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  1. Basically an armor set for warframes that are Dax. Maybe even separated by gender like the Tennos, with Xaku being able to wear both. 

    Be able to wear a unique helmet or new helmet attachment that hasn’t been done before. Could be something released along side a Dax Warrior Deluxe skin for Revenant. 

    Just something to think about. 

  2. On 2020-11-08 at 1:10 PM, (XBOX)LorgarAurelion3 said:

    Nah just have gauss deluxe be a metallic blue hedgehog. And give him a chaos emerald or ring ephemera. Every time he gets knocked down it would spray bouncing gold rings everywhere and play a ringing sound. 

    That would be funny. And since deluxe have different effects, makes me picture his Mach Rush giving a sphere like aura around his body the rotates forward. 

  3. I’ve tried making a Queen of Swarms before. But trolls compared it to Titania simply because bugs were used. 

    Appearance wise I try to use other frames and characters from other games to give a better idea of how my concepts would look. I’ve gotten a drawing for a volcanic frame done just from that alone. 

    For a Queen of Swarms I tend to picture a female frame with a similar shape to Wisp. Before wisp was released I pictured mine being more thin and maybe even floats in her own unique way. So wisp kind of resembles the shape a little bit. But your version makes me picture her having like fangs on her body. Like imagine Grendel’s belly mouth but sideways like a typical bug’s. And more spiky/fanged looking. Where she opens it and unleashes her swarms. Basically she is more than just a frame, she is also a hive. That would be a frame I wouldn’t want to use. It would be kind of grotesque. 

    This was also an image I had for an Infested Queen. One that can infect enemies and turn them into her personal infested army. 

    Also I feel that Eidolon deserves a third frame like Fortuna. Which the volcanic frame was my suggestion. But yours could also be something new. Imagine if they added a large forest that contains wild animals, possible companions, and this frame serves as a sort of guardian. Every where you go you may find hives of insects that swarm you and slow you down while inflicting mostly puncture status. Screen could blur a little, like Mesa’s Fourth ability, when being attacked and rolling & melee are the only ways to shake them off quickly. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Sevek7 said:

    Hah! This would actually be really fun! Of course, it would be difficult to code for the non-Tenno specters like Clem.

    But it would be really cool to start a mission, and then when objectives change, pop a specter and hop into that Warframe instead, with your original Warframe now following you as a specter. That way you can essentially bring two entire loadouts into a single mission.

    I'm imagining doing a bounty in the open worlds. The next objective is far away, so I summon a Gauss specter, hop into the Gauss, and sprint across the map. When I arrive, I can swap back to my original frame. Or, say the next objective is an assassination, so I'll hop into an Ash or Loki instead.

    You could even do things like build your specter for buffs. Use them to buff your main frame, and then return to your main frame.

    Could bring Frost/Mesa combo to a mobile defence, place snowglobe and then do peacemaker inside the globe. There are so many possibilities! It also makes so many more varied tactical options.

    Of course, this would be a massive increase in player power, but balance hasn't existed in this game for many years, this would be really cool!

    Think it wouldn’t be that, that hard since they did have us transfer into a giant orokin worm. 

  5. Be really nice if there was a Necramech Sanctuary Onslaught. Trying to level them up and polarize over and over in a buggy open world is really annoying. Feels like only the second and fourth abilities are even useful. The others are just a waste of energy. Literally. 

    Especially if y’all plan to add more in future updates. Sure many would not want to go back and repeat the Affinity grind for another Necramech. 

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  6. Well it got me picturing a frame with rings around its body and limbs. Like different size rotating hula hoops.

    For abilities, I guess I can sort of see the gas damage being increased due to some planets being gas based. 

    I was picturing something more like being able to cast and hold to gather all projectiles and have them spinning around the frame. When cast again they get sent in all directions with increase in damage to due to the extra momentum. 

    The ability to make enemies orbit the frame I could see making it where they take some of the damage. Providing a shield for the frame. The bigger the ring of enemies, the more protection. 

    Kind of picture the rings being able to be cast on enemies to also cause them to hurt each other. Shooting at the enemies could cause a ring of bullets that can continuously damage enemies nearby the one the ability was cast on. Can use ally projectile like Exalted Blade as well. Having a lot of punch through could allow the bullet rings to last longer. Throwing glaives would make the glaive damage both the one affected and those around them. 

