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  1. More like how wukong uses cloud walker and how Hydroid already has undertow. Basically I see him being able to splash across the floor non stop and sucking up enemies in the process before hurling them once the ability is canceled. Casting speed and movement speed increases how fast he travels. Be a good way to get away from or through a horde of enemies. And be fun to use. And in places with a lot of water you could just swim across instead of having to fly over or run around. Just something DE could add.
  2. Be nice if had a bonus/secret passive that allows him to swim in the water. Maybe while using his undertow and tidal wave abilities. But a watery frame not being able to go into the water just seems weird. Similar to revenant walking in radiated water. Or Gauss Mach rushing across it.
  3. Well I got 6/7 ephemeras while a buddy of mine has 0/7 and he farmed for like 2x the amount of liches. He is pretty mad and gave up on farming for anymore liches. Would’ve traded him my ephemeras but I couldn’t find where it explains how till after the update for consoles that added the trade system.
  4. Glad I figured out an alternative to the abort migrate host crap people been doing. But it’s extremely boring. Only the most patient and desperate people can handle it. Even I can’t do this strategy for too long.
  5. Won’t come back at least another 2 years. Unless DE decides to up their game. Release 3 frames instead of 2 or release them more often. Either way you’re gonna have to wait. Trust me, I missed my chance for the suit too.
  6. Basically what do y’all expect, think, or want the abilities to be? I have quite a number of ideas ranging from a passive to enhance robotic companions like sentinels and moas to secret/bonus passive to fix Railjack issues, to maybe even having high arsenal of grenades or being able to generate a field that jams robotics and weapons. But what do y’all think the abilities could or should be?
  7. More like the reverse. What if a Warframe can turn into a Zanuka but then the origin or would be somewhat off. Basically what if Alad V made other Zanukas we haven’t seen or heard of yet and one of them, somehow flawed, was able to turn back into a Warframe but with a sort of fractured memory/identity? Origin: Alad been experimenting on warframes and used them to create his Zanuka. Maybe one of the frames had a shape shifting capability that when Alad V used him with multiple others to create his sort of “abomination” he called Zanuka, the Zanuka turned into a new kind of Warframe but has the fractured memories of multiple frames thus causing him to have an identity problem. But one painful, burning memory that he had very clearly is that of pain and torture that Alad V put him through. Well technically the frames used to create him. Thus he turns back into a unique frame and has basically gone mad until the Tenno “took away its pain” and helped him accept his new identity and body. Thus creating a sort of shape shifting frame that is also like a werewolf since he can turn into a Zanuka and gain increase in speed and damage not to mention a sort berserk style. Almost like a male version of Valkyr. I have ideas for dozens of abilities, but I’m gonna wait to see what others think first. Maybe provide ideas or suggestions of abilities for this frame for me and DE to consider.
  8. Starting to imagine a new infested, like a large mosquito like infested that if it successfully attacks you it flees and absorbs your warframe’s dna which causes it to mutate into an infested equivalent to Kuva Liches. Have infested styled abilities like giant infested tentacles from Hydroid, shooting fast hardening goo from Frost, shooting flying parasites from Inaros. Etc.
  9. I’ve made a suggestion before to another similar post. Basically I was thinking that since sentients adapt to their environment and attacks and such, that maybe these Liches are more like seeds that bloom when nearly killed by Tennos. Like Alad V created a sort of sentient infused nanites and injects them into his “subjects” which turns them temporarily mad and he unleashes them all over the solar system. And the warframe that kills them causes them to adapt(only once) to that specific frame which causes them to become a corpus equivalent to Liches. Maybe after converting them it turns out they were unwilling subjects and we sort of freed them from Alad V’s mind control/manipulation. Alad V could even mention how the ability to adapt only once was somewhat disappointing but how greatly they adapt is still exciting to him. Probably say something like “now betrayers, time for you to meet your match”. Figured a similar thing for Infested where a new kind of infested is created that if they attack you, they’ll flee and absorb the warframe’s dna which causes them to mutate into a infested equivalent of a Lich. And have infested version of abilities like giant fungi tentacles from hydroid, shorting flying parasites from Inaros, or even shooting a fast hardening goo from Frost. There are dozens more but leave room for yalls imagination/creativity. Figure for both of them their appearances are based on the specific warframe that “created” them. Like Rhino giving them a more bulky build. Infested could be male or female appearance based on if it was a male or female warframe that “created” them. Cause infested don’t exactly have “genders”. Corpus new weapons would be Amalgam version of popular corpus weapons. Like Amalgam Twin Detrons. Amalgam Penta. Amalgam Snipertron. Maybe even an Amalgam Helios as a sort of unique sentinel that does more than just shoot at players. Like it has the unique ability to provide barriers and has a very strong weapon that can actually do a lot of damage. The infested weapons would be more like infested Melees since the infested are more known for melee attacks. Some could become more intelligent and could use a rifle or pistol but melees sound more like the common for them. Could imagine some having the quirk where they can either speak clearly or just growl a lot. We still don’t have an Infested Hammer so maybe a Juggernaut style Hammer could be a new weapon for the infested. Maybe it’s suppose to be an infested version of the Fragor and charge/heavy attacks throws viral darts into the enemies. Imagine a juggernaut armored Nidus trying to assassinate you with its own infested melee. Be like 2 very long spikes coming out it’s hands/knuckles/arms where it’s fights almost like it is wielding infested dual swords that deal primarily puncture damage. And all could have a toxic base damage applied so that any additional element based on warframe used would allow for multiple statuses. These are just my opinion.
