just stands there and does nothing and due to the health being so large, the enemies take a while just to reduce it some. At least this way players are less likely to go AFK and stall the rest of the squad. Either way, these suggestions won’t affect me nor a few guys I know at all except make him more tempting to actually use. Already got an arsenal set up specifically for him, and Nidus, so being able to do more with his abilities to damage enemies would be nice. Especially since I’ll have so much health to towards his abilities. Just my opinion.
  14. Honestly my suggestion would be to allow it to remove armor from enemies based on power strength. Like 160 would remove armor 80%. High level enemies would become much easier to take out that way in my opinion. Maybe make radial javelin be able to do finisher damage to blind/unalerted enemies, to create a sort of synergy with his blind. Low level players would be able to reduce the enemy armor so that a primarily slash exalted blade would be able to do more damage straight to their health. Either way, Excalibur does need a little buff to be up to other frames’ level. I use surging dash with 260% power strength, combo duration, and blood rush to do red crits. I use gladiator mods in order for exalted blade to do orange crits. Blind is used for super tough enemies like Nox. Duration ain’t that high but high enough for 1-2 super tough enemies. Also be nice if Prime Reach made his blade much longer. Like noticeably longer. Close the length of a galantine. while range mods like stretch made the slash beams wider. Also I feel like they need to give him better combos with EB cause just slashing left, right, up, and down nonstop is kind of boring. But this is just my opinion.
  15. Almost, ALMOST, reminds me of the Gas based frame I made multiple times. Basically he sprays gas type damage that can also be ignited to do blast damage. Figured he be called Hazard, as in biohazard. His origin was more about him being a contingency plan against the bio weapon known as the infested. Maybe he went into hiding but as the infested continued to spread more rapidly he sort of felt the call to action. Either way, one of his abilities I was thinking he basically throws a Molotov that can do some fire damage while also igniting the gas he spreads. If DE decided to make him do self damage then that would make him risky to use. I wouldn’t have a single problem, not the way I have him. But some players aren’t very bright most of the time. One dude complained that he killed himself with Gauss cause he ran into his own explosives. So obviously this frame would not be for him. But if used expertly, he would destroy hordes of infested big and small. Either way, another fire type frame is most likely gonna receive backlash from players who haven’t played games with 2 or more characters from the same attribute group. I honestly feel that DE should make a sort of new generation of ice, fire, electricity, etc. type frames that uses the attributes in a very different way from the current existing frames. But other players think there should only be 1 per attribute or category which is limiting DE a lot. If those players had it their way we would be stuck on MR20 for the next few years at least.
  16. Could you create a Garuda video for me? Lmao But seriously when I first saw Garuda it made me visualize a scenario where the video shows a corpus lab with an alarm going off with guys saying “she’s here!!!” All thinking it is Valkyr coming to get her revenge so they activate a sort of ability dampener so Valkyr could not use hysteria on them. But then they hear claws scrapping against a wall and when they turned one is like “wait, that’s not Valkyr!!!” and all we see is a shadow and bloody claw marks splashing across the walls as the video comes to a close. But I do understand that making such a video would take a good bit of time. If making 3-5 minutes videos were so easy then we should be getting a lot more shows and movies done in a much shorter time. Plus it is not like DE gets paid to make videos. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1082593-possibly-new-infested-warframe/ This was a concept I made. To be honest I’ve thought of Nidus months before it was even announced that there was an infested frame in the making. And the dudes I discussed with were completely shocked to find out not only did DE make an infested frame but the abilities were identical to ones I came up with with the exception of the mutation passive. Now I’m not trying to claim the idea as my own or anything but thing was is I’ve thought of a few dozen ideas for infested type abilities. Would be cool if DE created an infested Arch-Wing and Infested Arch-Gun/Melee. But basically this frame was sort of a queen of infested swarms. Imagine flying maggots like what Nidus summons but with wings. Things like that. Even thought of a new kind of infested boss that would put Lephantis to shame. And the Arch-Wing would be similar in summoning infest drones/swarms that chase after the enemies and provide protection. Mainly a very high survivability Arch-Wing. A guy even made an infested world concept which I’ve done too almost a year ago. And I even figured this frame and all the new pure infested enemies and boss would be introduced into the open world.