    But the whole armor stealing and ally healing doesn’t fit the theme at all. Makes zero sense for some gravity controlling frame to magically heal and armor strip. I can understand making enemy weapons fall to the ground and the struggle to pick them up, or their accuracy is reduced. I can understand being able to slow down the bullets to do less damage. I could understand casting the rings on allies for better protection. But healing and armor stripping doesn’t sound like a gravity type frame at all. So I doubt DE would just add such an ability effects like that. 

  7. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Lennin_Pro said:

    I found it an interesting conversation, especially in the part where you mentioned using new Necramech as a reason to go through the previous open worlds, I think it's very good that each of the open worlds have their own official Necramech, in the valleys of the Orb the Corpus type and in the Plains the Grineers type, although I do not consider and I do not like the idea that planet earth is the world of the grineers.

    To be honest when I first heard of an open world for Grineers, I thought it was gonna by on Mercury or Mars. A more deserty kind of land. When I thought of a Sun Goddess like frame, I got the idea thinking about the desert, and the vision I had for her is literally what wisp is. Except for her a... assets. 

    Would be nice if there was a more grineer based open world that didn’t have giant eidolon. Maybe more desert creatures like giant sand worms. Maybe some that can spit a goo that hardens quickly and slows you down. Could become part of the Inaros quest much like how PoE is part of revenant’s quest. 

    And this one could have much more advanced grineer machines, such as the necramech. And the syndicate could be the defected and steel meridian could be more involved. Imagine her leading you through the bounties. Could involve like a giant rescue mission that works similar to spy missions. Where there are defected prisoners needing to be freed in multiple locations inside a large underground prison. And triggering alarms could release either Grineer Mechs or desert carnivores they’ve managed to subdue. 

    Can kind of picture Wolf coming back too. Maybe he has been recruiting defected grineer and he really hates those that choose to be pacifists. So sometimes he may pop up. Some cases a defected grineer may decide to join him and turn against you and the others.


    Stuff like that.

  8. On 2020-09-12 at 4:46 AM, Cobalt313 said:

    Oh we're definitely getting more Necramechs- we already know of at least one more model from the trailers- I'm just not sure whether they'll keep the wholesale construction model we currently have or be changed to be piecemeal like K-Drives, and consequently how that would affect the possibility of actual Necramechs from other factions as opposed to cosmetics based on them that can be applied to any or all of our mechs.

    And yeah, K-Drive parts having different base stat modifiers/polarities like MOA companions would have been nice, but then again being purely cosmetic is kinda freeing too.

    And yes I'm fairly certain we'll be getting a second and/or third Warframe on Deimos with some kind of raid; people speculate it may involve fighting the Wyrms, but I have a hunch the Magnus Cerebrum might be a part of it too. That big growling brain-building has far too detailed-yet-empty an interior to *not* be significant in some way.

    We still do not have a gas based frame. I made a concept called Hazard who can spray and deal gas damage and it be ignited to deal blast damage. Basically a frame created to deal with infested. I can see Deimos being the perfect opportunity to release such a frame. 

  9. 12 hours ago, (PS4)jumpermichael said:

    I propose warframes be given a dedicated slot for augments, much like exilus mods. Augments can still be put on the normal slots, but there is one dedicated slot for augments on each warframe, and if we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.... give it a stupid exilus adapter type thing that we have to build in order to unlock the augment slot.

    I’ve tried saying the same thing. But some people simply disagreed with no legit reasons. Augments for the most part changes the style that is most commonly used. They don’t exactly provide some serious buff. And they make other builds possible by sort of enhancing the ability in some way to replace the fourth. Rhino is mostly used for range and stomp. I have a Roar build to buff my team. But the 2 augment mods for his charge and iron skin allows for an extremely tanky build.

    But they tend to come with some extreme sacrifice. For starters they share almost no polarity with the more commonly used mods. So if you polarize a slot for them then making another build would be difficult. I made a second rhino prime just so I could make a more... solo build. If I wanted to fully build a tanky rhino, I would have to build a third rhino prime to polarize for those mods.

    I’d rather be able to have an augment mod slot so that I can create alternative builds without having to sacrifice a regular mod slot and prevent any other potential builds. And I don’t want to have to purchase 100 extra warframe slots and build like 1,000 Formas just so I could make every possible build without affecting the others. 

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  10. On 2020-09-30 at 4:07 PM, (XB1)Nightseid said:



    so I took your idea here about a new assassin and made a new frame. so basically you need to hunt for these assassin enemies whom are hunting you in order to obtain the part blueprints but must fight the boss in order to obtain the final blueprint to put it all together.