  10. Kind of been thinking of my own sort version of this concept with more of a very not so pleasant origin. Apparently Zanuka and Zanuka Hunter are made from Warframes. So what if Alad V made another version of the Zanuka that somehow remembers everything from the possibly multiple frames used to create it. Causing it to have a sort of identity crisis and hatred of Alad V. And unlike the other Zanukas, this one has the ability to take on an anthropomorphic shape like that if a regular warframe. When it becomes enraged it goes berserk and turns into the Zanuka like shape and gains increase in attack and movement speed, better and faster wall latching and jumping, and maybe like deals heavy slash/puncture damage. I may make my own concept post of this frame but I figured I’d post it here first to see what others think. I’ve asked other people in person and they were intrigued. I have ideas for abilities but I’m gonna wait to see how others respond first.
  11. 1). Enemy Pulse. That made me imagine if all Aura mods had a unique bonus that occurs if more than one was added. Similar to gladiator mods or sacrificial mods. So if like 3-4 of the squad has Enemy Radar then it creates that Enemy Pulse as a bonus. Like 3 creates a red dot through walls while all 4 creates a full outline/X-ray through walls. Maybe Growing Power lasts longer if at least 3 people have it equipped. Like 10 seconds instead of 5. Roughly. Would list examples for all Aura mods but I’m sure you get the idea. This would allow players to cooperatively equip the same aura mod for better team boosts. And make Aura Forma more popular for ALL frames to allow all possible bonus buffs. Such as the Enemy Radar bonus allowing for a superior full squad stealth. 2). Void Traces as a resource drop in the Void. Now that sounds like a decent way to farm for Void traces pretty quickly without having to use relics, with players taking up space for a relic user while not having their own relic which prevents a possible 4th reward option, or repeating super weak void fissures none stop to farm. Void survival or defense would become more reliable. Also I could see a sort of reverse happening where grineer, corpus, and/or infested would appear completely confused on what happen or where they are. To sort of create a link between this idea and the void fissures we encounter. Not to mention DE NEEDS to make fissured enemies in the void distinguishable from others. Maybe use the idea above where regular grineer, corpus, and infested would spawn through the fissure confused just before turning into fissured enemies like on every other map. Maybe each enemy killed in the void drops 1 void trace. So spending hours killing hundreds would be roughly the same as repeating void fissures over and over. Would also be nice if the Baro the void TRADER had an option to trade old relics for a chance to roll a new one. So if you have hundreds of relics you don’t want then when Baro arrives you can trade like 3-4 relics for a new one of the same category. 3-4 Axi relics for 1 Axi relic. But that’s just my opinion.
  12. That would actually be a pretty good alternative. It would get people to actually play the dang game instead of host migrating a million times. And it actually makes sense when you think about it. Cephalon Cy does mention that the sentient anomaly is what “lured the grineer”. So it would make sense that the fighters, at least crew ships, would have such information/coordinates. And after gaining a certain amount Cephalon Cy will let you know that you’ve located the sentient anomaly. At least this way there would be no reason for impatient A**H****s to keep aborting the mission and screw everybody else over. Since every attempt would be a one time deal until you collect the resources again. Which DE would have to factor in how often a player could repeat the current sentient anomaly, into the their NAV drop chance and the amount. Like let’s say the most efficient squad could complete the sentient anomaly 5 times before it goes away. And then wait like 2 or so hours before it returns. So if they did create a Sentient Anomaly NAV Coordinate, the let’s say 10 is required per full coordination to the sentient anomaly mission. Then DE would have to make sure the drop rate would allow players to get like 50 in 2 hours. Like maybe a single NAV is guaranteed per crew ship destroyed. That’s just a basic example. So players would be more obligated to actually play the missions to EARN their Shedu, ephemera, etc. instead of click abort and repeat for 30 minutes. The sentient anomaly would be a completely separate node from the rest to avoid bugs/glitches. Could still be required to take out grineer fighters and such. Like they were attempting to investigate or destroy the anomaly before the Tenno arrived on the scene.
