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  1. Basically an armor set for warframes that are Dax. Maybe even separated by gender like the Tennos, with Xaku being able to wear both. Be able to wear a unique helmet or new helmet attachment that hasn’t been done before. Could be something released along side a Dax Warrior Deluxe skin for Revenant. Just something to think about.
  2. That would be funny. And since deluxe have different effects, makes me picture his Mach Rush giving a sphere like aura around his body the rotates forward.
  3. I’ve tried making a Queen of Swarms before. But trolls compared it to Titania simply because bugs were used. Appearance wise I try to use other frames and characters from other games to give a better idea of how my concepts would look. I’ve gotten a drawing for a volcanic frame done just from that alone. For a Queen of Swarms I tend to picture a female frame with a similar shape to Wisp. Before wisp was released I pictured mine being more thin and maybe even floats in her own unique way. So wisp kind of resembles the shape a little bit. But your version makes me picture her
  4. Think it wouldn’t be that, that hard since they did have us transfer into a giant orokin worm.
  5. Be really nice if there was a Necramech Sanctuary Onslaught. Trying to level them up and polarize over and over in a buggy open world is really annoying. Feels like only the second and fourth abilities are even useful. The others are just a waste of energy. Literally. Especially if y’all plan to add more in future updates. Sure many would not want to go back and repeat the Affinity grind for another Necramech.
  6. Well it got me picturing a frame with rings around its body and limbs. Like different size rotating hula hoops. For abilities, I guess I can sort of see the gas damage being increased due to some planets being gas based. I was picturing something more like being able to cast and hold to gather all projectiles and have them spinning around the frame. When cast again they get sent in all directions with increase in damage to due to the extra momentum. The ability to make enemies orbit the frame I could see making it where they take some of the damage. Providing a shield for the
  7. To be honest when I first heard of an open world for Grineers, I thought it was gonna by on Mercury or Mars. A more deserty kind of land. When I thought of a Sun Goddess like frame, I got the idea thinking about the desert, and the vision I had for her is literally what wisp is. Except for her a... assets. Would be nice if there was a more grineer based open world that didn’t have giant eidolon. Maybe more desert creatures like giant sand worms. Maybe some that can spit a goo that hardens quickly and slows you down. Could become part of the Inaros quest much like how PoE is part of r
  8. We still do not have a gas based frame. I made a concept called Hazard who can spray and deal gas damage and it be ignited to deal blast damage. Basically a frame created to deal with infested. I can see Deimos being the perfect opportunity to release such a frame.
  9. I’ve tried saying the same thing. But some people simply disagreed with no legit reasons. Augments for the most part changes the style that is most commonly used. They don’t exactly provide some serious buff. And they make other builds possible by sort of enhancing the ability in some way to replace the fourth. Rhino is mostly used for range and stomp. I have a Roar build to buff my team. But the 2 augment mods for his charge and iron skin allows for an extremely tanky build. But they tend to come with some extreme sacrifice. For starters they share almost no polarity with the more common
  10. Well dang. I’ve made concept of a Zanuka Warframe and Mutalist Zanuka Hunter. This is basically a hybrid of the 2. And now I’m picturing it more clearly and 3D. God, I can’t shake off the resident evil vibes I’m visualizing. It would definitely fit the Heart of Deimos theme perfectly. And so far 2-3 frames have been released in open worlds. So other than the Gas Based concept I’ve made a couple of years ago, I can see this frame being implemented. Kind of like how revenant matches the sentient theme that came with PoE and Hildryn that came with the cybernetic theme that came with Orb Vallis. T
  11. Oh. Well i already had them from trying to farm for the mods.
  12. Only ones I personally hate are the noise ones. No rhythm at all, just endless noise. Which if DE didn’t force you to do stupid stuff like squatting with the rhythm, then players would be less inclined to make such noises. Why not just squat a specific number instead? Having endless noise gives you endless chances to actually pull off the real abilities behind the “music”. Also be nice if they added Shwazin sound effects to her kit so you can enjoy the guitar music without leaving yourself vulnerable.