    Warframe – (Apex) Nyctimus: The Tainted Zanuka

    Alad V did attempt another Zanuka when bonded with the infested basing it off a relic of the old war. Obsessed to creature the next evolution. The result was a Mutalist Zanuka a monstrosity of a Warframe and the new strain to hunt all enemies of the new colony.

    Acquisition: a new assassination mission where must hunt a shut down the hive creating these apex predators. Complete bounties the obtain coordinates. Watch out though as you quest thru Eris as they be stalking you.


    Health: 100

    Armor: 75

    Shield: 75

    Power: 115

    Speed: 1.10



    Always on your Feet – innate 75% faster recovery from knockdowns


    Active Abilities

    Ability 1:  Target Acquired – mark all targets in your line of sight. Increasing the critical chance and critical damage of your projectile damage up to 15% against marked enemies.

    Cost: 25

    Duration: 10 second duration

    Strength: 15% critical chance/damage

    Range: 15 meters


    Ability 2: Alter – change into stance and into to beast mode; gain a 30% bonus to your evasion and speed, and a 30 second duration extension to your wall latch. While in beast mode enemies have a harder time detecting you.

    Cost: 50

    Duration: n/a

    Strength: up to 30% increase to detection resistance


    Ability 3: Nano Swarm – launch a pod of small infested nano drones at enemies. Enemies caught in the path will be repeatedly stung by the swarm.

    Cost: 50

    Duration: 5 seconds



    Ability 4: Outbreak – allows the infestation to overtake him for a short duration, providing him. This gives Nyctimus a temporary health bonus with a vampiric aura that drains nearby enemy health while healing his own however, Outbreak will increase Nyctimus threat level by 50%.

    Cost: 100

    Duration: 15 seconds

    Strength: drains and heals 5 heal a sec; 200% health bonus

    Range: 10m Aura


    Beast form controls

    While in beast form, you lose the access to your equipped weapons but can gain access to your exalted rifle. You can also bite, claw, swipe with your tendrils and even charge.

    Exalted weapon

    Gamma Breathe: this weapon works in the same manner as the Opticor Vandal, requiring a small charge before firing an explosion blast with some splash damage.


    Well dang. I’ve made concept of a Zanuka Warframe and Mutalist Zanuka Hunter. This is basically a hybrid of the 2. And now I’m picturing it more clearly and 3D. God, I can’t shake off the resident evil vibes I’m visualizing. It would definitely fit the Heart of Deimos theme perfectly. And so far 2-3 frames have been released in open worlds. So other than the Gas Based concept I’ve made a couple of years ago, I can see this frame being implemented. Kind of like how revenant matches the sentient theme that came with PoE and Hildryn that came with the cybernetic theme that came with Orb Vallis. This being an infested open world, it would make sense to have a new kind of infested. But unlike Nidus, this frame could be only partially infested. Well technically they are all infested with the possible exceptions of Xaku and Revenant, but Nidus is fully mutated. While this frame could be more partially mutated. 

  11. On 2020-09-25 at 6:28 PM, NinjaZeku said:

    Are you getting this from what you've mentioned in the OP, or was there actually a proper
    "yeah I made this song specifically to ruin people's enjoyment of the game" statement you left out?

    Because, if you're basing your views of other players solely on the interactions you shared with us,
    then that's one friggin' MASSIVE overreaction / misunderstanding, I certainly didn't get any malice out of that.

    Only ones I personally hate are the noise ones. No rhythm at all, just endless noise. Which if DE didn’t force you to do stupid stuff like squatting with the rhythm, then players would be less inclined to make such noises. Why not just squat a specific number instead? Having endless noise gives you endless chances to actually pull off the real abilities behind the “music”. 

    Also be nice if they added Shwazin sound effects to her kit so you can enjoy the guitar music without leaving yourself vulnerable. 

  12. 12 hours ago, Z_3_K_3 said:

    Necramechs Anywhere! (Accessible outside of Open Worlds):
    This is a concept from the devstreams that I dearly hope doesn't get left in the back log.
    These mechs are just too cool to leave hanging on 3 nodes in the entire star chart.

    Idk. To some degree, yes, but then again it would be kind of overpowered. Maybe if they were weakened a little, kind of like the grounded arch weapons, while in non-open worlds. Be a sort of reversed Archwing. 

    Also I made a concept about a Grineer and Corpus version. Like they somehow got a hold of one and made a version of their own. While Corpus focus more on long/wide range attacks, Grineer focus more on close melee range. While the original Orokin version is sort of mid range. So each one won’t just be some alternative skin. Imagine being able to Wield Arch-Melees on the Grineer Mech. Like running around with the Knux. 