  18. Rework is basically like what DE is doing to Vauban right now. Even ember. Ember will have a different ability where she send meteors down onto the enemies. Which is funny cause I made an idea for a volcanic frame to have that ability years ago but most recently a month ago with a drawing. But then there are changes like Ash’s Blade Storm. It use to require simply targeting an enemy and Ash will automatically target like 19 other dudes and kill them all one a very quick animation. Then he was changed where he is required to target each enemy by simply looking at them. Now he does the same thing as the previous but you get to choose to be a part of the animation by using his third ability. Or you can just let your Shadow Clone Jutsu kill the guys while you run off with data mass or something. Which even I sometimes hate the ability cause teammates kill the enemies too quickly for me to fully pull it off. I have to do several 360s in like 2 seconds and recast before teammates get the chance to kill my targets. A small change yet very complicated to pull off in a squad. But regardless the ability itself is basically still the same. Just landsliding one enemy at a time gets boring and annoying especially in guns only missions. The suggestion I’m making would allow him to do more and in any kind of mission. And for enemies that can be targeted by abilities the gauntlets would allow you to do more damage. While the rumblers just remain as they are but as a first based on the Wukong and equinox allies that can shoot lots of enemies. Wukong and equinox can kill way more enemies with their first than atlas can with his forth. It is pretty pathetic if you ask me. Figured switching abilities and added gauntlets would be the easiest DE could do and be fun to use. And as a tap 4th ability, DE would have a legit excuse to upgrade the landslide for better use. Energy to cast wouldn’t change that much. DE has done all kind of stuff I didn’t know they were willing to do. And all kind of tricks and synergies a lot of players aren’t aware of. Again it is just my opinion. And like 6 other dudes. But I’m all for other suggestions or further details or ideas for the current post. With Vauban and Ember rework coming soon and Grendel, Atlas Prime will be forgotten. Unless he already has. He was fun at first since I was a newbie and wasn’t in any rush nor did I understood the farming/grinding of this game. But now he is a frame I hardly use and hardly see anybody else use. Not to mention he is boxer even his signature weapon explains a lot. Just figure DE could branch off more on that aspect of him. Go all Nemean Cestus on them.
  19. Well for starters landslide can do a decent amount of damage with a melee that has some decent mods on. If DE were to use my idea of exalted gauntlets then the landslide would probably have like a higher critical chance(like 15-20% instead of 5%) and the slide would be probably like 2x more damaging. With all the damage balancing stuff DE has to do it is complicated trying to get perfect numbers without being too OP. I was thinking that Landslide could do more damage or use less energy(or both) when the gauntlets are out. Similar to when you sue exalted blade and use slash dash. But while exalted blade and slash dash can hit multiple targets, the exalted gauntlets would do more impact damage over all. Again the numbers would be up to DE but the augment idea of allowing atlas to do rapid punches for more overall damage while stacking the combo multiplied faster would benefit both parts of the ability. Landslide requires targeting an enemy while the gauntlets can be used for a lot of things. Such as: 1). Wide radius ground slam. Roughly 15 meters compared to other weapons. 2). Could perform a sonic clap that hits enemies with more force. 3). What ever other ideas for attacks y’all suggest. Landslide could be upgraded to reach further the more range you have too. And during guns only sortie missions, the exalted gauntlets would provide landslide the melee buff. This is why I try to have a discussion about how DE could go about changing/improving Atlas instead of just saying that ideas suck or what we would personally want. Even though I spoke to like 6 other people I know about the idea, I can only vouch for myself on this post. But they all agreed that the idea would make atlas more fun to use. Especially against bosses where landslide can’t target them. But landslide over all would do more damage than a single punch but that would use more energy over time depending on your builds. And having a little synergy where you perform basically a Gauntlet Slide for more overall damage and less energy would make neither overshadow the other. Especially when you’re trying to move quickly while attacking enemies all around you. DE would have to decide on the kind of stance they would prefer. But if there is a way they could take some of the unique aspects of each stance and apply it to the ability then that would be nice. Would be cool if Atlas actually dodged multiple attacks from enemies while in that stance and avoid majority of the damage vs other frames. And there is still a lot more ideas for how the gauntlets would work and be more unique but that requires way too much texting and my phone’s autoINcorrect makes it very difficult. Which is part of why I like to actually discuss the ideas and come to a sort of mutual agreement. But right now I want Atlas to be improved for greater combat against hordes and bosses. But I’m not asking for a complete rework.