  13. Would be nice if there was a new drone that constantly gets you resources for railjack every hour. But it is a reusable BP and there is a chance it could get destroyed. To balance it out. Could even have a very low chance of getting avionics and railjack components too. Like maybe 5x lower so that players aren’t relying on them too much for everything. With all these bugs and not many people wanting to waste time on railjack(not to mention all the host migrations) having a second option to gain resources and/or railjack components/avionics would be nice. Of course the reproduces gained would have to be extremely high considering it takes 1,000s upon 1,000s to build just one part. Not everybody has days to spend grinding through a very buggy system.
  14. Where did you get this information? Cause a lot of... not so smart... players be using the simulacrum with enemies being in frozen mode which allows for TRUE damage to be applied. Have yet to see an actual video of an actual gameplay with fully alerted enemies being slaughtered by the weapons people be claiming or acting is OP. And chroma and rhino are not good examples because then it isn’t about the weapon itself but who is wielding it, or rather their warframe. Kind of tired of the repetitive “kill level 200 enemy” response when no mission starts off that high and it would take hours to reach to that point which nobody ever seems to show. How about y’all show proof for once instead of acting like every weapon is OP and that DE needs to buff the enemies like 10x every time somebody complains that a complicated weapon is too weak.
  15. Not just the anomaly. Been happening in every mission for me. I’d be lucky, LUCKY, to get through one mission without a host migration. But 4/5 there’s a host migration. And what’s stupid about the sentient anomaly case, is that most of the time you can simply restart the mission. If you clear out the sentient anomaly, you can return to YOUR ship and either return to dry dock or click to redo the mission and you keep your resources. If the sentient anomaly is completed, it stays completed but all the enemies and containers reset. So all that’s needed is to rush through, kill every enemy that drops Shedu parts, break all containers, then rush to the green or omni gear back to the ship and repeat. Sometimes a bug prevents you from returning to dry dock or restarting the mission which then the host could respectfully let others know to abort in at least 30 seconds before doing it themselves. Only side effect is waiting for other players to return as well(which never took long at all). Which constantly aborting the mission means going through multiple loading screens before redoing the mission. And to whoever that’s thinks this is efficient. NO... It is not. Especially not for everybody else who isn’t the host. Imagine having to restart your game because you were thrown into some loading limbo. Or bouncing from one host to another. Then the original A**H*** that started the host migration would have to go through multiple loading screens before starting another mission vs just restarting it after returning to their ship. At the very least they should’ve given everybody else like 30 seconds to abort first by actually telling them “abort” in the squad chat. I’m about to start flooding DE with reports of these players who force me to reset my game over and over because they’re such impatient, selfish AHs. Starting to think DE needs to make it where all players need to have at least level 4-5 in ALL intrinsic skills to play Veil Proxima. So there is no excuse for why players stall on returning to the ship AND it motivates players to actually play the game instead of being taxi/carried straight to a harder mission with little to zero experience. Not to mention fixing these bugs that causes some games to require aborting as the only option.
  16. Something really needs to be done about all these host migrations. Can’t play a single game without somebody host migrating. It’s getting out of hand. And I don’t care if somebody else hasn’t encountered this issue. I’ve been encountering this issue a lot and it’s not my internet otherwise the rest of the squad wouldn’t be reconnecting with me after the migration. Never in the 3.5 years of playing this game have I encountered host migration this badly.
  17. As long as the Exalted Glaive has a homing effect where it targets all nearby enemies for the duration of the throw. Maybe the combo multiplier makes it last longer thrown. Could also see an ability where he throws a glaive that steals loot from enemies. If a glaive is equipped then it’ll do damage to the enemies as well. There is the physical damage of the Exalted Glaive. I figured it can do puncture, impact, and slash equally. At least puncture and slash. Kind of picturing the Glaive having a string where it can used almost like a yo-yo 🪀. Where certain swing will throw the glaive a little distance then use the string to whip it across multiple enemies. Could also be a simple method of recalling the glaive too. Range mods should increase the size of the glaive so it can damage more enemies outside the target. Like throwing it into a horde.