    Which if they did that, MAYBE we could see them brought into non-open worlds as a sort of guardian or assassin. Like imagine them guarding the rescue targets. Or you fight them before fighting the actual boss. Or they are around to protect “VIPs” in capture missions. And we could summon our own. Maybe requiring a new kind of segment. Maybe they’re “a bit too much for tight space areas to handle. Wouldn’t want to blow up an enemy ship and be stuck in space”. What ever excuse that may get used to explain why you require a certain item to use them outside of the big maps they were specifically designed for. Imagine them on Railjacks. Lol 


    Only problem is players complain over warframes. Imagine how many would act seeing a Necramech “stealing all the kills and fun away” instead of just going solo like they keep demanding the others do.


    Me and like 5 other dudes would have fun using a Necramech in other missions. Open worlds are kind of too big. Hate having to hop out, go into Archwing, fly to destination, then summon Necramech. The smaller maps would make it less tedious to use. And when I was a newbie 4 years ago, I didn’t care if all the kills were taken. They actually helped me out. But on days where I felt bored cause I wasn’t doing much, I went to private to “have fun”. Some players are just too selfish and they ruin the games for everybody. 

    Also be nice to have a Necramech Sanctuary Onslaught. Like Simaris has taken an interest in these Necramechs and wants to put them to the test with his SO/ESO. But only Necramechs can be used. So without one, you won’t be allowed. Much like sorties not allowing rank < 30 warframes. It would also be a faster way to level them up and Forma them too. Also could have a Simaris Mech that appears after a certain round. 

    Kind of picturing Ordis being able to operate one and assist the Operator. “Finally. Ordis can now... KICK SOME AS... assist the Operator”. 

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  13. Still having bugs with the isolation vaults. Such as:

    1). Respawning over and over while trying to enter the vault for the loot.

    2). The vault door not opening unless the host comes near it.

    3). The infested tunnel not opening even after throwing the infested “key” into it. 

    Also the inside of the tunnels where you spend 3 minutes killing infested, the percentage is increasing just a little bit too fast. Going through all that just for the above bugs to occur gets really annoying. 

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  14. 3 hours ago, (XB1)Graysmog said:

    I'm not sure where people keep getting that Nidus was the first Warframe or something, but that's not true. He wasn't some kind of prototype, he's just like every other Warframe, the only difference is his aesthetic because he uses Infestation to attack, so his looks reflect that. I imagine he'll bear a resemblance to the Orokin meat towers in Cetus.

    The actual first Warframe was Excalibur.

    Maybe the first successful warframe. Ballas called Umbra subject nine and said he was a failure “like the others”. So for all we know, the very first attempt of a warframe could’ve been Nidus. But the infestation mutated and he had to be sealed away to prevent any spread. There is a lot DE hasn’t revealed. Like who the other “failures” are. 

    When it comes to science I’ve noticed that they will call something the first when it is the first SUCCESSFUL attempt. Think planes and cars were successful on the very first attempt? But bet if you tried to look up the first vehicle or plane it will only show the ones that were successful. 

    Excalibur could’ve just been the first successful attempt of a warframe THAT BALLAS CAN CONTROL. But even he mentioned how difficult it was to control them. Until the tenno came and “took away its pain”. Then there are new frames whose origins don’t match with the others at all. And we only hear their stories AFTER THE PRIME RELEASE. 

    So my question is, why do people keep assuming Excalibur was the first attempt just cause it says he was the first OBVIOUSLY successful warframe? People don’t think about the first attempts, creators/inventors are usually only remembered by their first successes, not their “failures”. 

  15. 9 hours ago, (PS4)CallmeBraindead_ said:

    Next prime has a high chance to be nidus prime imo because I feel they delayed nezha because he needs tweaking, if not definetly will be next year, I wonder how'll he'll look, his weapons and accessories, and if they'll dare to buff his automatic heal rate in the prime version. Tbh idc about nezha but I'll gladly wait for next year because nidus is my favorite frame. 

    I can double my teammate’s power strength with my build. With the right team I can increase it by 2.5x. During Fissures if I’m fissured I can quadruple my team’s power strength. Mine is strictly a team build. Imagine fissured Chroma with a vex armor of 13,000% Fury. 

  16. On 2020-09-22 at 4:02 PM, Andele3025 said:

    Or even better, the unmutated nidus would be entirely orokin tech (golden white spikes for 1, orokin tileset trap sphere for larva with the knockdown pulse animation for enemies pulled in for 2, a little face drone with energy laser connecting to frame for 3, 4 summons meat wall material and tiny orokin cleaning drones in addition to bits of infestation) where only the 4 and stages of mutation stacks imply he might later have issues with getting infested.