  13. Idk. To some degree, yes, but then again it would be kind of overpowered. Maybe if they were weakened a little, kind of like the grounded arch weapons, while in non-open worlds. Be a sort of reversed Archwing. Also I made a concept about a Grineer and Corpus version. Like they somehow got a hold of one and made a version of their own. While Corpus focus more on long/wide range attacks, Grineer focus more on close melee range. While the original Orokin version is sort of mid range. So each one won’t just be some alternative skin. Imagine being able to Wield Arch-Melees on the Grineer
  14. Still having bugs with the isolation vaults. Such as: 1). Respawning over and over while trying to enter the vault for the loot. 2). The vault door not opening unless the host comes near it. 3). The infested tunnel not opening even after throwing the infested “key” into it. Also the inside of the tunnels where you spend 3 minutes killing infested, the percentage is increasing just a little bit too fast. Going through all that just for the above bugs to occur gets really annoying.
  15. Maybe the first successful warframe. Ballas called Umbra subject nine and said he was a failure “like the others”. So for all we know, the very first attempt of a warframe could’ve been Nidus. But the infestation mutated and he had to be sealed away to prevent any spread. There is a lot DE hasn’t revealed. Like who the other “failures” are. When it comes to science I’ve noticed that they will call something the first when it is the first SUCCESSFUL attempt. Think planes and cars were successful on the very first attempt? But bet if you tried to look up the first vehicle or plane it w
  16. I can double my teammate’s power strength with my build. With the right team I can increase it by 2.5x. During Fissures if I’m fissured I can quadruple my team’s power strength. Mine is strictly a team build. Imagine fissured Chroma with a vex armor of 13,000% Fury.
  17. I picture Nidus Prime having armor that is cracked and his some infested coming out. Like he was the very first attempt of a warframe. He could even bare a resemblance to Excalibur Prime for all I know/care. But due to his mutation they basically locked him away until he was forgotten. I call him Derelict Nidus just cause.
  18. Technically Hildryn = bulky Mega Woman X while Excalibur = Zero. Lol But not only would it be considered copyright or plagiarism, but there wouldn’t be much to do that hasn’t already been done for previous frames. There would nothing new. Might as well give a frame chroma’s passive, Exalted blade, Balefire, Mach Rush, and Sol Gate. Then boom, a mega man wannabe. Have the passive change the element that the abilities inflict. Some player may like the option to sort of create their own frame and by unlocking and leveling each and every one of them, they unlock the abilities for th
  19. That’s your choice. I just provided some ideas for you to start with. But ultimately it’s your concept and you can edit them however you please. I just add onto it in order to possibly improve the concept for DE to ultimately decide to use it. Just wish more people showed support instead of ignoring so much. All the views but little to no likes nor comments on possible improvements.
  20. When I think of magic, I tend to picture abilities similar to existing frames but more with a twist. Example: 1). The ability to teleport enemies or even non moving allies to where you stood when ability was first activated. How does it work? Basically the way it works, like Protea, the frame leaves a sort of mark when first activated. But like Ash, you have an Aura that surrounds the body and you can mark an enemy by looking at them. When you tap the ability again, like Loki, it teleports them in the spot that was set up in the first cast like when protea time travels back to the sp
  21. I’ve made a Phoenix concept before. Mine had the passive to have additional revives similar to prime regen. And they’re free revives per non-free one. The Fourth I was picturing the ability to channel health into a fiery explosive. More health means more damage. If destroyed it can deal additional damage. I was picturing an ability to release so much heat that it either throws off enemy aim, tires them out due to dehydration, or melt the bullets and reduce the damage. Kind of picturing a desert-y open world(many have) that this frame could be released in. Maybe th
  22. Definitely got me picturing icy lands but in the underground cave areas, there is a big body of water we must swim through. But due to how cold it is, swimming in it can be slow and difficult. But eventually we end up unlocking a sort of warframe submarine to make under water travel easier. Basically picture a very small railjack designed for under water discoveries. I’m picturing many shapes and designs but unfortunately can’t draw very well. So I can only hope your imagination is as strong as mine. Maybe could be summoned while in Archwing or On the surface. If it gets destroyed you automati
  23. Every time they did it was always at 2:00pm ET. Which is 1:00pm for me.
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