  20. The first time I fought the stalker I was using Atlas and I went all “For Asgard” Landslide punched him in the face. Lol. I beat him with Ash Prime before his change. And yeah I beat him with my Tenno a lot. But main thing about my accomplishments was that I had no mods. Zero, nada. I took me fighting Kela Da Thayme practically naked with Excalibur before I learned how the mod system works. Which still to this day surprises people who get to know me. And I fought Stalker with Excalibur. Never went down until I got Loki. One time I switched teleported a teammate and the stalker killed them instead of me. Didn’t know I could switch with a teammate so it was kind of accidental. But the reason I survived for a long time was cause I’m good at parkour and dodging. Now that I have nearly every mod in the game and every frame, the game is boring to me. Even the stalker. Would be cool if DE took some notes from For Honor when they finally release the Melee 3.0 where we can parry even the stalker’s attacks and turn it into an interesting fight. Only thing close is being an Inaros due to his large health and bringing the Paracesis. When I used wukong I did manage to parry S stalker’s attacks a little bit before whacking him in the face with my staff. This whole adapt to everything but void or super duper tanky and just over all shoot and run tactic makes the game boring to me. Kind of makes me imagine if stalker officially came back but with the remaining broken war. And umbra basically slaughters him. Chopping of 1-2 limbs and such before leaving him for dead. Tenno thinking it is all over but then as the stalker crawls on the floor the infested get a hold of him and offers to help him get revenge. A sort of enemy of my enemy kind of thing. Before we know it we are being hunted by an infested stalker who can now speak more clearly but creepier and wields a Mutalist War. Leaving the Tenno and Ordis in complete shock. Maybe give the New stalker his own arch wing to where he even hunts you in arch wing missions. Either way, to me the Stalker is very boring now. And I don’t want to run around with weak gear just to make a boring fight take longer. But I am willing to test out this Javlok + Amalgam + Silva and Aegis set against him. See how that works.
  21. Well umbra makes him look like a joke. Lol
  22. Well, there is a build I’ve been doing with Inaros, Silva and Aegis, Javlok + Amalgam mod, and Unairu Focus tree. Basically a build that has Rage on Inaros(or any frame) and channeling build for the Shield Melee. The combination allows you to basically just walk through enemies as they kill themselves in an attempt to hurt you. I walked right through level 35-40 grineer and killed 150 without lifting a finger. Never used it against stalker yet. Though it has been a long time since I fought the actual stalker. Always been shadow stalker.
  23. Imagine if Slash Dash and Exalted Blade were one in the same. That’s basically what Landslide as a forth would become. Forth abilities require more energy to use majority of the time. Which would mean they would be more powerful. I even offered many ideas for how the abilities could have synergy. Like turning the walls into shrapnel and even could make the Rumblers follow Atlas’s command. Of course that post was met with comments demanding a complete rework of atlas instead. Switching the abilities wouldn’t change how atlas is currently used except with the added bonus to pummel more enemies. I also said “maybe” to the whole removing target requirement. But if he can summon big gauntlets to pummel non targetable enemies then such a suggestion wouldn’t be needed but I would still like to be able to reach further with landslide. But basically holding the button would summon or remove exalted gauntlets while tapping would still perform landslide. Maybe landslide performed with the gauntlets could do more damage or use less energy. This isn’t some complete rework. You’re talking as if I’m suggesting a complete rework of atlas when all I’m asking for is that atlas gains exalted gauntlets which switching his 2 abilities would allow that without changing how people currently use him. I’m simply suggesting more of an add on than anything. The only change you’d have to adjust to is having to wait till level 10 to use landslide after you polarize Atlas. And new players would know the difference.
  24. Honestly I have no idea what any of that has to do with this post specifically. That sounds more like something you should post in the General section. I’m trying to have a discussion on how Atlas could be more fun to use that wouldn’t require a complete rework like dozens of other have suggested. Switching 2 abilities doesn’t really change how Atlas would be used. Except we would have the option to pummel enemies, including bosses, more. When I first got atlas three years ago, I punched stalker straight in the face multiple times and took over half his health. No mods cause I didn’t understand the mod system back then. Now I can’t do that to stalker. So now atlas is just not fun to use. Missions take too long to landslide one enemy at a time and constantly shooting gets boring. Too many frames that rely on shooting. Which is why I made the suggestion that I did. And many people I’ve spoken to before making this post agreed with me.
  25. Tried suggesting ideas like those but people still commented how they disagree and express that they want a complete rework. To me the exalted gauntlets would make him more fun to use against hordes. Hildryn is not a good example of exalted 1st considering she uses them in her forth ability. Give me an example of a frame with only an exalted 1st ability and no forth. Otherwise Atlas would be the first to have just an exalted 1st.
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