    I picture Nidus Prime having armor that is cracked and his some infested coming out. Like he was the very first attempt of a warframe. He could even bare a resemblance to Excalibur Prime for all I know/care. But due to his mutation they basically locked him away until he was forgotten. 

    I call him Derelict Nidus just cause. 

  17. 2 hours ago, Cobalt313 said:

    Arm Cannon primary with Staticor charge shot mechanics?

    Technically Hildryn = bulky Mega Woman X while Excalibur = Zero. Lol

    But not only would it be considered copyright or plagiarism, but there wouldn’t be much to do that hasn’t already been done for previous frames. There would nothing new. Might as well give a frame chroma’s passive, Exalted blade, Balefire, Mach Rush, and Sol Gate. Then boom, a mega man wannabe. Have the passive change the element that the abilities inflict. 

    Some player may like the option to sort of create their own frame and by unlocking and leveling each and every one of them, they unlock the abilities for them as well to be placed on a customizable frame. But then it would be kind of a mess. Can’t be expecting every game to have something like that. Plus warframes are actual beings. Not just some robot built in a lab. They have memories, origins, some come with lores. So it wouldn’t make sense to implement something that takes that concept away. 

    So in the end, such a cross over concept wouldn’t exactly work. 

  18. 2 hours ago, (PS4)Aggro_lotus said:

    I like that but with the 2 what if instead of duplicating bullets when you activate the ability it makes a portal that draws enimies bullets in to it then you can tap to uncast and I will unleash all the bullets it stored in front of you but then it could be effected by range mods to make it shoot the bullets a full 360 around you

    That’s your choice. I just provided some ideas for you to start with. But ultimately it’s your concept and you can edit them however you please. I just add onto it in order to possibly improve the concept for DE to ultimately decide to use it. Just wish more people showed support instead of ignoring so much. All the views but little to no likes nor comments on possible improvements. 

  19. 5 hours ago, (PS4)Aggro_lotus said:

    I was thinking that the name should be murlin and all there ability’s are magic

    what I have for abilities is limited so please feel free to comment and fix them

    passive: Allies within 5m of Merlin get increased armor and damage

    First ability: idk

    second ability: idk

    Third ability: idk

    Fourth ability: all spells cast while this ability is active all casting speeds are instant


    When I think of magic, I tend to picture abilities similar to existing frames but more with a twist. Example:

    1). The ability to teleport enemies or even non moving allies to where you stood when ability was first activated. How does it work?

    Basically the way it works, like Protea, the frame leaves a sort of mark when first activated. But like Ash, you have an Aura that surrounds the body and you can mark an enemy by looking at them. When you tap the ability again, like Loki, it teleports them in the spot that was set up in the first cast like when protea time travels back to the spot where her ability was first cast. Can be used on multiple enemies. Cause them to trip over each other if more than one gets affected. 

    2). Can create an orb that can turn a single bullet into multiples in different directions. Like a sort of multishot portal. How does it work?

    Basically like Limbo’s cataclysm, you can summon a portal anywhere you place/aim the reticle. Like Oberon, range can affect not just how big it gets(not too much) but also the shape. With the right amount of range, the portal can become a perfect sphere that can turn 1 bullet into like 3-5. More power strength can mean the bigger multi shot effect. Like 400% would make it 12-20 bullets per 1. So if you fire 3 bullets due to multishot mods on your weapon then 36-60 would be fired from the portal. Reduced range would make it similar to Nova’s size portal which would make all the bullets go in one direction. Similar to mag, enemy bullets can be redirected back at them.

    3). Can switch enemy weapons with each other to throw them off and distract them. How does it work?

    Similar to Loki/Mesa/Xaku, the frame could cause enemies’ weapons to randomly switch places with each other and confuse them for a second. Once the confusion wears off they’ll realize that’s not their weapon and either throw them down and look for their real one or find the one holding it nearby and make a trade. May require an even number of enemies marked. The last one mark but as an odd number won’t be affected. Basically every odd number would have a different mark than the even number and they switch weapons with the next one marked after them. Making it easier to be implemented. 

    4). Could mark an enemy and if taken fatal damage it would switch places with that enemy instead. How does it work?