  18. I’ve been thinking Railjack could use more missions than just exterminate, assassinate, and sabotage. Railjack just came out last month so it will be a bit before more is added. DE needs to focus more on the bugs first before adding more stuff that will also be affected by the bugs. Be cool if DE made specters be able to pilot your railjack with your piloting level. In cases where nobody else is policing the ship or in solo missions. Kind of seeing the return of the J3 Golem. Except we use our railjack to do most of the work.
  19. Trust me when people started begging for the multiple condition overloads I had, I started looking into it and made some builds. Some that focus on specific enemy weaknesses like corrosive and puncture for grineer. And made a multiple status build. Which can be kind of hard to do. And the enemies were still hard to damage. Don’t know what I was missing. Tried high status chance. Mostly on low critical weapons since their base damage was higher and provided more space for non critical mods. I’ve tried a lot of weapons. But no luck. Only thing that allowed/allows me to kill enemies quickly with my melees are builds designed specifically against those enemies. Which is why I figured a weapon that can do that against all enemies would be worthy of someone like stalker to hunt down tennos. Don’t know who you’re used to talking to but I’m the type of person who likes having a conversation/discussion on how certain weapons, warframes, and/or missions could be improved. And I try to be as detailed as possible to insure people understand what I’m talking about. So I’m glad you didn’t just throw the idea out the window like many have done before. I made a post about DE buffing melees because they were like toothpicks against high level enemies and some people that responded simply criticized the post with no elaboration. But being able to channel the base physical damage of the War while leaving the rest out, I guess could still work. Would still do a decent more damage against any enemy regardless of the mods placed on it. Especially grineer which impact does little. Maybe that AND a unique stance mod that converts all the damage to enemy weakness could be implemented so that everybody would have a choice instead of only a select few. So nobody would be negatively affected by the slight change/addition. Of course increasing the Riven disposition from 1 to either 2 or 3 would be nice too. Or buffing the base stats some more to balance out the riven disposition. Those 2-3 changes would bring the War up to the other melees level and make hunting the stalker worth it. 1). Converting the base damage into the enemy’s weakness. Example: 250(plus pure damage buffing mods) does all puncture and/or corrosive to grineer. Radiation to Bombarders. Etc. 2). Add a unique War stance mod that converts all the damage from all mods and such into the enemy’s weakness. So if the total was some how like 3,000 then it would do 3,000 of pure puncture and/or corrosive against grineer. 3). Increase the Riven disposition from 1 to either 2 or 3. So that the War would be more equal to the other melees like the Gram Prime or the Galatine Prime. Would also be cool if range mods like Prime Reach made the energy blade around the War extend even further. Similar to Wukong’s staff. So that we can actually see the range of the War being increased. Of course creating a new weapon that uses the War as a resource to build a stronger version would be nice too. Like if Alad V got his hands on it and recreated it into a more powerful melee. Could definitely bring the War back to the top. Could kind of see Stalker returning as a result too and being even more difficult. Considering that the old Shadow Stalker is no longer a challenge to me. To gain this weapon and new and improved enemy would require being pretty far into the warframe for that to happen. Wouldn’t put it past Alad V to have made a deal with the Stalker considering how much they both know about and hate the Tenno.
  20. That could be said about all of the weapons. And as of right now, the War is weaker than like 5 other melee weapons. Now if DE added more to the buff. Like maybe make it where it can do the regular damage build but has an adaptive bonus damage that is also affected by the mods where it does primarily the enemies weaknesses. Like let’s say the War does a total of 250 base damage. DE could add like another 250 or half that, 125, of damage of enemy weaknesses. So when you build up the total damage for the regular stats, it builds up the adapting bonus damage as well. So if modded right, you could build it to do more status effects if you’re really that confident about them. Or maybe add a unique stance mod, for the War only, that allows it to be able to adapt like I originally suggested. Maybe the War could also have a bonus block where it can completely redirect Tau type sentient damage back at the sentients. Lasers, homing orbs, etc. So if a sentient shoots lasers at you and you block it, the sentient will take all the damage equal to its weakness. The status effects you’re talking about never worked for me. I’ve tried other people’s builds including this status effect build you’re talking about and they never worked so well. Only the builds meant for the enemy’s weakness. So I’m curious to know what exact build are YOU referring to if you’re claiming that it somehow makes the War “OP” against high level enemies. Or that this kind of suggestion would be a “nerf” which would imply the War does an enormous amount of damage compared to the Gram, Fragor, and the Galatine. Currently its only uniqueness is being a high impact heavy blade. That’s it. So whatever build you’re suggesting can easily be applied to multiple stronger weapons. So it wouldn’t possibly affect anybody negatively except maybe those who use the War regardless of its weak stats and riven disposition. Either way, the War is way too weak of a weapon for it to such a pain to obtain. All that and it turns out there are multiple weapons superior to it that are much easier to obtain. Really a big disappointment.