    Like protea who creates a mark where she stood, this frame would mark an enemy instead. And similar to Loki, would teleport the enemy in its place. Remains active until either the enemy dies or the ability gets canceled. It could teleport the frame or maybe the frame sort of creates a double mark where the frame teleports a short distance from the fatal shot spot while enemy gets teleported there and dies all confused. Maybe hear them say, “what just happened” before officially dying. Almost like how an execution animation is performed with Ash Blade Storm.

    5). Could make itself look like an enemy. Simply by looking at a specific enemy of the right build(Ex. crawlers and four legged doesn’t work), the frame can take on the appearance and walk among enemies. As long as the frame doesn’t run or jump all crazy which would draw suspicion. Abilities can also be casted with very little to no hand movement to avoid being noticed. Having weapons swapped would go unnoticed until they finally become alerted and try to use them.  

    There isn’t much that can be done without being too similar to another frame. Technically all frames use magic. Just without all the hand signs or pentagrams/whatever shapes. 

    Could see this frame hated because the abilities make no sense to beings of science. Maybe Ballas expresses his hatred of this frame like everything it does is just some joke or prank.

    The abilities mentioned above were chosen due to how they can be used for multiple purposes in sync with one another. It’ll be up to you to decide which one work more effectively together in your opinion. 

    But this is what I got so far. 

  20. 11 hours ago, VAMPHAVENFIELD said:

    ability 1) infuse all weapons with fire damage for 15 seconds

    ability 2) energy pickups boost fire damage, 5 energy per second

    ability 3) enemies on fire in a 10 meter radius heals you for 3 health per second, allies within this radius get healed for 2 health per second

    ability 4) phoenix form, in this form all enemies who come within a 5 meter radius instantly catch on fire, you only get a MAXIMUM of 3 health per second in this form, but your 3rd ability can still be added, in this form your abilities cost 5 less energy to cast, how ever the longer this ability is active the more energy is drained

    passive, every 5 abilities cast a fire spirit will circle Bennu adding either a damage buff for 10 seconds boosting damage by 5% or a energy buff giving you 50 energy, or a health buff giving you 50 health and 2 health per second regen for 5 seconds, or a armor buff giving you 50 more armor for 10 seconds, every 10 abilities cast an ability efficiency buff granting you to cast your abilities for 10 energy less, you can have only 1 of each fire spirit buff at a time, if you have a damige buff active you will get a different buff if you cast 5 more abilities

    When in the Phoenix form Bennu will have fire wings on his back and a small bird like tail, Bennu jumps the wings will have a small flapping animation, when he aim glides the wings will open like Bennu is flying

    maxed stats, 250 armor, 550 health, 250 shield, 350 energy

    low none ranked stats, 250 armor, 200 health, 150 shield, 250 energy


    The Greek myth of the phoenix originated with the Egyptian deity Bennu who was said to be a great bird not unlike a Heron. It was also said to control fire and to be immortal and all the other stuff the phoenix can do. Bennu is a Male

    I’ve made a Phoenix concept before. Mine had the passive to have additional revives similar to prime regen. And they’re free revives per non-free one. 

    The Fourth I was picturing the ability to channel health into a fiery explosive. More health means more damage. If destroyed it can deal additional damage. 

    I was picturing an ability to release so much heat that it either throws off enemy aim, tires them out due to dehydration, or melt the bullets and reduce the damage. 

    Kind of picturing a desert-y open world(many have) that this frame could be released in. Maybe this frame and Inaros have a history Baro Kiteer wasn’t aware of. Could sort of see pyramids or underground tombs that have markings and other details about both frames. Maybe even have the void trader as a sort of guest that speaks to you or guides you while expressing his fascination of the ancient relics. But these ancient places are also filled with all sorts of traps. Kind of like how different buttons or pads can trigger lasers in the Void. Maybe the void and this ancient city have more in common. Maybe the people there used to worship the void until they felt abandoned and yet saved by inaros. 

    And this Phoenix could be the source of many myths, from Ra and Horus, to even Bennu. Either way. Fire buffs I’m not so sure about due to Ember. I’m not one to make such comparisons but me personally, I’d like to other things fire related than just burn thing or fire buffs. Which is why I chose the abilities above. Be nice if DE made a few new elemental frames that due different things compared to the default/vanilla frames. 

  21. On 2020-08-27 at 2:21 PM, Flamealisk said:

    Description: A Frozen Moon of Saturn, the Orokin marked it for terraforming and potential habitation, but never succeed before the Old War. Now, though, as the Grineer begin to search the area for Orokin relics, a new signal has emerged, calling out to the Tenno...

    How to access: Junction from Saturn, will leave it to DE to figure out the exact requirements, though I would prefer it happens after Uranus.

    New Tileset: Grinner Frozen Seaway.

    A Hybrid of the Europa and Uranus Tilesets, the Frozen Seaway is the site of many Grineer Excavations. Most are centered around the thermal vents of the moon, where it is habitable, if only barely. Tileset would require Archwing to navigate the frozen waterways (the planet will give a really easily acquired piece of equipment ot eliminate the archwing speed debuff underwater because holy hell that sucks). Hazards range from bursts of heat to gigantic organisms living under the ice, waiting to attack. The Grineer Occupying the tileset are known as the 'Tundra' corps, and have variations on the Arid Grineer's armor style.

    New Quest: Echoes of Enceladus

    Description: "Beneath the frozen seas of Enceladus, an new signal has arisen. Seek out its source."

    New Faction: The Enceladeans

    "An enigma to much of the origin system, the Enceladeans are rarely seen outside of Enceladus, except in specialized, all encompassing suits. Though isolationist by nature, Grineer Incursions have forced them to seek assistance from outsiders."

    What are they?

    In truth, the Enceladeans are actually an alien race (or rather, collection of alien races) native to Enceladus. They achieved sentience some time during the era of the Orokin, but apparently escaped notice by the Golden Lords. Exposure to Orokin Terraforming Technology altered their physiology, however, making them able to survive in both earth-like environments and the frozen seas that make up their home moon. Visually, they resemble ocean creatures, primarily arthropods like crabs and mantis shrimps.

    New Landscape: the Ixiron Archipelago.

    One of the few places where Enceladus's frozen sea has thawed, the Archipelago contains forgotten Orokin Terraforming technology, which the Grineer seek to pillage for themselves. Deploying their new Aurora Corps to scour the area, the Grineer are only just starting to realize that the Enceladeans call this region their home.

    The primary dangers of the area are not the Grineer, however, but the bizarre creatures that call the region home. Monsters dwelling above and below the ice hunger for food, and the Tenno, Grineer, and Enceladeans all look appetizing. Creatures reminiscent of prehistoric sea beasts from Earth prowl the waves, looking for food.

    Lore Fragments/Enceladean Backstory: The fragments of Enceladus would reveal that the Orokin did eventually notice that Enceladus was inhabited. All attempts to conquer it, however, failed, as the region was defended by the Warframe Centurion (this is the one you would get bounty parts from). Supposedly, Centurion created an army of copies of itself in order to repel the Orokin, but the fighting was at a stalemate until something known as the great shadow appeared. The shadow watched as the two sides fought, in particular how the Enceladeans and Centurion worked together to keep the moon free from the Golden Lords. The observation ended when the Shadow sided with the Warframe and repulsed the Orokin for good.

    Back to the Quest: The focus of the quest would be on stopping the Grineer from gaining access to the remains of the Orokin Terraforming projects, which would not destroy the Enceladeans, but would reveal them to the rest of the system, and they are nowhere near capable of opposing the Grineer or Corpus. Things would get more complicated when it is revealed that the machines have the apparently fossilized remains of sentients stored within, and some of them seem to be still active. Note: Lotus is unable to scan the surroundings due to interference from the old Orokin tech and other stuff, so she never finds out about the sentient corpses here.

    After the quest is completed, exploring the Ixiron Archipelago would revealed that sentient drones are occasionally observing the player, but are impossible to harm.

    'Quills' Syndicate: The Thalassans

      Reveal hidden contents

    After the Player has completed the War Within and met the Quills, they would receive an message telling them to go toward a sealed off part of the Enceladean Settlement, supposedly where the great shadow rests. As soon as they enter the area in operator mode, a cinematic would play:

    The Tenno walks into the room, searching for whoever summoned them. They would soon freeze up as a series of doors open up around them, revealing several sentient drones, similar to the ones that had been observing them in the Archipelago. Before the Operator can attack, though, a new voice speaks.

    Unknown Voice: Relax. They have no interest in harming you.

    As the drones become more passive, a wall in the background fades away, revealing an enormous sentient.

    Great Sentient: I have...things I want to discuss with you.

    Gameplay resumes at this point, allowing you to walk up to the Sentient and talk to her.

    Sentient: Greetings. I am Thalassa, Matriarch of my kin. I have watched you assist these people...and I am impressed.

    Player: (choosing a text option) "...Are you the Great Shadow?"

    Thalassa: That I am. 

    Player: "How did you get here?"