  21. How would it be a potential nerf? I weapon that can inflict all kinds of damage regardless of what the enemy is doesn’t sound like a need at all. And wouldn’t require having to make multiple build for each faction. Especially the corrupted. You’d be able to put you’re most powerful mods on it and it’ll be just as powerful against any enemy. Or more powerful depending on the enemy. Like corpus having less health than grineer so it would do more against them naturally. Infested have no protection. There’s enemies weak to radiation and others weak to corrosive, and other against magnetic. Most weapons can only inflict one of those three. Since you can only make one combined element with electricity. The buff on the War would be able to do all 3 and more. So how would it be possibly be a nerf?
  22. Well it’s happened to me a lot. Sometimes when I’m the host, players would join and leave over and over. No communication, nothing. One guy rushed in to kill a captain and then left afterwards. Consoles can’t share the weapon pickups that drop from them which means that guys would've screwed the rest of us over if it any of the 2 had dropped. But hosts leaving is even worse. Maybe if it didn’t leave the rest of us with such a weak ship and the inability to return to the dry dock with what little resources we did managed to obtain, I wouldn’t care as much. But it is definitely becoming extremely common. For me and a few others. Veil Proxima is just the absolute worse for such things to happen.
  23. Before people get the wrong idea, I actually love the update that improved the melee weapons. Been a long time coming. I can actually kill enemies with my melee WITHOUT having to use Rhino, Chroma, or Excalibur. So awesome job DE. 👍🏻 But the War is till kind of... ehhh. A weapon as hard to get as the war definitely deserves more than what it has. For starters its Riven Disposition is way too low for a weapon far weaker than several. And those several are much easier to get. I’m not suggesting DE raises the Riven disposition or the base stats up some, even though that would be lovely. What I AM suggesting is that DE adds a bonus/ability to the sentient weapon. I’ve made a post like this before and now I’m just reminding DE since the improved melee system came and its a new year. As a sentient weapon that was a part of and housed the Mega Sentient Hunhow, that it should be a weapon that can adapt to enemies weaknesses. That it can inflict damage upon enemies based on their weaknesses. Such as puncture and corrosive against majority grineer. Impact and magnetic against majority corpus. Etc. etc. If health is all that is left due to armor/shield stripping, then the weapon does viral and slash. Basically any mods placed on the weapon contributes to its overall damage dealt. Basically the War channels all those elements and physical mods into a single element/physical of the enemies weakness. Sentients adapt to attacks so I figured a sentient weapon made from the most powerful sentient should be able to adapt its attacks against other enemies. A weapon capable of slaying anything, including a warframe definitely deserves more credit than what it already has. When I first started playing, the War was the big hype. Anybody who has it basically were respected as somebody who conquered their fear of the Stalker and succeeded in not only killing him, but obtaining the most power Melee weapon in the game at that time. But then I quickly realized that the Melees aren’t at all what I thought them to be. Higher level enemies where basically resistant if not immune to these melees. Until the update last year and now melees are becoming popular again and more fun to use. Now we just need some sort of Advanced Enemy like some armored bulky grineer that only melees do the real damage too, so that guns aren’t the primary weapons to use against such tough enemies all the time. The War is basically a unused weapon and with such a low Riven disposition, it is surprising that it isn’t completely forgotten. I’m just asking that DE make this weapon popular again. Make it unique. Cause I just know that it will be used way more often if the buff I suggested is implemented. It wouldn’t replace all melee weapons obviously but it would be used more. And make facing the shadow stalker a hundred times, more worth it. Also I think it should mention that the broken war is needed to craft it after being obtained form the stalker after the second dream quest. Cause so many players would level the weapon up and and delete it for more space for a better weapon. If anything every weapon that is used as a resource for another should have that info shown after obtained or simply in the description. But anyways, that’s just my opinion. Well mine and several others. I talk to others about these things before making a post and they all agreed the War still needs a buff. Please be honest and constructive.
  24. It happens all the the time, everywhere. Saturn. Earth. And the most recent has be Veil. Just keeps happening every other game. Sometimes back to back.
  25. Just as the title says. I’m getting real sick of all the host migrations. They keep happening over and over. Can’t play a single mission without players host migrating then it places the rest of us in a Noob Railjack where we are not allowed to return to Dry Dock. So we are forced to abort as well. Had to close the game once because I was stuck in the loading screen. Never encountered host migrating as badly as this. Shouldn’t be forced to be host or play solo on a mission that is meant for full squads because players are super impatient. Something needs to be done. I would list a few suggestions but I’m sure many players will not agree.
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