    Thalassa: "My kind were made to shape worlds, with our first generation sent to Tau to make it a paradise. I, however, was bred later, and tasked with assisting in bringing this world to heel. In the process, I came upon these creatures, and found only innocence in them. Oh yes, they fought amongst themselves, just as the Orokin did. But the corruption that characterized the golden lords had not taken root in these creatures. There was still a chance to spare them from evil."

    Player: "You don't want to kill me?"

    Thalassa: "No, I do not. I thought your kind, at first, to be only servants of the Orokin, determined to exact their judgement upon others. But the one called Centurion proved me wrong - they defied the Golden Lords to protect these people from Empire, dedicating their life to defending those who they had never known. I....didn't understand this, at first, nor did my mate, but further observation ultimately proved the words of my kin from Tau wrong - you are not complicit in the Orokin's crimes. You, and the majority of the inhabitants of this system, should be spared our wrath."

    Player: "So why did you call me here?"

    Thalassa: "Ah, yes, that question. My answer: The Grineer's meddling has awakend some of my maddened kin, who's entrapment within the terraformers has driven mad. However, their developing progeny still dream, and so long as I have a chance to rear them, they could move past the hatred their ancestors wallow in. Thus, I propose a bargain: if you bring me the developing seeds of my kin, hidden away in this frozen wasteland, I will offer you aid in....removing my more deranged kinfolk."

    Note: This is all barebones right now, will update it more later.

    Definitely got me picturing icy lands but in the underground cave areas, there is a big body of water we must swim through. But due to how cold it is, swimming in it can be slow and difficult. But eventually we end up unlocking a sort of warframe submarine to make under water travel easier. Basically picture a very small railjack designed for under water discoveries. I’m picturing many shapes and designs but unfortunately can’t draw very well. So I can only hope your imagination is as strong as mine. Maybe could be summoned while in Archwing or On the surface. If it gets destroyed you automatically return to Archwing. 

    While under the water I kind of imagine big orokin things like the worm from war within but more fish/eel type. Animals would probably be similar to platypuses and such. Capable of being on land or diving in the water. Maybe throwing out fish bait will cause certain fish to appear which would also draw in those specific animals that eat them too. Be something different from the other fishing/capturing methods. 

    Enemies like the grineer would have cold resistant armor unlike most other grineer. Maybe other weaknesses or resistances that usually grineer don’t have. Along with either ice or fire type weapons as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had giant snow mobiles or tanks. Kind of makes me picture Tyl Regor returning as well. 

    Kind of picturing a fish based frame that has the passive to swim and use abilities under water. Maybe the abilities are more advanced under the water too and you control her no differently than Titania. But the abilities are mostly about being able to trap and send deadly carnivorous fish onto the enemies. Instead of a mag bubble, she can create a water bubble around the enemies that can allow her other abilities to be more effective. Basically she can summon land carnivorous fish as well but they aren’t as fast or vicious as the ones summoned in water. Could possibly be synced with Hydroid by using abilities in his water too. So the enemies don’t just drown but they get attacked as well. 

    Just throwing random stuff out there. Also if you plan to add more to the post be sure to edit the post and copy paste the extra details. And put down the reason for the editing is updating the post. It may not be exactly as you picture but DE may still use the idea of the concept. Just wish people were more supportive and contributed since DE clearly updates the game and add new things based on the players support for the same ideas. Imagine how much DE could/would do if more players banded together on a single new idea instead of trying to criticize or flat out ignore.

  22. On 2020-09-11 at 12:28 PM, [DE]Helen said:


    Tune into our working from home community streams to hang out with the team and enjoy some casual Warframe gameplay!

    In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno!

    Watch for 30 Minutes to Receive This Week’s Twitch Drops:

    • Monday: 15 x Daughter Token
    • Tuesday: 15 x Mother Token
    • Wednesday: 15 x Father Token
    • Thursday: 15 x Otak Token
    • Friday: 3 x Son Token

    This week’s Drops are all about family!

    Reminder: Make sure your Twitch and Warframe accounts are linked!

      Reveal hidden contents

    If you're having trouble, please unlink and relink your Twitch and Warframe accounts. First, make sure you're logged into warframe.com & twitch.tv with the correct accounts you want linked. Then visit warframe.com/user and under "User Information", check your Twitch Sync field. Refresh the link by choosing "Click here to unlink" and then choosing "Click here to link".

    Those who have not linked their accounts before can do so here

    Join us at twitch.tv/warframe for the following:

    There is a Home Devstream scheduled for Friday, September 18 @ 2:00PM ET! Expect a post with more info in the Livestreams & Contests subforum later this coming week


    Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

    So we have a stream on Friday? 

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